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Brazil Box Office Thread

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Crimson Peak was very disappointing. And once again there was a problem with the IMAX copy in my cinema. My session was delayed several minutes and then they decided to show the dubbed version. I will never watch an IMAX movie in the opening day ever again, the same thing happened in the premiere of The Man from UNCLE.


But the movie was disappointing anyway. Not a bad movie, but it just lacks surprises or something new and original. And there is no reason to watch it in IMAX, it's not even visually stunning.

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Hmmm, for some reason I already expected that, I'm not a big fan of GDT's style, he's more into a beautiful movie (visual wise) than a movie with an intriguing story

I think I'm gonna avoid it then, and wait for Goosebumps next week

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Great news, Spectre will have midnight previews here, and they already started selling tickets.   B)  Last time we had this kind of previews were for Ant-Man (and it was 9PM).

Oh good to know, but it will be more successful than Skyfall, but the release of MJ2 2 weeks after could dampen it.

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FN was an absolute phenomenon here, it was everywhere here in 2003/2004, similar to Frozen, that's why I can see FD surpassing IA5 next year....

I think The Incredibles 2 will be able to top it a few years later : bigger market by then and with all the excitement about superheroes that will help it in a huge way.

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The Avengers Age of Ultron : R$146.1 million

The Avengers : 130.1m

Iron Man 3 : 96.9m

X-Men Days of Future Past : 64.3m

Thor 2 : 63.7m

Captain America 2 : 63.2m

The Amazing Spider-Man : 60.5m

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : 55.2m

Batman the Dark Knight Rises : 55.1m

The Wolverine : 49.1m

Spider-Man 3 : 48.9m

Spider-Man 2 : 48.2m

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 : 43.5m

Ant-Man : 41.8m

Guardians of the Galaxy : 37.7m

Man of Steel : 36.2m

Captain America : 33.2m

Batman The Dark Knight : 32.8m

Thor : 28.9m

Iron Man 2 : 28.4m

Ghost Rider 2 : 27.9m

The Incredibles : 27.8m

X-Men Origin Wolverine : 27.3m

X-Men First Class : 24.8m

Iron Man : 33.4m

X-Men 3 : 24.7m

Hancock : 23.6m

Superman Returns : 19.1m

The Fantastic Four 2005 : 19.096m

Constantine : 18.2m

Batman Begins : 17.3m

Ghost Rider : 14.8m

The Incredible Hulk : 8.5m

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