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Wrath of Man (2021)  

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Pretty solid, if a little less "Guy Ritchie-esque" than many of his other movies (with the exception of Aladdin). Feels like a script that wasn't written for Ritchie, but he put his own flair on it. 


It's a lot of fun for sure, but the ending felt a little underwhelming to me. I didn't get the cathartic release that the movie seemed like it was trying to build to. 

Anyways, yea, it's pretty enjoyable. Probably would have been a solid 17/55 hit in normal times. Statham is very Statham here.



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13 hours ago, DAJK said:


It's a lot of fun for sure, but the ending felt a little underwhelming to me.

I can totally relate to that but


after Bullet reveal that it was inside job and was him, it wouldn't have taken time for H to find them. In fact if he had stayed down, he could have found them other day well prepared without much less trouble.


That said, the easy ending was done better with making the bad guy read his son's autopsy report and then "I want your liver" and son on. That was nice.


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Guy Ritchie is a talented, experienced filmmaker, and it shows here. Casting found a lot of great actors for the supporting roles, too; it isn't just the Jason Statham show imo.


But there was a lot of confusing cuts to flashbacks and not all of the characters were necessary to the story.


All in all, it's worth a matinee.

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