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Eric Madrigal

Weekday Numbers (9/7-9) | Shang-Chi 6.62M Tuesday

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3 minutes ago, Borobudur said:

So the weekend thread stop at 90 pages....FLOP

I was gonna tell a story about my first sexual experience and that would have lasted about 3-4 pages but my warnings are currently in double digits so yeah

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4 minutes ago, MrPink said:

Give me some rest of week projections, someone.

Big drop tomorrow(50%?) and then smaller drop on thursday. Friday increase will be good as we are into fall. Good saturday increase and big sunday drop. 

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The real test will be WED hold but, TUE/SAT holds of some films


Free Guy (AUG) - 33.8%

Venom - 31.1%

IT 2 - 24%


SC - 31-32.3%


Now coming close to Free Guy hold is simply outstanding. Venom is pre-CoVID when TUE were going 40-50% up MON while recently 20-25% seems like the peak. Considering that, I was hoping for 25-26% ish hold for SC, 31-32% is HUGE.


Let's see if WED can hold well as well.


WED holds


Venom - 17.9%

IT 2 - 13.4%

Free Guy - 25.4%

Joker - 29%


Joker was holding crazy well in its first weekdays. Prior to TUE numbers, I was expecting 18% ish. Let's see how well it will.

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