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Barbie vs Oppenheimer

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I'm sure somebody has already made a thread like this somewhere. And I know it's really far away. But damn, this will really be the fight of the year in 2023 if neither of them leave. 


Oppenheimer looks like it could be interesting, but Barbie sounds so much more exciting, depending on what exactly it is. Personally I'm a bit tired of Nolan and Nolanisms, and would love Barbie to win. 


We don't even know whether Barbie will be PG and how it will balance adult appeal and family appeal. But it can't hurt to speculate which film will have the better opening week. 


So far, Quorum seems to indicate over twice as high awareness for Barbie, despite Oppenheimer having a trailer out already. But who knows whether that gap will remain, or if it will equate to a higher box office opening for Barbie. 


What do you guys think? What is the concensus here? Who will win the week of July 21 2023, assuming neither wins?

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