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Lord of the Rings animated movie

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So apparently, this is a thing now. It's being produced by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, and Kenji Kamiyama is scheduled to direct. That fact raises a number of questions. The big one, of course, regards how they're promoting the movie. It's referred to in several articles as an "anime", but it's apparently being produced in-house as a Warner Bros. film, with the only Japanese element being the director himself. Americans, of course, only seem to be accepting of serious, mature adult animation if it is presented under the "anime" label, regardless of whether or not it is genuinely Japanese in origin. So the issue of whether to categorize this movie as an American animated film or an anime is not merely an aesthetic one. It could end up reflecting how it-- and by extension, other animated movies like it-- are perceived by audiences.


As for the movie itself, it sounds interesting. I'm a casual Tolkein fan at best, but I'll probably watch it. It's supposedly a standalone movie, so audiences who haven't been deeply invested in LOTR lore can still enjoy it. 


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