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It's so annoying and then I think about what they're probably thinking and I go even redder.

I am VERY careful whenever I check out some guy, because I really don't want my head bashed in, but sometimes I get caught, mostly by girls, in which case I just blush even harder...There was this one time a couple years back when I spent the entire day going through the city with a girl from my college, because we both had some paperwork to do in the same places. We hadn't met before, but we basically just decided to go together, in order to avoid boredom. Anyway, we talk, we laugh, we share stories. Then, at one point, we're on the subway, and a hot guy walks by and stops in front of the doors, awaiting his stop. I couldn't stop staring, until she just blurts out - pretty loudly - "OMG! You're gay!" Then she comically covers her mouth and we both blush like crazy. Then she says "And here I thought you were hitting on me this whole time...". I was like :blink:
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