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Eternals Weekend Thread: 71M OW DOM, 90M OS | Dune 7.6M (-50%), NTTD 6.2M, Venom 4.5M, Spencer 2.1M

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20 minutes ago, BestPicturePlutoNash said:

That’s about the same French Dispatch did in its expansion but French Dispatch had less theaters. 2.6m on 788 theaters. Hmm


Wes Anderson's last live action movie did $60 million. Larrain's last English language movie made less than a quarter of that.  $2.5 million from 1000 theaters isn't terrible for an arthouse movie in today's market.

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1 minute ago, Ryan Reynolds said:

Yikes. It really overindexed in verified RT. Though after seeing the PostTrak data from Deadline, I did have some bad feelings. Honestly, after seeing the film, this is one of the more jarring Cinemascores I have seen for a big blockbuster. Just don't really get the hate here ig. 

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2 minutes ago, grim22 said:

Is the last CBM to get a B Cinemascore Batman v Superman?

MCU just couldn’t cut it making Snyder kino. Stick to the quips, Feige!

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10 minutes ago, Eternal Legion said:

They made a good off formula film and the GA delivers a loud and clear message that that's not what they're looking for. Luckily for me I will enjoy the next 50 back to formula movies.


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10 minutes ago, Darth Lehnsherr said:

Yikes that's bad but yeah it's been weird since looking online the reception hasn't been that bad but doesn't bode well.

I wouldn't say reactions have been bad but rather muted esp youtube and twitter which are the closest to average joes and they like ehh it's fine but like in a 6/10 way and probably won't watch it again.


Like I've said I don't think it's critical reception  makes it out as the worst  mcu movie but as a really dissapointing one.

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