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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever — International Box Office Thread

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By the weekend, Wakanda Forever will be playing in theaters around the globe, excluding China and Russia. Projections show the tentpole opening to at least $175 million in North America — some exhibitors are suggesting $185 million to $200 million — and anywhere from $155 million to $195 million at the international box office.



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8 minutes ago, Issac Newton said:

-27% below BLACK PANTHER


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Ahead of its domestic debut this weekend, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opened yesterday in 17 overseas markets, earning an estimated $10.1M.

Top markets include France ($2.2M), Korea ($1.4M), Indonesia ($900K), Germany ($900K), and Thailand ($800K). First day overall results are estimated at +225% ahead of Black Adam, +45% ahead of The Batman, -27% below Black Panther (which opened during Chinese New Year) and -31% below Thor: Love & Thunder (which opened during holidays). 


The film opened #1 in all Asia-Pacific and European markets. Market shares have been strong across all markets, with most key markets above 50% and as high as 99%. Indonesia and the Philippines each had the 4th highest opening day during the pandemic era with a 99% market share. In France, the film was the 3rd highest opening day of 2022 to date with a 70% market share. 


Despite only being previews, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was #1 across the Latin American region yesterday, including both Brazil and Mexico. Ahead of today’s openings, previews not included in the $10.1M cume above have generated $1.5M in Mexico and $1M in Brazil, with a total of $4M across the Latin America region as a whole.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continues rolling out this weekend and will be open in nearly all international markets by Sunday. Significant markets not opening this weekend are China and Russia.

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5 hours ago, keysersoze123 said:

when they mention 27% below BP, Are they talking in local currency?

Yes. The diff is entirely Korea. It's better than BP1 elsewhere.


Right now I am thinking $150M OW as compared to $148M of BP1 adj for ER and inflation. Just adj for ER would be $140M ish. 

Without Korea weekend be around +13% BP1 adj for inflation and ER.

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13 minutes ago, Issac Newton said:

WAKANDA FOREVER is currently tracking -16% behind the OG BP, but +26% ahead of THE BATMAN

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From @BoxOfficePro


Internationally, the film reached $30.8 million through Thursday’s end as it opened in another 26 markets, including Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. That brings the total open market count to 43. Key territory grosses are as follows:


France: $3.8M
Mexico: $3.1M
Korea: $2.3M
Brazil: $2.0M
Australia: $1.8M
Indonesia: $1.7M
Germany: $1.4M
Italy: $1.2M
Central America: $1.0M
Other: $12.5M


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