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A Quiet Place: Day One | Paramount | June 28, 2024

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Very sparse reactions and from bloggers only, which makes it very likely it won’t be acclaimed like the two before 


At least they’re positive enough to make it feel like it won’t be badly received overall, presales keeps strong.

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On 6/23/2024 at 10:30 PM, titanic2187 said:

How much the budget this round? I suspect could be the most expensive entry for AQP since this round they pivot the movie more for like a monster-flick with a bigger setting in NYC. 


Variety says 67M.

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3 hours ago, cinema pal said:

Wow, it seems low after that big jump from 17 to 60. Did Blunt become that expensive?)


This has way more vfx shots and the scale is much, much bigger. I'm actually surprised it's "just" 67M.

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Well she got 12-13 M for Part 2


Tha scale  is bigger here, but if you think about it, charecters hide in dark places most of the time, buildings, basements, subway, thay're not running around NY the whole movie

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Have just seen this. It is obviously bigger than the first two movies in scale, but just like the first two, this still had tension and good scenes in contained settings. Despite featuring the big noisy city of New York, this, like the first two, was about the journey of its lead characters. The visual and sound design were good. There were scenes that I thought were really executed well. There were parts of the direction that I really liked, and there were those that I wasn't very sure about. Quinn and Nyong'o were such amazing actors. They had this tender moment towards the end, and it was beautifully acted. I thought the ending was satisfying enough considering the fact that this was basically just the beginning of the story.



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Embargo still not lifted? Anyway the local reaction to the movie is quite positive although some complaints mention that the movie isn’t scary enough and the atmosphere or tone building is like World War Z.

I wonder if the lack of PG13 action flick and the bigger action set will push the casual non-horror fans to this movie more than usual. 


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Few reactions here in Brazil seems positive as well. 

One is particularly interesting saying this feels more like an “art” movie than a big studio monster flick 


Maybe that’s why they’re holding the reviews? This complain about lack of action seems consistent 

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