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On Thursday, key markets Italy ($300K), Germany and Mexico ($200K apiece) each saw No. 1 launches for the remastered /20th Century Studios title. Other No. 1s were in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.


Australia, where the film started at No. 3 on Thursday, had a $400K opening day, 36% ahead of the 2012 Titanic reissue. 3D repped 69% of the box office.


Leading the charge so far on the rerelease is France at $700K from two days, followed by Australia, Italy, Saudi Arabia ($300K/two days) and Korea ($300K/two days/$446K through today). Notably in the latter, whose Friday number is not included in the overall total above, audience reactions are very positive with a Naver score of 9.82 and a CGV score of 98%.

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5 minutes ago, interiorgatordecorator said:


is he trying to said that in an indian state the avatar re-release made 25% of nwh's opening day?

I think thats what hes saying, but it sounds kinda ridiculous

is that what people meant that avatar played like a "local" movie (n contrast with a foreign hw movie) in many places?


That's what he's saying.

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Nah, that's true, there was a big strike going on there.


Also Avatar had competition in form of a Local Movie Brahmastra in other parts of country which took all attention as it is fairly new and had maximum showtimes, now had Avatar been solo it would've done more..... Much more.


But what it has done even in these conditions is just a precursor to what's to come in December. 

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SATURDAY UPDATE: James Cameron’s remastered Avatar added another 13 offshore markets on Friday, including the UK and Japan, and lifted its three-day international box office cume to $7.7M. On a like-for-like basis, that’s 54% ahead of the 2012 3D reissue of Star Wars: Episode I. Along with domestic’s opening Friday, the Disney rerelease has a global total of $11M so far, headed to about $25M for the weekend.


As previously noted, this Avatar sortie isn’t really about boosting numbers on what is already the biggest movie of all time worldwide, rather it’s a place setter for Cameron’s upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, scenes of which are tagged onto the end of the original that’s currently in cinemas. Still, the money the reissue is earning and the buzz surrounding the enhanced visuals is nothing to sling an arrow at.


Already on Wednesday and Thursday, Avatar saw several No. 1 openings, and on Friday added top starts in Indonesia and Taiwan. In the UK, the launch day was $300K at No. 3 (Don’t Worry Darling and Ticket to Paradise are ahead of it there). This was 13% bigger than Star Wars: Episode I’s rerelease launch and 249% bigger than the recent rerelease of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Eighty-six percent of box office was from 3D.


Japan for its part took 100% of its grosses from 3D and landed 7% behind Phantom Menace’s 2012 reissue and 488% higher than No Way Home’s more recent rerelease.

The top overseas market to date is still France with $1.1M through Friday, followed by Italy ($600K), Australia ($600K), Korea ($400K) and Germany ($400K). A note about Korea: the movie saw a huge 150% increase today versus Friday taking its gross through Saturday to $871K (not reflected in the overall totals above).


We’ll have a full update on Sunday.

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1 hour ago, Jiffy said:

So just how disadvantaged is TWOTW going to be compared to the original on exchange rates alone?

It seems to me that these exchange rates are the new normal. Economists obviously know more than I do but it seems clear to me that the dollar was just really undervalued between 2007 and 2014. Even if it weakens a little, I don't think we'll see it go much lower than €0.9/£0.8/¥110/Y6.5... ever again.

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46 minutes ago, Jiffy said:

Didn't Charlie calculate what Avatar's OS gross would have been with current rates (I guess not factoring in anything else like inflation)?

Didn't complete forex one but eventually did forex and inflation, adjusting it at Endgame prices. It came around $2.5B in 2019, though giving it higher 3D share than EG will make it around $2.8-2.9B.

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1 hour ago, Jiffy said:

Didn't Charlie calculate what Avatar's OS gross would have been with current rates (I guess not factoring in anything else like inflation)?

In some places (like most of South America), ER are so inextricably tied to inflation that trying to separate them is an excercise in futility. But just for the sake of fun, I've (very roughly) estimated that Avatar would lose somewhere in the vicinity of $650m-700m from ER alone:


-About $350m-400m in Europe (out of its $1.05b gross here) assuming an average loss of about 35% which is roughly what the the euro/pound have lost to the dollar since 2010. Some currencies like the rouble have lost more (50%) but others like the Swiss franc have lost less so it averages out.


- $200m in the Asia-Pacific region (out of its $800m here) based on an average ~25% loss from the major currencies. ~35% for the yen, ~25% for the korean won and Aussie dollar, ~5% for the yuan.


- >$100m from the Americas (out of its $175m here) based on an average loss of over 60%. 35% in Mexico, 65% in Brazil, >99% in places like Venezuela or Argentina (I've excluded Canada from the Americas since it's included in DOM BO vu Avatar also probably loses around $20m from there).


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The WET Dream RUN of BLUE People:

  Country Gross (in $) Local Gross
India $86.00 ₹700 Crores
South Korea $115.00 15m Admission
Japan $140.00 ¥20 Billion
Taiwan $34.50 NT$ 1.1 Billion
Hong Kong $25.00 HK$ 200m
Malaysia $17.50 RM80 Million
Philipines $29.00 ₱1.700 Billion
Indonesia $30.00 RP450 Billion
South East Asia $63.50  
Middle East $110.00  
Russia/CIS $5.00  
Rest $6.00  
Oceania + Europe
Australia $71.00 AU$110
New Zealand $10.00  
UK $120.00 £110
France $135.80 €140
Germany $97.00 €100
Italy $58.20 €60
Spain $67.90 €70
Netherlands $19.40 €20
Nordic $43.65 €45
Rest $67.90 €70
Latin America
Mexico $74.00 MXN $1,500
Brazil $62.00 R$330.00
Rest $82.00  
Africa Africa $10.00  
  OS- China $1,580.35  
  China 840 RMB 6 Billion
  US 1000  

In this wet dream run, ASIA ($680m) even without CHINA really over-powers whole of EUROPE ($610m) now.  Also, It is tougher for EUROPE to put out those numbers than for ASIA. If Just Japan, South Korea or India over-perform, they can reach $650m but Europe needs almost all countries to perform their BEST.

It is tough to believe but Exactly two year ago, this Chart with almost same LOCAL Gross numbers was touching 4.1 Billion~  but now, it's down to 3.4 Billion~ [China tops out at 850m...even when it will outgross TBALC in LC.] 

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