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The Tomorrow War (2021)  

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My liveblog of this film to a friend; not edited cause I don't care.


  • Spoiler


    • Lmfao tomorrow war is making references to a 40 year old show they like still run on farmer’s tv. Oh. I am sorry. 50 year old tv show  I mean it’s SUCH a specific reference to HeeHaw. Which is such a white rural show.
    • Also this makes zero sense.  Cause people from the Interrupt a football World Cup game, and tell the world that in 50 years everyone’s going to die, so we need to go into the future and fight a war and we need you to come and fight with us. In the world decides to like send people into the future to fight a war. And they create a draft for this. And I’m like no, in the real world, those people would be probably murdered, and the rest of the nations would just ignore them.
    • And now it’s some allegory for PTSD from wounded returning soldiers.
    • And now we have JK Simmons being a macho Dick.
    • Fuck Chris Pratt and his Evangelism.  I am so glad Evans is Evans. He might be White Bro but he is not This
    • Also. JK Simmons can legit elevate anything
    • LMFAO this is soooo stupid no wonder everyone dies. You fucking suck them into a time thing and then drop them 100 feet in the air to the ground
    • And how is Miami not under water In 2050.   Also.  NOT THE WEEK to drop a movie about collapsing buildings in Miami. 
    • It’s soooooo the rapture.  
    • Omg the creature design is this is Sooooo lazy
    • OMFG this movie that ducking twist was so bad; They did the whole “he meets his grown up daughter” cliche
    • This also makes zero sense, because they like establish that they were sending old people into the future because they were gonna die in the future so they weren’t there, and they had young people go back to the past because they weren’t born yet.
    • And then they threw all of that away and we’re like what if we have him meet his daughter
    • I can’t get over the shitty creature design.
    • I would have looooved to see this flop at the box office.  Chris Pratt would have handled it SOOOO POORLY.
    • LMMMMMAAAOO. I feel so bad for Yvette. She is trying to SELL this and all she is going is making me laugh and think WTF
    • Omfffffg this movie. He is like “I can’t take the cure back and stop the war and live you here to die”
    • you STOP ITT
    • Why do you care!!!!
    • I am gonna have to bleach my Brian after this.
    • This movie like doesn’t even abide by its own rules
    • Omg he is an asshole. This movie is an asshole.
    • Like ZERO LOGIC
    • They are upset cause they can’t go back to the future? But why does it matter if you have the cure, and you can start building it up in stockpile yet, so that when they fucking show up in the future you can just kill them and be over with it?!?!
    • Omffffgggggggggggg - are we going to blame CHINA?   And then They are in RUSSIA
    • So it’s China and Russia and now America has to SAVE THEM
    • “You want to use taxpayer money to go send a covet team into a hostile country”
    • Chris Pratt is suuuuuch a coward for not have the answer be “what you don’t do that anymore?”
    • Also the BIG REVEAL is they were here All along but we’re frozen in the Arctic, but I woke again when everything thawed out. So like if the fucking Polar ice caps melted, again I ask how was Miami no under water
    • And now there is a Big moment about how we can’t trust the government! UN Is NO HELP!  Only Chris Pratt can save the world
    • Ooooommmg@I hate this why
    • Why did you not kill them all at the same time
    • hahahhahahahahahhaa
    • And now there is a COLONY
    • and we just blew up the ship
    • So we definitely just melted the ice caps
    • JK Simmons
    • is the best
    • And deserves more
    • Yes. Because. When all else fails. Let’s just fist fight the alien
    • Omg I am being MOCKED
    • Asshole has my car
      rage GIF
      God that better never happen
    • I hate this so much I actually put it below snyder’s justice league
    • I am bleaching my eyes with the drag race Brady bunch episode.



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This had some very interesting points, but tone and visuals were way too generic. Could have been a great movie with a more inspired direction. 

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Pretty generic directing, Chris Mckay hasn't made the same leap from animation to live action like Brad Bird did.

Chris Pratt is charming/funny enough, he struggles with some of the more nuanced dramatic moments. 

The father/daughter storyline actually really worked for me, it kind of won me over.

Solid supporting cast, all very likeable.

Yvonne Strahovski finally gets something to do which is nice. 

Great creature design. CGI looked good on them.

First action set peice is disappointing but they do improve as the film goes on. Nothing exceptional but solid. 

Score was awful and constantly out of place. 


The film genuinely gets more enjoyable, it starts off like another one of these middling streaming blockbuster films but it finds a nice rhythm once Pratt and Strahovski get to interact and a couple of solid set pieces to support it. 


6/10 - Streaming is the perfect place for it. Lazy Sunday movie.

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Mildly entertaining, but very "been there, done that" (in particular, it comes across as a highly inferior version of Edge of Tomorrow). As an action movie it's serviceable but it falls completely flat in its attempts at achieving emotional impact with the father/daughter storyline. This is in part because Chris Pratt feels miscast in the role, at least when it comes to the non-action scenes: while he's not nearly as much of a void here as he was in Passengers, he clearly has limited range as a serious actor, which is no more apparent than when he has to share the screen with the more talented Yvonne Strahovski as the future version of his daughter. The best performance comes from the incomparable J.K. Simmons, but alas, he's barely in it. It's almost hard to believe this was originally going to be a major theatrical release when so much of it screams "streaming-friendly background noise," but at least the visuals impress and you can tell where the huge budget went. C+

On 7/2/2021 at 5:47 PM, Cap said:
  • NOT THE WEEK to drop a movie about collapsing buildings in Miami. 


Um, yeah, as someone who lives not too far from where that tragedy occurred, that whole scene was making me really uncomfortable. Bad timing!

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I liked the movie. Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahoski turned in good performances. Had a good emotional core. 



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