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BOT Top 150 Animated Films Countdown begins...

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Just now, chasmmi said:

And once again, a top 100 (or 150) countdown completed in a reliable and precise 6 weeks.


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Meanwhile the Star Wars countdown remains lost in time

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34 minutes ago, chasmmi said:

2nd – Wall E

1010 points – 35 votes ( 1 First, 13 top 5, 1 top 10 )

2013 – 1st    

2014 – 6th    

2016 –5th    

2018 – 4th   

My personal ranking – 62nd – It has a good first half. A really good first half. And… the second half is also part of a movie.




The winner of the first ever list back in 2013, Wall E comes the closest it has ever done to repeating that feat. All the way to the line it was consistently in with a shot and was within a single list of winning the whole thing

So if anybody out there who didn’t vote feels that Wall E is in their top 2 animated films of all time and also would not put first place on their list anywhere, you could have changed everything.

Well actually, if this fictional person actually put Lion King 1st, Wall E 2nd, and the overall winner nowhere, then the top 3 would actually be reversed. That is how close things were after 40 lists and over 1000 points per film scored.

But there does have to be a winner….


Dang, so you're saying I could have put Lion King #1 and then kicked up Toys 3 to the top Toy Story movie (since Toys 2 would have not been in my Top 25, although it would make my list)...man, maybe next time I'll join a list:).


That said, Wall-E would never be my #2, but it has steadily risen in my estimation as its 2nd half gets more and more prescient...an A+ start now has a B level finish, which does kick the movie onto my "theoretical" list - where, and I'd probably have to sit down and rewatch all the A- level animated I've graded over the years...and that would take awhile...


Maybe that's why I don't do these lists - trying to split hairs on best movies after the top 3-5 favorites gets really, really hard.  I mean, I have Lion King 1, Toys 3 at 2, and Toys 1 and Kubo very, very high (I love Kubo - that one may be irrational, but that ending is just so damn powerful), but then I gotta think...

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On 8/23/2021 at 8:19 AM, The Panda said:

All of you who voted for Frozen wouldn’t if you lived in the same house as two year old for even a month (sibling, cousin, whatever).


Just hearing any of those songs start triggers me lmao


Is this the point where we tell you to Let It Go.

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I made it a point to watch every film from 2018's top 100 before submitting my list. I want to do the same for next list (but for all 150) which means I have 22 films to see in the next 2 years. I could see them over time, but I will probably shove them all into the last couple of weeks before the next deadline.

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On 8/9/2021 at 7:22 AM, chasmmi said:

Is this also a rare Ghibli film that is actually an original story?

Not exactly. It's based on a manga.


Though Miyazaki does write original stories for the screen all the time.


Like Totoro, Mononoke, and Spirited Away

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