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Kvikk Lunsj

100 Years of movie countdown thread

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1944- Double Indemnity was my choice and is one of the all time greats.

1945- I voted for The Lost Weekend, but Brief Encounter is also great.

1946 (there is a typo in the original post)- I wrote a post in the review thread where I explain why I hate It's a wonderful Life. A Matter Of Life And Death or Notorious would have both been good choices instead.

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54 minutes ago, Tower said:

So @grim22 is this list actually going to continue soon?

Had a family emergency last weekend due to which I was traveling and I'm in Santa Barbara this weekend. I will do prep this week and once I have a good number prepped, this will continue. Will ask Eric to pin in the main forum when I do.

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I had stuff came up so I could not. finish the list but here is the rest of the list 

1947 Miracle on 34th street
1948 bicycle thieves 
1949 The third man 
1950 Cinderella and Sunset Blvd
1951 A Street Car Name Desire
1952 singing in the Rain
1953 Roman holiday
1954 Rear Window
1955 The Night of the Hunter 
1956 The Killing
1957 12 Angry Men
1958 Vertigo
1959 Some like it Hot
1960 Psycho 
1961 West Side Story
1962 Lawerence of Arabia 
1963 High and Low
1964 Dr Strangelove
1965 Few Dollars More
1966 Persona
1967 The graduate and The Jungle Book
1968 2001 A Space Odyssey and Once Upon Time in the West
1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1970 The Aristocats
1971 A Clockwork Orange
1972 The Godfather 
1973 The Sting
1974 Godfather part 2
1975 Jaws
1976 Taxi Driver
1977 Star Wars
1978 Halloween 
1979 Alien
1980 Empire Strikes Back
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982 E.T. 
1983 Return of the Jedi
1984 Once Upon Time in America
1985 Back to the Future
1986 Aliens
1987 The princess Bride
1988 My Neighbor Totoro
1989 When Harry Met Sally
1990 Goodfellas 
1991 Terminator 2
1992 Malcom X
1993 Schindler’s List
1994 The Shawshank Redemption 
I995 Heat
1996 Fargo 
1997 Titanic 
1998 Saving Private Ryan
1999 Toy Story 2
2000 Gladiator
2001 Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring
2002 Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
2003 Lord of the Rings The Return of the King
2004 Incredibles and Before Sunset
2005 Batman Begins and Squid &  the Whale
2006 Pan’s Labyrinth 
2007 No Country for Oldmen
2008 The Dark Knight
2009 inglorious Basterds 
2010 Inception 
2011 A Separation
2012 Perks of being a Wall Flower 
2013 Wolf of Wall Street 
2014 Interstellar 
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road
2016 La La Land
2017 Call Be Your Name
2018 Spider-man into the spider-verse 
2019 Little Woman and Avengers Endgame 
2020 Tenet

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