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Weekday Thread ( April 11 - 14) | Father Stu 550K Previews

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3 hours ago, Dragoncaine said:

Another heavy drop for Morbius. I believe that's the lowest LW drop for Batman yet as well iirc.

Morbius is in danger of not even breaking even in it's theater run.

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sonic 2 is holding almost exactly like shazam so far


14.4 true fri

19.5 sat (+35%)

13.6 sun (-30%)

3 mon (-78%)


sonic 2

20.1 true fri

26.9 sat (+34%)

18.8 sun (-30%)

4.3 mon (-77%)


if that holds it’d be a ~34-35m second weekend (maybe slightly lower due to easter sunday)







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Just now, kyrixos said:

I thought it would be better off than Sonic 1 in this regard. What's happening?

...it's Monday. Kids movies always drop super hard on Monday. Sonic 1 also opened on a holiday weekend, so it naturally had a better Monday. Not sure why we're all super scared and nervous over all this.

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Sing 2 and Encanto also plummeted harder than all the other movies today. This is just what kid/family movies do, they drop hard when the school week starts. Nothing to worry about here, as far as I can tell. Sonic 2 will more than recover when the weekend begins.

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