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Marvel Comics -- Events, Storylines and Adaptations

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[Admins]...If this is the wrong place for this, please move it to where you think is best.

We all know that the MCU adapts most of its storylines from the comics, although not exact adaptations. I figured this would be a good spot to discuss the comic arcs from the past, present and upcoming to see what we think the MCU will eventual adapt and what we like best. 

To start, here is the next major Marvel Comics crossover event witch I think could definitely be apart of the MCU (in the 2030's, after Secret Wars and Battleworld). 



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As we are all aware, at some point in the relatively near future the MCU will bring in the X-Men. I'm hoping they don't go the same route we've seen before and start things off with Xavier's School. Personally, I want things to start off with the current X-Men story arc that began in Dawn of X. This has progressed into Reign of X and will continue with Destiny of X. Links below to discover more....






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I actually only started reading comics because of the MCU. And only in 2019. My first event was Absolute Carnage which was just awesome. 


And damn it. Am I excited for Judgment Day. Actually, reading the current Eternals run, just makes go... reboot the Eternals already and introduce them like this. Never have I been so into Eternals. Not even with the movie. 

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Also. This new kind of Eternals are getting introduced to destroy some Mutants... Hex Eternals or something. Look at these beauties. The lore introduced in this run by Kieran is amazing. 




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