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UNCHARTED | 253.1M overseas ● 400.7M worldwide

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22 hours ago, Bruce said:

Uncharted Second weekend box office in Ukraine is 4th biggest of all-time,only behind Spiderman:NWH,AEG and TLK,now it's already beat The World of Warcraft become the highest grossing Video-game movie box office in Ukraine

This is extremely ?????? given everything that's going on there 

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Box Office Pro: Overseas, Uncharted grossed an estimated $35M from 64 markets, including $4.4M in the U.K. (down just 12% for a total of $24.8M), $4.1M in France (-36%, $12.2M), $3M in Australia (-26%, $7.8M), $2.6M in Germany (-23%, $6.7M), $1.5M in Italy (-43%, $4.9M), $1.4M in Spain (-33%, $8.8M) and $1.3M in Mexico (-29%, $4.3M).

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On 3/2/2022 at 5:14 AM, charlie Jatinder said:

Looks like $230M OS-C finish. Depending on how high China goes probably $275-330M.

DOM is heading $140M may be, so a possible $470M.

It was hit a bit harder this week by The Batman, but there's not much competition coming up so we have so see where itgoes from here. 

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10 minutes ago, John Marston said:

anyway it can crawl over 400m?

It can if it has drops of 35% or lower week on week and this week it dropped 35% from last week so it is on the right track at least. Though I think it might need an expansion and/or Puerto Rico to get there. 

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