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Gavin Feng

Weekend Thread: Dear Evan Hansen $800K THU Previews

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27 minutes ago, Cmasterclay said:

The third biggest opener of next weekend, whether Many Saints or Addams, will open with at least three million more than anything in September except Shang-Chi. Needless to say, business is about to pick up.


At least $3M more, huh?  I wouldn't be that confident for next weekend...$3M more means both Many Saints and Addams Family both open over $10.5M...on top of Venom taking $50M+...I'd bet one of the two disappoints and goes under $10M...don't ask me which one - I'd have said Addams Family, but it has the TMobile deal...so I might swing my vote to Many Saints...but either way, one is missing $10.5M+...

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So much intense hate for Ben Platt. Guess I'm an asshole, I love his music.


I really wanted to see a filmed theatrical production like Hamilton. It's like Rent, musical is amazing, movie is mediocre although I do like parts.


Sad it wasn't up to snuff but not surprised. 

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10 hours ago, Chicago said:

To me it looks like the market is dying for a big movie. These films are arguably holding better than they would pre pandemic as there is no competition. People want a reason to go back. 

My sister has not been in a theater in years but said she’d go to the theater to see matrix 4 on the big screen. Hbo max day and date was such a mistake.

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