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Purple Minion

Mexico Box Office | 3 weeks on top for Wonder Woman 84, highest movie in lc since March. Market down 80% in 2020.

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Some totals in lc + today's ER.


WW84: 55.5M lc ($2.8M). Should pass Greenland next week and become the #1 post-pandemic movie.

Croods 2: 43.5M lc ($2.2M). Was expecting more.

Greenland: 59.6M lc ($3M).  Audience reached 1M.

Peninsula: 32M lc ($1.6M).


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Posted (edited)

Market down 80% compared to 2019. Up to Dec 13, box office = 3,584M lc ($193M), 62 million audience.


TOP MOVIES 2020 (lc)

01     351,200,000  Sonic the Hedgehog

02     235,000,000  Bad Boys for Life

03     213,100,000  Birds of Prey

04     174,000,000  Dolittle

05     114,800,000  Onward

06     110,000,000  1917

07     107,000,000  Cindy La Regia

08     105,000,000  The Invisible Man

09       92,800,000  JoJo Rabbit

10       80,300,000  The Wild Call

11       69,200,000  Wonder Woman 1984



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Cinépolis seeking to re-estructure over $1B debt from at least 17 different financial institutions.



El gigante mundial de las salas de cine contrató a Lazard para iniciar conversaciones con entidades como el Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), HSBC, Banco Santander y el banco de desarrollo del Gobierno mexicano, Bancomext, dijeron las personas.

Theatrical exhibition giant (Cinépolis) reached out Lazard to begin talks with institutions such as BBVA, HSBC, Santander Bank and mexican government-based development bank, Bancomext, according to sources. 


Parte de la deuda incluye un crédito a plazo de 7 mil 500 millones de pesos (382 millones de dólares) con vencimiento en 2023, un crédito rotativo de 200 millones de dólares con vencimiento en 2024 y un crédito a plazo fijo de 9 mil 750 millones de pesos con vencimiento en 2026.

Combinado con obligaciones vinculadas a operaciones en India, Brasil y Medio Oriente, las conversaciones cubren mil 350 millones de dólares de deuda de al menos 17 bancos, dijo una de las personas.

Part of this debt includes a $382M USD long-term credit expiring 2023, a rounding credit worth $200M USD expiring 2024 and a $490m USD fixed long-term credit expiring 2026. Combined with obligations regarding operations on India, Brazil and Mid-Eastern territories, the talks include overall $1.35B  USD worth of debt from at least 17 banks, according to one source.


El inicio de la aplicación de las vacunas ha provocado que los banqueros se muestren más dispuestos a ayudar a sobrevivir a la cadena, dijeron las personas. Cinépolis, cuyos cines de lujo cuentan con espacios más amplios entre filas y sirven cocteles artesanales, tiene más posibilidades que algunos de sus pares con mayor apalancamiento que ya han sido reestructurados, dijo una de las personas.

 Start of vaccination has proven bankers more willing to support Cinepolis, which luxury theatres with larger spaces among rows and a more sophisticated menu has more chances (to do well) than some of its competitors with larger leverage that already have been re-estructured, as stated by one source.

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After 5 weeks at #1, WW84 splits to the runner-up position. New champion is... The Croods 2, climbing back to the top after 8 weeks!


Grosses are minuscule. Very few movies have been able to sell more than 1M tickets since April.

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Welp. Expecting an official announcement on Feb 12th seems Cinemex will shut down all its nationwide locations until further notice. They expect to reopen on time for Godzilla v Kong but with reduced interest from moviegoers and a slow vaccination process they could push the date to mid year. Though most of the closures are temporary there are at least 10 locations looking for a permanent shutdown with more to add in the upcoming months.

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