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Eric Belcher

SHANG-CHI WEEKEND THREAD | NO SPOILERS | 75.38M 3-Day, 94.67M 4-Day. Record for Labor Day! | Tony Leung saved the theater! | Get Vaccinated and Wear a mask.

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5 minutes ago, Darth Lehnsherr said:


Normally artist doing this would annoy me but those channels are literally the worst and most of them are racist and sexiest as hell. I remember Geeks and Gamers saying he was upset Captain Marvel did good because he wanted Brie Larson to pay for her racist comments (She said she wanted more diversity in her press because she kept seeing the same faces)

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8 minutes ago, ThomasNicole said:

It is a concerning thing when you think about it deeply, but we have to hope things will get better. I think we're better know in awareness than we are 30-40 years ago, so progress is happening but maybe not fast as it should.

The situation (about what we are talking about) was massively better in the early 70s than now, no ?


Truffaut, Bergman, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa were somewhat cultural big deal even if they would not have made Hollywood movies, 40 year's ago, in a way it is hard to think to similar example. Maybe it is because Hollywood is getting better at getting them early from Besson-Villeneuve to Bayona to Bong Joon-Ho but anyway I am not sure in what way there was progress between now in 40 year's ago in that regard (has you study cinema, you would have a grasp on that).


That could be complete revisionist history and those were has niche if not more in the USA than Cuaron, del Toro, Iñárritu, Ang Lee, Bayona, Ho and Villeneuve pre Hollywood output in reality and the feeling that you become a big deal in the US just once you make something for that audience was always true and not just a more recent thing, but Oscar success and box office do seem to point to the opposite, that it got much worst over time.

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11 hours ago, Cmasterclay said:

I do have one slight worry - Venom 2 might have been slated to underperform a tiny bit even before COVID-19, as sequels to surprise breakouts often do. That means it could underperform for reasons independent of Delta, but get framed as a Delta failure. Bond was much more of a steady bet. But Venom also has more upside.

If V2 does poorly it won’t really matter though. Aside from Shang-Chi proving the environment is fine, Oct 1 is too late to delay a lot of the important stuff.

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1 minute ago, Madhuvan said:

so a 20m Monday. Hmmm


95.5-96m 4-day weekend. 


@Legion of the Ten Crores your club was very-very near to win. Make Eternals next , it will be a win. :ca:

It was close enough to round to my new name at least 😛   

Jat already has Eternals club covered, I am in now though I believe. 

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Shang-Chi’s performance over the weekend has been very impressive to me. I did not see a weekend gross near $100M coming after the Thursday previews, and nor after the full Friday gross. 


To drop only 17% into Monday after dipping only 2% into Sunday is better than I ever expected.


Seems promising to me. I’m very curious to see how it fares next weekend. It would be great to witness a leggy run.




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