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CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't seen the movie but read the spoilers and I totally called it months and months ago heck since the director was announced that 


Captain Marvel


would make an appearance


mid-credit in this case cause Brie and Destin are BFFs!



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1 minute ago, BestPicturePlutoNash said:

Really enjoyed the end credit and very funny ties considering the director. But I'm not sure how the other character is "back to normal"?

I'm assuming that is supposed to be revealed in She-Hulk

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There was a moment half way during the movie that I thought "This is lagging a little" and then I realized it's cause Tony Leung hadn't been on screen in five minutes.


I'm a whore, okay.  


sorry rupauls drag race GIF by RealityTVGIFs


This is excellent.


I have a lot of feelings, but this was good.

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3 hours ago, RobrtmanAStarWarsReference said:

I'm so glad I didn't have 

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Ben Kingsley

being a supporting character in this spoiled for me

I knew he was in the movie but I thought it would just be a cameo. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I do wish they explained how he could understand the creature though.


Also, I'm wondering if they're waiting until the sequel to explain the origins of the Ten Rings or if they'll have a bigger tie to the overall MCU.

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7 hours ago, HouseOfTheSun said:

tony Leung is a beast perhaps I need to watch his stuff from China 

Hong Kong cinema from the late 80s through the early 2000s really is a treasure trove, he features in a lot of the best stuff Hard Boiled, Chungking Express and Infernal Affairs for starters. Hero is probably one of his few Chinese films worth watching, I imagine similar action to Shang-Chi based on some of the more fantasy centric parts of the trailers (for Shang-Chi)


Speaking of Tony Leung haven't seen the movie (for obvious reasons :() but saw an article about the director and cast talking about how a decent amount of the film is in Mandarin which I imagine is the language that Wenwu speaks the majority of the time. Makes those speculations that his English had been dubbed pretty hilarious in hindsight. 


Also the film being subtitle heavy makes it even more impressive that it is a crowd pleaser :) 

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On 8/31/2021 at 3:44 AM, Eric and the Ten Rings said:

@CoolioD1 very curious to know who you've been spoiled about lmao

it was brie larson. i was rewatching room and i was like "she's good i wonder if she's got any non-marvel stuff coming up?" the answer was no and it was more marvel stuff than i expected.

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I LOVED Ben Kingsley and Morris. They should have been in it more. They sort of come in and disappear towards the end. Hopefully they will appear in another project.


Post credits: Also it was cool to see Cap Marvel and Bruce (Where Prof Hulk go?).  However the Ten rings signal thing went over my head, at least tell us what’s it’s calling out too lol. 

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Finally watched it (my thoughts)


- Simu was great in the role and I've noticed alot of these new heroes kinda have their own thing going on cuz I remember earlier alot of the newer marvel heroes would have a Tony Stark esque 'quippyness' about them.


- I know people find Awkwafina "annoying" but I can't help but find her endearing. Katy was great to me and also she said alot of things that resonated with me personally especially when it came to not really knowing your path and just dropping things the moment they get even a little difficult


- Tony Leung WOW!!!!! absolute powerhouse. Wenwu stole every scene and made you wish he was on screen whenever he wasn't


- My personally favorite fight scene was Wenwu sparring with Ying Li (his wife). It was like a long romantic dance


- Trevor and Morris were great. I want a Morris Plushie


- I actually really enjoyed how mythical it got in the 3rd act, seeing all the different animals known in chinese mythology (i think) was very cool


- I didn't see any issues with the CGI expect sometimes you can tell the layout was green screen but it never took me out of it


- I LOVE LOVE Shang Chi's sister she whooped every inch of ass, took no shit and ended up on the throne (WE LOVE TO SEE IT)


- I love how they utilized the ten rings. Theres a thousand and 1 uses for them and I enjoyed how they were used for either combat to step on, a weapon to fight with or to jump really far


- The post credit scene was great because the movie didn't go to far in the origin of the ten rings and now we know they're sending a beacon of some kind

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