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BO Germany/Austria: Avatar2 #1 with strong 6th weekend

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Yep, bad weather has driven the crowds indoors. MiB3 is looking at a very healthy drop, and matinees are crowded too - a few films, especially kid's fare, will even increase!The openers are not looking too well, Snow White has a just-decent start, Safe's opening is not a start at all, more like a stumble. LOL is not attracting major business either.

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Germany + Austria Top 10 June 01-03

TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Change Gross Week
1 1 Men in Black 3 Sony $ 6.086.159 -2,5 16.143.740 2
2 N SnowWhite&H UPI $ 4.544.348 - 4.625.252 1
3 2 The Dictator UPI $ 1.843.348 -7,4 11.265.759 3
4 6 Hanni und Nanni 2 UPI $ 1.016.159 +150,6 3.390.436 3
5 N LOL Constantin $ 850.556 - 964.044 1
6 3 Avengers Disney/UPI $ 841.921 -15,6 33.996.222 6
7 4 Dark Shadows WB $ 774.253 -12,5 8.553.429 4
8 5 American Reunion UPI $ 650.297 -16,5 27.433.551 6
9 N Safe Concorde $ 627.819 - 759.109 1
10 10 Moonrise Kingdom Tobis/Constantin $ 323.327 +55,1 746.943 2

Men in Black 3 was able to defend Nr.1 comfortably, helped by 3D tickets, though Snow White had the higher PTA (in Austria, Snow White also led $-wise). While still a far cry behind MiB1 and 2 this is at least no flop. In general, after last weeks horrible drops, this weekend was a compensation. Hanni + Nanni 2 (a children's film based on a Enid Blyton book) managed a fantastic increase without adding many theaters - either super WOM or a freak effect. Moonrise Kingdom is doing good numbers on the arthouse front; Intouchables still nr.12 in Germany.

This weekend only "Street Dance 2" and "Kochen ist Chefsache" ("Comme des Chefs", a french comedy starring Jean Reno) are opening which is good news for the holdovers I guess.

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MiB3 should cross $30million, yes. 3D is helping quite a lot. I don't think it will reach Avengers admissions but it will be closer than it looked last weekend.The most surprising thing at the moment is how fast Dictator is outpacing Dark Shadows - this was sold as a comedy but obviously Burton/Depp are no guarantee for big numbers anymore.Snow White is really doing ok, it has no 3D and it was opening in less than 700 theaters while MiB3 had nearly 1100.Today is a holiday here, so many people took Friday off - it's a looong weekend and weather conditions are cool and rainy for much of Austria and Germany, just perfect for movie theaters, so expect a strong week and soft drops. Looking at presales, neither of the openers will battle MiB3 or Snow White for the lead, but maybe with strong evening business Street Dance makes the Top 3.

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I hope so too.First trend for this weekend: Street Dance might not even crack the Top 3 (battles with Dictator and Hanni/Nanni), the top spot is not clear either (I guess MiB will win again $-wise while Snow White has more admissions). Weather is good (from theater's POV), let's see how the numbers are affected by the beginning Euro2012 championship - i guess openers will get hit harder than holdovers.Concerning the Euro 2012: During the last world championship the FIFA offered theatrical live broadcasts for selected games in 3D; we watched Argentina-Germany and it was sold out. This year the UEFA doesn't seem to offer a similar program - :( . I think this would have been perfect for theaters to counter the usual drop in admittances during soccer championships.

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Well, admissions to live events or other events aren't counted among "usual" shows so they don't show up in statistics, but they cost about as much and I guess concession is even better with soccer fans.For instance, early each december there's a LotR-marathon at my theater, the triple shows are nearly sold out every year but you won't see an increase in statistics - only regular runs are counted.

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Germany + Austria Top 12 June 08-10

TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Change Gross Week
1 1 Men in Black 3 Sony $ 3.150.482 -48,2 20.914.938 3
2 2 SnowWhite&H UPI $ 2.733.149 -39,9 8.813.635 2
3 N Street Dance 2 Universum/Const. $ 1.089.100 - 1.219.097 1
4 3 The Dictator UPI $ 869.628 -52,8 12.084.868 4
5 4 Hanni und Nanni 2 UPI $ 692.183 -31,9 4.220.282 4
6 5 LOL Constantin $ 541.135 -36,4 1.800.422 2
7 7 Dark Shadows WB $ 410.112 -47,0 8.754.333 5
8 6 Avengers Disney/UPI $ 387.299 -54,0 32.649.128 7
9 N Comme un Chef Senator/Const. $ 360.720 - 417.137 1
10 9 Safe Concorde $ 316.453 -49,6 1.291.359 2
11 8 American Reunion UPI $ 287.350 -55,8 26.291.015 7
12 N Deutschland von oben Universum $ 210.869 - 210.869 1

Men in Black 3 Nr.1 again in week 3, Snow White had the higher PTA again and more admissions. Street Dance 2 was the only opener doing much business but barely made the Top3.

A strange effect: Avengers and AP4 made some 100k$ each but lost accumulated gross due to the falling Euro. If the Euro keeps falling Avengers will drop below 30milUS-$ ...

This weekend Rock of Ages should make the Top 3 but I doubt if it can beat SWATH or MiB3. Australian Hangover-ripoff "Die Trauzeugen" is the second big opener and should hit other comedies but propably will not make the Top5.

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