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Purple Minion

SING 2 | 239.1M overseas ● 401.4M worldwide

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Deadline: Sing 2 saw just a 24% drop from last session, crooning up $17.1M in 54 markets for an $81.8M overseas cume and $190.1M global. Korea landed the third best animated debut of the pandemic at $2.2M with a great score from CGV’s Egg. In Brazil, Sing 2’s $1.4M start bested Encanto’s earlier launch for the best of the virus era. During a holiday period in Russia, there were consistent upticks leading to a $10M cume so far. France leads play with $14.7M, tracking above the original.

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On 1/16/2022 at 5:09 PM, Purple Minion said:



Damn it has already reached Encanto, with the upcoming releases in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Philipphines and Japan it can even reach the 300M

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3 hours ago, Purple Minion said:


Damn that's huge in Poland !!! NWH had OW (no previews) about $2,1-2,2M (450k adm), but Sing 2 had like 6 days of previews 2 and 1 week before OW so cumulative would be like 500k adm from 9 days or so.

Still awesome numbers

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On 2/20/2022 at 2:33 PM, jma22 said:

Only Japan to come ( no China release ) so final projection:  $375m-$400m

With good drops and good Japan number (Sing 1 did $44m) 400 is possible


From $631m (Sing) to $400m (Sing2) it's a decent result with the Covid

Looks like it will cross 400M by next week or so.

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