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Attack of the Fangirls: The 69 Greatest Ships of All Time | AKA The Best Film Romances EVA List | CLOSED

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The Sixty-Nine Greatest Ships of All Time


Before we get started, I want to thank @Tower, @The Panda, and @Porthos for their very helpful advice on this!!




This is all @Plain Old Tele's fault.  He doesn't think there's enough sexual tension and romance in films anymore.  So to help us remember how beautiful people used to smolder at each other, and to offset some of the Fanboy Testosterone around here, I've decided to run a list celebrating the Sixty-Nine Greatest Ships of All Time!


Wait? What's a SHIP?


A Ship, as in a relationSHIP.  The term originates from the X-Files Fandom days when there "shippers", were the fans who wanted to see Scully and Mulder bonk in the basement of the FBI Building instead of chase aliens.


Okay, but why SHIPS?  Why not Best ROMANCE Movies?


Because love is love, and I don't want to play Rule Lawyer Eligibility over what does and doesn't count as a romance movie.  So we're going to focus on our favorite characters, whether they're in a Rom Com or Thriller Or Drama or Superhero Movie (J/K, everyone knows Superheroes don't have sex!!)




Okay, You Crazy Fangirl, How Does It Work?


Anytime between Jan 1 and Feb 1, please send me a list of your favorite ships.  Templates provided below.  


Scoring & Lists


We always seem to go back and forth over how to score a list.  There's no perfect answer.  We can only hope to be clear and concise.  I want to try it this way.  Instead of asking for 69, I'm going to ask for 40.  We always have excess nominees on these, so I will just reveal the Top 69.


Since people always want to submit half lists, I will accept your list in two ways.  Either send me a list of FORTY or a list of TWENTY.  If you can't really only think of a list of 34 we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  But for now, forty OR twenty.


The list of 20 will be counted ROUGHLY 50% of a list of 40, since there's 50% less entries.


Rank Points Rank Points
1 10 1 5
2 - 3 9 2 - 3 4.5
4 - 6 8 4 - 6 4
7 - 10 7 7 - 10 3.5
11 - 15 6 11 - 12 3
16 - 20 5 13 - 14 2.5
21 - 25 4 15 - 16 2
26 - 30 3 17 - 18 1.5
31 - 35 2 19 - 20 1
36 - 40 1 --- ---



Film Eligibility 

  • ANY FEATURE FILM (aka over 40 minutes) released from 1895 to 2021.


Send in a list of only Animated films.  Or only Bollywood films.  Or only Marty movies.  Or only Netflix movies.  Or only films starring Julia Roberts. (Cough I want to remind everyone that The X-Files has two feature films Cough). All love is awesome and we love it here so just give me a list of really cool people making go go eyes at each other and having great sexual tension.





As long as:


Ship Eligibility

  • The characters must be together on screen, in canon.  Canon means it happens EXPLICITLY on screen.
  • The characters do not need to have a happy ending.  We all know some of the best romances on screen end in heartbreak where they DON'T get together.
  • The characters don't need to have explicit sex.  Even if Tele would prefer if they did.  We all know sometimes the unrequited slow burn eye sex is everything you need.
  • The characters do not need to be human.  Get that Furry Love On.
  • NOTE: While I don't want to glorify toxic relationships, I will admit that some of the notable romances in films might be considered today what we call toxic.  Sometimes that's the point of the film, sometimes it's played straight.  I will leave it up to you if you want to add those ships or not.
  • NOTE: Hollywood has a terrible history of queer relationships between forced into subtext thanks to the Hays Code or completely sidelined or vilified.  For older films, we're going to use the Word Of God rule.  If the director or actor has explicitly stated that: Yes, Harold, They're Lesbians, that will count as canon.   


Franchises, Sequels, and Remakes

  • A ship counts ONCE pre Franchise and/Sequel.  I.E. Jesse and Celine from the Before Trilogy count once; not three times despite appearing in three movies.
  • Remakes, where the characters are played by different actors, will count as **different** ships.  The energy and chemistry can be completely different from say Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer as Bruce and Selina verse Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway as Bruce and Selina.  Same thing with say a Star Is Born.  Janet Ganyor v Judy v Babs v Gaga's relationships are all very different with their Normans/Jacks.




Sounds Great, but What about SLASH SHIPS and FANON?


Ah.  The true love of my life.  Slash Ships. 


Fandom has a wonderful habit of totally ignoring canon when it comes to shipping.  It doesn't matter if Luke and Leia are quote/unquote siblings, they're way better together.  Hermione not ending up with Harry? That's Delusional!  Everyone knows that the TRUE ROMANCE of the Fast & Furious is Dom and Brian, sorry Mia.


I want to include these but also acknowledge they're outside of canon, thus:


Slash Ship Side Quest:


Send me your list of either Top 20 Best Slash/Fanon Ships or Top 10 Slash/Fanon Ships.  Same as the Canon List, the Top 10 will count for half.  I'm going to tabulate this as its own list, and interweave it through the reveal process.  


The non-canon ships are basically whatever you are super kinky into. That’s the point of it.  No rules here expect you can't do crossovers.  Other than that?  Threesome, moresomes, whateversomes.  Anything goes, as Cole Porter says.




