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Creator's Corner (Year 2)

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*Sigh* I suppose my input was absolutely needed this year despite my interests to abstain from the game until I was ready to return. You guys are just really letting this drag out though, and if I can find time to read all these films (and there's only a handful of good or decent ones, so it's easier to find the good ones and ignore the rest), then you guys who actually participated this year can surely do so yourselves. But if laziness suits you better, then the game is screwed and therefore it will never be blessed with my presence again.Only a top 15 cause it was very weak. 1. Trader Haters2. The Few3. Eternal Sleep4. Appian Way5. U.S.S. Seawolf6. My Life to Waste7. The Seafarer8. A Lost Generation?9. S-L-A-V-E10. Imperceptive11. StarCraft12. Dragon Age: Darkness Over Ferelden13. New World Chronicles: His Story14. The Vast Dark: Part Two – The Sacrament15. Father's Quake

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