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Eternals International Box Office Thread.

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7 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

There is no good now. Good would have been $600M if it was received well.

i doubt that the os was affected as much as dom to be honest , its ow was 90 mill and seeing how it held this week its os legs seem to be relative normal......we dont know the sec weekend drop to be honest though....It lost potential mainly on the dom front imo, i dont think that os would have come much higher to be honest, anyways lets see how os will leg out....

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16 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

No it isn't. The opening is very good. Possibly $3.75M 7 days opening week in Russia with restriction. In CIS markets $900K weekend last week, possibly $2.25M closing which usually means $15M+ Russia.

I got it now. Franspeech has actually reported $340K OD /$2.6M OW /$5M Finales for Russia. (BTW, he has deleted his tweet now)

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Good 2nd weekend in Europe. $41M+ 2nd FSS. $260-265M final.


Europe will final at $115-120M. UK is an underperformer. Europe-UK $90-95M.




BW - $98M ($71M EU-UK)

SC - $97M ($67M EU-UK)

SM:FFH - $195M ($148M EU-UK)


61% of FFH in EU. 63% in EU-UK.


Unadjusted for Exchange rate.

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From Box Office Pro: Eternals took in an estimated $22.7M from 49 territories, giving the MCU title $200.3M internationally and $336.1M globally. The film remained in the No. 1 spot in both Brazil and Russia this weekend, where it has $10.5M and $7.6M, respectively. Top-grossing markets include Korea ($25.2M), the U.K. ($17.3M), France ($13.7M) and Mexico ($13.3M). Eternals‘ release in China remains TBD.

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