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Doldrums of Derby | Week 37

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I think Pearl and See How They Run will round out the top 3, or at worst 4, in which case they both sort of need to be included.  Next 7 I would go:


Top Gun

Bullet Train

DC Pets


The Invitation


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On 9/10/2022 at 11:57 AM, Sandro Mazzola said:

I couldnt log into Derby for some reason, i sent my predictions to @ChipDerby 

Here is what I sent


Brahmastra Part One: Shiva    $3.84
Barbarian    $13.79
Top Gun: Maverick    $3.52
Bullet Train    $2.99
Spider-Man: No Way Home    $1.85
DC League of Super-Pets    $2.59
The Invitation    $3.05
Beast    $1.68
Minions: The Rise of Gru    $1.82
Thor: Love and Thunder    $0.84


I hate hate hate being the bearer of bad news, but the message you sent was just too long after the deadline for us to add. I'm so sorry.

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30 minutes ago, Sandro Mazzola said:


Has the deadline time changed? I thought it was 4pm my time (11am EST I think?), I sent the message over an hour before then.

It’s always been 09:00 Eastern, 3 hrs before fml, which the internet informs me is currently 14:00 Irish.


It’s possible that the Irish time deadline changes by 1-2 hrs at various points in the year for daylight savings reasons, but from a quick google I think that 5 hr diff applies for ~50 weeks of the year, changing to 4 or 6for a while in nov&march.

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