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Eric Twister

Weekday Numbers (7/12-15) | BW 7.16 Mon, 7.7 Tue, 5.5M Wed, 4.9 Thu

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1 minute ago, Eric E Coyote said:

Who watches The Simpsons anymore?

Viewership for The Simpsons seems higher than Spongebob right now and one of the most watched shows on a streaming service with way more subs than whatever Spongebob is on. Spongebob had the ressurgence a couple years back with the musical and the cgi movie but I feel like that's died down now.

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22 minutes ago, Eric E Coyote said:

Who watches The Simpsons anymore?

I haven’t seen it for years, but hasn’t The Simpsons been near the top of Disney+ since it launched? 😂


I remember hearing of them being frustrated that a Fox title was beating all of their own efforts. And they even removed the trending feature for a while lol

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1 hour ago, charlie Jatinder said:

More than weekend drop, what will matter is SAT-SUN drop. FFH had 47% SAT drop and 45% SUN drop. AM2 had 50% SAT and 52% SUN drop.


Even AM2 drops would be giving it $20M SAT-SUN. Now BW will have advantage of Ontario reopening so ideally it should be $21.5M SAT-SUN for matching AM2 drops, but weekdays has been bad for BW. Let's see if weekend surprises.



FFH comp seems a bit generous considering it dropped 3%on Thursday.

But with antman2  sat -sun drop  gets it to 28m+ weekend.

CFA sat -sun drop would put it at 27m+

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The people watching The Simpsons on Disney+ are probably rewatching the good seasons. I don't think a simpsons movie released today would do that well. Also LeBron James playing basketball with the simpsons just sounds like an episode of the simpsons. just less of a gimmick because of the nature of that show and how they have celebrities on as themselves all the time.

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Yesterday, Disney’s Black Widow brought in an estimated $4.9M at 4,160 locations taking its running stateside total to $105.7M. As we reported yesterday the Cate Shortland directed MCU title is the fastest movie to cross $100M during the pandemic, clocking the century mark in six days. Black Widow, which is also available in homes on Disney+ Premier for $29.99, is expected to post a second weekend of $24M-$28M.


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