In Conclusion:


Basically the goal here is to celebrate sexy people, and sexy furry animals, and sexy Disney movies, and sex and romance in movies, because Tele thinks we need to have more of it!!


Have Fun.  Keep it Fun.  Don't attack people while your God Warrioring for Your Ship. And try to keep things PG-13 if you post GIFs.  We might be excited to talk about sex, baby, but this is still a PG-13 board.







Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 10    
2 9    
3 9    
4 8    
5 8    
6 8    
7 7    
8 7    
9 7    
10 7    
11 6    
12 6    
13 6    
14 6    
15 6    
16 5    
17 5    
18 5    
19 5    
20 5    
21 4    
22 4    
23 4    
24 4    
25 4    
26 3    
27 3    
28 3    
29 3    
30 3    
31 2    
32 2    
33 2    
34 2    
35 2    
36 1    
37 1    
38 1    
39 1    
40 1    



Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 5    
2 4.5    
3 4.5    
4 4    
5 4    
6 4    
7 3.5    
8 3.5    
9 3.5    
10 3.5    
11 3    
12 3    
13 2.5    
14 2.5    
15 2    
16 2    
17 1.5    
18 1.5    
19 1    
20 1    


Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 5    
2 4.5    
3 4.5    
4 4    
5 4    
6 4    
7 3.5    
8 3.5    
9 3.5    
10 3.5    
11 3    
12 3    
13 2.5    
14 2.5    
15 2    
16 2    
17 1.5    
18 1.5    
19 1    
20 1    


Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 2.5    
2 2    
3 2    
4 1.5    
5 1.5    
6 1    
7 1    
8 1    
9 1    
10 1    


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OH that's a wonderful and different top idea


HMMMMM gonna have to think hard.


Question: In pairing column should we list their characters' names or the actors' names?


Also YES to the slash ships, great idea. People can just skip it if they don't wanna bother with it, but I love it


Some obvious For Your Consideration ! (now we can't risk people forgetting about them can we!!)


Shirley Maclaine & Jack Lemmon  -  THE APARTMENT



Cary Grant & Grace Kelly - TO CATCH A THIEF



Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman - CASABLANCA



Maggie Cheung & Tony Leung - IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE



a lot more but I don't wanna make a wall of GIFs


Happy reminiscing.

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2 hours ago, Daxtreme said:



Question: In pairing column should we list their characters' names or the actors' names?



Please put the character names!


I should also note, that you don’t need to send in both lists. So if you just want to make a list of Canon ships that’s cool. Or just fanon. 

or you want to do 40 Canon and 10 Fanon. 

That’s all acceptable and cool!

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Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 5 Whisper of the heart Shizuku and seiji
2 4.5 titanic Rose and jack
3 4.5 casablanca Rick and Ilsa
4 4 who framed Roger rabbit Roger and jessica
5 4 shrek  Shrek and fiona
6 4 spider-man 2 (2004) Peter and Mary jane
7 3.5 vertigo John and (spoilers )
8 3.5 empire strikes back Han and leia
9 3.5 your name (2016) Taki and Mitsuha
10 3.5 wall-e Wall-e and EVE
11 3 Aladdin (1992) Aladdin and Jasmine
12 3 Tarzan (1999) Tarzan and jane
13 2.5 terminator (1984) Sarah and Kyle
14 2.5 the incredibles  Bob and helen
15 2 Forrest gump Forrest and jenny
16 2 city lights Tramp and blind girl
17 1.5 north by northwest Roger and Eve
18 1.5 lady and the tramp Lady and tramo
19 1 the Lion King (1994) Simba and nala
20 1 it's a wonderful life George and mary


Rank Pts Movie Pairing
1 2.5 zootopia  Judy and nick
2 2 pulp fiction  Vincent and mia
3 2 Kung fu panda  po and tigress
4 1.5 spider-man into the spider-verse Miles and gwen
5 1.5 princess mononoke Ashitaka and San
6 1 the big lebowski The dude and walter
7 1 rush hour  Lee and carter
8 1 mulan (1998) Mushu and cri-kee
9 1 bolt (2008) bolt and mittens
10 1 the Lion King (1994) Timon and pumbaa 


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Just now, Eric Smith said:

@cannastop Not to be that guy, but as the resident furry expert, Nick and Judy never actually end up together romantically. It's sadly still a fanon thing, even if it's very obvious they should be together.

Damn thought I could get away with this one. But they say they love each other tho

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59 minutes ago, Eric Smith said:


No joke, if this isn't your #1, you don't deserve any rights.

Is this where I reveal if you don’t have:



On your list I am not counting it? 🤔



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Seiji and Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart

Also going to plug the film itself as it's one of the lesser-seen Ghibli films, quoting from @chasmmi's BOT Top Animated Films Countdown (2021):


The biggest scoring film with less than 10 votes by so much it hurts. The next highest scoring film with single digit votes is a full 60 points below this - that is insane. Feels like a film that has even more scope to climb in this list as a good number of people who see it, love it.

Original post: 


Edited by Jason
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