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Everything Everywhere All At Once Overseas - Thread

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Everything Everywhere All at Once is now officially A24’s highest-grossing movie worldwide, $80.9M. While 76% of the pic’s global gross has been generated in the U.S./Canada (or $61.5M), it has seen its best numbers abroad in the United Kingdom ($5M, solely distributed there by A24), Australia ($3.8M), Taiwan ($2.3M), Russia and CIS territories ($2.2M), Hong Kong ($1.4M), Germany ($1.1M) and Singapore ($775K). It still has several offshore territories to debut in, i.e. all of Latin America, France, Italy, Japan to name a few, with Everything holding at above 1,000 theaters stateside with an eye at a final $70M.


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$68.9M US/$31.1M OS/$100M WW


Top International Markets


#1 UK - $6.2M

#2 Canada - $5.1M

#3 Australia - $4.5M

#4 Russia - $2.4M

#5 Taiwan - $2.3M

#6 Mexico - $2.0M

#7 Hong Kong - $1.7M

#8 Germany - $1.5M

#9 Netherlands - $1.1M



From Variety


Holy hot-dog fingers! A24’s zany black comedy “Everything Everywhere All at Once” has cleared a major box office milestone, crossing $100 million in global ticket sales. It’s the first A24 movie to hit that box office benchmark.


Since the movie landed in theaters in March, the multiverse adventure turned into the rare indie sleeper hit at the box office on its journey to becoming A24’s highest-grossing film of all time. So far, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” has generated $68.9 million in the United States and another $31.1 million internationally, putting its global tally at $100 million.


Outside of the U.S., other top-earning territories include the United Kingdom ($6.2 million), Canada ($5.1 million), Australia ($4.5 million), Russia ($2.4 million), Taiwan ($2.3 million), Mexico ($2 million), Hong Kong ($1.7 million), Germany ($1.5 million) and the Netherlands ($1.1 million).


At A24, Adam Sandler’s anxiety-inducing drama “Uncut Gems” previously stood as the company’s biggest North American release with $50 million, while Ari Aster’s gruesome horror movie “Hereditary” ranked as its top global earner with $79 million. Other popular A24 movies at the box office include Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” ($78 million globally) and Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winner “Moonlight” ($65 million).


Although “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is already available on home entertainment platforms, ticket sales have continued to rise. Over the weekend, A24 re-released the film in theaters across the country with an additional eight minutes of outtakes, as well as a pre-recorded message from the filmmakers. The movie brought back $650,000 from 1,490 locations between Friday and Sunday.


Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the well-reviewed “Everything Everywhere All at Once” stars Michelle Yeoh as a Evelyn Wang, a struggling laundromat owner who is being audited by the IRS. The story takes a turn as she discovers she has to connect with parallel universe versions of herself to prevent cataclysmic destruction. The plot also involves family, everything bagels and hot dogs for fingers. Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, James Hong, Jenny Slate and Jamie Lee Curtis round out the cast.


With its $25 million production budget, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” looks to be one of the few independent films to turn a profit theatrically in pandemic times. The movie was able to benefit from a platform release, which means the film opened in select theaters to build awareness and boost word-of-mouth before slowly expanding nationwide.

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Oscar Boost!!


Finland (47th WKend) at 3rd Place 

Italy (+2019%/24th WKend) at 3rd Place

Switzerland (+682% /40th WKend) at 4th Place 

Portugal (+3262% /50th WKend) at 5th Place 

Netherlands (+699% /44th WKend) at 10th Place 

Norway (+5810% /44th WKend) at 12th Place 

Germany (+706% /47th WKend) at 15th Place

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