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F9 WEEKEND THREAD | 70M Opening Weekend! Now 405M Worldwide | The Moovies are back! | One Month of Gold only $7.50

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The year was 2006. Barry Bonds destroyed Babe Ruth’s record, That 70s Show wrapped up its run, and Disney Channel used Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron to take over the world. That same year, June 16 to be exact, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift released. While considered a middling and forgettable spin-off at the time, what many did not expect was that one figure, a drifting enthusiast known as Han Lue, would become the one icon of the entire franchise. But after an unearned killing and years of vengeance against the Shaws, it seemed like Sung Kang’s iconic hero would never return. He was just a memory in the eyes of Dom and the fans.


We then cut to January 31, 2020. Birds of Prey was right around the corner, Donald Trump was in the middle of an impeachment trial, and Universal set up a live concert event for the new trailer for F9: The Fast Saga. And on that day, the hype was unreal. Everything from the action, car racing, exotic locales, and general mayhem looked to be just as exciting as ever. Adding John Cena as Vin Diesel's brother just made things even better. 


But the real stinger, the one thing that blew everybody away, was the epic return of Han. Sung Kang was back from the dead and justice was served. There was no reason to skip this movie. It was destined to be another smash for the series on that fateful Memorial Day weekend in 2020 and nothing could have stopped it.


Of course, it’s now June 24, 2021. And a lot has happened over the past year or so. Yet during that time, many were patiently waiting to see Dom Toretto and Han one more time. And after plenty of vaccines, it’s finally time to see the car destruction we all know and love on the big screen. After an early release that caused John Cena to be a pariah to the Middle Kingdom, it’s America’s turn to see what Justin Lin’s visionary mind has concocted.


This is set to be the third-to-last installment for the series, with Fast 10 and Fast 11 set to end the epic saga in the next few years. But will this movie gross enough to justify these last installments? China has turned against the movie pretty hard, and reviews aren’t the greatest, so there’s an uphill battle here. But whether or not this lands or not, we can all have fun and enjoy each other’s company...like a family.


But as we all know, families need to have rules and discipline so they can learn and grow from each other. So as usual, let me lay down the laws of the land.


1. ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS. NOT EVEN SPOILERS POSTED UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This rule is applied to all weekend threads, but it's especially true for this weekend. People bought tickets for this more than a year ago! And sadly, because this pandemic is still a bitch and a half, not everybody will have a chance to see it right away. So please be careful about what you say.


This also applies to other movies in theaters and films/shows recently releasing on streaming or VOD. So no In the Heights spoilers, no Cruella spoilers, no Conjuring 3 spoilers, no Loki spoilers, etc. You are free to give general opinions, but try to avoid going into any further detail. If you do spoil something here, you will be banned. No exceptions. Don't be a dick.


2. KEEP YOUR AGENDA OUT OF HERE. We get it. Movie theaters are dead forever. Streaming is a disease. Woke critics don't understand real movies. Tyrese deserves better. Marvel is the greatest film series ever created. Disney/Marvel is destroying cinema and Kevin Feige/Bob Chapek/Kathleen Kennedy is the spawn of Satan. James Cameron is the true king of the box office. Yadda yadda yadda.


There's a time and place for these kinds of statements...actually, there isn't. But at the very least, it doesn't belong here. If you want to start these beefs related to all of these dumb children's movies, go somewhere else. This website would be so much better off with that bullshit gone in the first place. If you do this kind of stuff here, you will be banned. No exceptions. Not gonna name names, but you know who you are. Don't be a dick.


3. CURB YOUR POLITICS. In threads like these, politics often spring up for literally no reason. And straight up, politics just aren’t fun to talk about. So unless it’s truly relevant to the conversation...no. Don't be a dick.


4. THE REPORT AND IGNORE BUTTONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. See a post that’s breaking the rules? DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Just hit the Report button, give an explanation to the problem, including the context, then hit "Submit". We the mods will determine the post and see if it's breaking the rules and give out repercussions. See a poster that's consistently being annoying? Then just highlight their name and click "Ignore User" on the pop-up. It'll save lives and hopefully cause less of an uproar or infighting. While trolls are already bad, responding to them only makes it worse. So again...Don't be a dick.


