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A Quiet Place: Day One | Paramount | June 28, 2024

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On 5/10/2024 at 12:36 AM, Speedorito said:

This looks really good but I haven’t seen the previous ones because I’m not a big horror fan. I know this one is a prequel but are the other films worth watching?

Part 1 is excellent 

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34 minutes ago, Speedorito said:

When was the last time reviews were lifted on the day of Thursday previews? Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

No social media embargo as well…

From good reviewed movies? The First Omen and Young Woman and the Sea comes to mind.

Planet Of Apes, Inside Out 2, Nope, Barbie and Oppenheimer all on the WED right before previews. 

All of those movies get pretty good reviews. Embargoes are just kinda late these days, even when the movie is good. 

Lack of reactions is the worrisome part, but i doubt there won’t be reactions, probably the account just don’t know the date yet.

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5 minutes ago, Speedorito said:

Seems kinda muted for early reactions. They’re usually over the top.

Not that much lately, but yeah, it’s politely positive so far 

It’s a horror movie tho, anything over 70% on RT is probably good enough box office wise.


Hoping it won’t get panned, this is heading to 50M OW if everything goes right which is nice 

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The problem is the 2nd movie was more of the same and kinda unnecessary so the question is: was going backwards really a good choice? Yep, they sure made it bigger and more people will die screaming, there's a cute cat instead of a baby, but we already got Day One in the flashbacks. And it's sad to read Matt Neglia's take "there's no expansion and it feels like a retread". So...

But I love Lupita and Pig was in my top-10 of the year so I'm still very optimistic 

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