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Fear Street Part I: 1994 (2021)  

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This is out the same weekend as Freaky here in the UK which only serves to emphasise what doesn't work in this film. 


The concept is really good. It feels like a classic kids horror premise, like a Monster Squad or something. There is a fair amount of enjoyment to be had just from that. It's fun seeing these kids try tackle a variety of ghouls. Wished the film leant more into that tone.  


It's got that murky look that Netflix loves so much. Direction is nothing special.

There's no effort to get us to actually like the main characters. A lot of the development that happens with them feels unearned. It's all very heavy handed and I didn't care very much about their fates. None of them are charismatic enough to carry the film. 

There's a few cute nods to older horror films but it never feels like the film is having real fun with it. 

One creative kill towards the end was great. 

A lot of the jokes fell flat for me. 

Awkwardly paced and odd editing choices. 



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