5. IS OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION OKAY? Well...yes and no. We want people to stick to box office numbers as best as they can. However, there are plenty of dead periods of time with no new numbers. So off-topic discussions are okay to have at these times, so long as they don't impede numbers discussion. So if there's no action, and you want to share your Shrek AMV, discuss the stock market, or talk about horoscopes, that's totally fine. Just remember that when the numbers come up to keep those discussions down to a minimum. Keep on doing that, and it becomes a chore for many who just want to know the numbers. Don't. Be. A. Dick.


And lastly...


6. DON'T BE A DICK. Sometimes things get hostile among users. Whatever the reason may be, if you're not following any of these rules or are straight up not being nice, you're going to get the banhammer smashed onto you. Concern trolling? Banned. Revealing that Cruella De Vil kills Dumbledore? Banned. Just posting something unpleasant or mean? Banned. And if you're unsure if you can handle being nice for one weekend, then, simply put, get out of here. You probably know what I'm gonna say next.


TL;DR. No spoilers, no fanboy wars. Keep it nice, keep it neutral, don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If you don't do this stuff, you'll risk a threadban, a suspension, or even a permanent ban, so tread lightly. Outside of that, just have fun! 


And two last things,


First off, this thread will likely lean into being more domestic-focused. If you want to know about how F9 is doing in other countries, look at the International section of the forums here or the China Box Office thread over here. We also have a thread dedicated to F9 right here







Since the box office has been dead, we’ve seen a decline in donations, the thing that keeps these forums alive. And while we understand finances are tight for many here, we do encourage people to donate and become premium members if they can. Every dollar helps keep the lights on and will make the forum bigger and better than ever once the industry is fully (and hopefully) back in swing.


And now...








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Kevin Feige is SAVING theaters you loonies. 


Also, if we can't discuss the state of theaters after the weekend numbers come in, whatever they are, what the hell is this thread or even this forum for anyway?


Personally hoping for over 70M but anything over H&S OW is a solid win in my book.

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26 minutes ago, CJohn said:

Also, if we can't discuss the state of theaters after the weekend numbers come in, whatever they are, what the hell is this thread or even this forum for anyway?

I never said that. You can talk about it, but don't get confrontational/act douchey about it. Simple as that really.

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Just now, Eric is Full of Pride said:

I never said that. You can talk about it, but don't get confrontational/act douchey about it. Simple as that really.


As long as he has to say grace.

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35 minutes ago, Eric is Full of Pride said:

I never said that. You can talk about it, but don't get confrontational/act douchey about it. Simple as that really.

Theaters are dead, streaming is the king, Disney is the span of SATAN. All facts.



I am totally getting banned from this weekend thread for this, won't I?


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This won't tell us much about the state of the cinemas. If it disappoints it could be because it's one of the weaker efforts of the franchise or franchise fatigue. 


Though if it somehow breaks out it would be a really good sign theaters are back.

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And BoxOfficePro is in: https://www.boxofficepro.com/weekend-box-office-forecast-f9-is-on-track-to-write-the-next-page-in-pandemic-era-record-books/


With a very reasonable OW (60-80)... and extremely pessimistic legs. No premier access to hide behind this time 👀

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X-post from the Tracking Thread


F9 Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count (Thu)

  Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold
TOTALS 4 105 4535 18482 24.54%


Total Sellouts Added Today: 2

Total Seats Sold Today: 2,009



1.170x of Godzilla vs. Kong's Final Count (11.35M)

2.305x of A Quiet Place Part II's Thu Final Count (11.07M)

0.876x of A Quiet Place Part II's Thu+Fri Final Count (16.96M)


Judging by other posts in the tracking thread, this seems like an overperformance, so don't expect previews above $10M. Even so, nearly doubling from yesterday is an amazing sign for walkups and should bode for at least 70M IMO. Maybe even 80M, which arguably wouldn't have been far off in a non-COVID world.

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