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Eric Clade

Weekend Thread (7/30-8/1) | Jungle Cruise 34.2M DOM, 27.6 OS, 30M PA | Green Knight 6.78, Old 6.76, Widow 6.4, Stillwater 5.1

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Just watched JC, it's a really fun movie despite all the problems, i think Disney should do a sequel, i'm expecting good legs.


Without PA i think this would open closer to 45M than 35M, it's a good start, they only need to make the budget lower next time.


I honestly have no idea how they spent 200M on this, it's not on the screen, VFX is all over the place in quality despite being visually creative.

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I saw it Friday afternoon at Disney Springs, which, let’s be honest, is the place to see a Disney ride movie.


especially when a group of over a dozen people sat near us in the balcony, all of whom were absolutely cracking up when Rock was making the ride jokes.


of course we figured out they were all actual Jungle Cruise skippers.


can’t think of a better way to see it.

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2 hours ago, RRA said:

WOK iirc had at the time the biggest opening day ever (or was that Trek 3? I don’t remember.)

Wrath of Khan had the biggest opening weekend ever at that point, but the legs were actually weaker than the motion picture, likely because the novelty of a Star Trek picture had worn off to a lot of people. 

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