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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Three: "See You Later Alligator"

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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Eric the Crocodile @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


We begin our episode in the Angry Arnolds barracks. After two straight tribal councils, they’re frustrated and wondering where to go from there… (Btw everyone’s human for this episode.)


ZeeSoh: I’m not gonna lie, guys… Losing Morieris has me down in the dumps.

Fancyarcher: I’m scared now! We can’t be going to tribal council over and over like this, or all our long-term survivability will be kaput! KAPUT, I tell you!

Reddroast: Relax, man. No one changes the world by yelling about how bad it is.

AN9815: I agree with Reddroast! Less talking, more doing! We gotta come up with, you know, some sort a game plan! A methodology of sorts!

YM!: I wish it were that simple. But we can’t predict what challenges we’ll play or what skills we’ll have to use. That’s the hard part…


Confessional – YM!: This season, especially, is hard to predict. Like, what’s SLAM! really up to? This game’s felt less Survivor and more like Mario Party each passing week! All these coins, all these items… This is not the Survivor that I’m used to, I’ll say that.


While the others talk, Agafin looks around for The Dark Alfred, who’s missing. He sneaks away from the others and finds The Dark Alfred leaning against a tree, smoking and staring out with a serious expression on his face.


Confessional – The Dark Alfred: Dudes, I was this close to biting the dust. Sure, you could say I would’ve survived either way with Morieris’s low score… But those votes weren’t just against my partner. They were against me, too. And man… I will not be letting that happen again!


Cut back to Agafin, who peeks out from the door frame. He watches The Dark Alfred, who tosses down the joint and snuffs it with his foot.


The Dark Alfred: No more mister weed guy.


Agafin sneaks back inside the barracks…


Confessional – Agafin: …I better keep an eye on him.




Meanwhile, in the Weeping Willows barracks, they’re celebrating yet another win!


Cap: We just keep winning! How’s that for ya?

Ethan Hunt: I wouldn’t have anything less.

Gokai Red: Guys… I want to raise a toast.

(Gokai Red raises a literal piece of toast. Everyone laughs.)

M37: A toast to our Jamtastic winning streak! Ha ha!


Meanwhile, Goldenhour36 is looking for chances to make friends with his tribemates. He sees DAJK sitting alone and tries to talk to him, but Eric the Crocodile pulls him to the side.


Eric the Crocodile: Hey, can do me a favor?

Goldenhour36: It’s you! I wanted to talk to you about something.

Eric the Crocodile: Favor first, chit-chat second.

Goldenhour36: But Ethan Hunt said that there’s no such thing as friends in Survivor, and I know you changed your last name to “the Crocodile”, but I was wondering if you wanted to maybe be my friend!

Eric the Crocodile: Oh! Well, in that case, you can earn my friendship by doing this.


Eric hands Goldenhour36 the free pass to Coinsterdam.


Eric the Crocodile: Tear it up for me.

Goldenhour36: What? Why?

Eric the Crocodile: I want to catch the other players off guard, is all. But I can’t bring myself to tear it up on my own. You’re a nice guy, so why don’t you do it for me?


Confessional – Eric the Crocodile: Psst. I want him to tear it up so I can make him look bad. “He tore up my pass, what a meanie!” I’d say. That’ll anger the others for sure—and his heart’s too big to not admit to it. Then he’ll become the social pariah and, thus, the easy vote-out. That way if anyone else is trying to get me out, my trickery can delay their plans! Mwa ha ha ha!


Goldenhour36 considers, but hands back the pass.


Goldenhour36: No can do, Eric. That pass belongs to you. And it’d be wrong of me to destroy it!

Eric the Crocodile: Hmmm… Very well. I guess we can’t be friends, then.


Goldenhour36 frowns and trudges away.


Eric the Crocodile: I guess it’s back to Plan B… Which is to let this pass expire so everyone thinks I’m a weak player…


Eric lips over the pass, and his jaw drops. On the pass, it says addendum: this pass is good from now until Coinsterdam closes. Eric falls to his knees and shouts “NOOOOOO!”


Meanwhile, Goldenhour36 sits next to DAJK.

Goldenhour36: Hey DAJK. What’s wrong?

DAJK: Golden? Am I really a villain?

Goldenhour36: Well… Not to me, at least.

DAJK: Thanks. Hopefully I don’t become one this season.


DAJK leans on Golden, while Golden stares daggers at Eric (who doesn’t notice).


Confessional – Goldenhour36: Ethan was saying there wasn’t much room for friendship in Survivor. And from my experience with Eric, I think Ethan was onto something. And that fills me with anger, and frustration, and disappointment, and… I need to let it out somehow! But how?




M37 walks through the military base, looking for Coinsterdam. He hears footsteps from behind.


M37: NannerManCan?! You’re going to Coinsterdam too?

NannerManCan: Yeah! I saw you heading out and thought I should tag along, you know?

M37: I appreciate it! But be advised, if there’s any competition aspect to this twist thing, I’m gonna try to win it.

NannerManCan: That’s fair. Game’s game after all.

M37: You’re Olaf levels of chill! That’s cool!

NannerManCan: Cool—I see what you did there!


They find a strange machine tucked in an alleyway. It looks like a slot machine! And standing next to it is a tuxedoed man in a suit and tie!


Manager: Welcome to Coinsterdam! Step right up! Predict the chart placements of a list of films for a chance to win three coins!

M37: I’d like to use the free pass, please.

Manager: Alrighty!

NannerManCan: I’d like play too, please.

Manager: For you, that’ll be -5% off the average!


One transaction later…


Manager: Alright, folks! Please enter your placement predictions in the Coinsterdam machine!


One at a time, they insert their predictions and pull a giant lever. The slots start to spin....


Manager: Let's reveal your results:




3  6  7  5  1  2  10



3  8  6  5  1  2  10


Manager: Sorry, folks! Neither of you scored at least five correct guesses, so neither of you get the coins!

M37: Ah, fumble!

NannerManCan: 😬




Everyone meets up in what looks like a comedy longue, with a smattering of tables and a stage in the back. SLAM! takes the stage.


SLAM!: This week’s challenge, inspired by the singing reptile in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, is called:


💽 Karaoke 'Splosion 💽


SLAM!: Here’s how it works. Each singer will get a certain amount of points depending on how well they sing. Whichever tribe gets the most points becomes the winner! Let’s spin the wheel to decide who goes first… And the wheel lands on… DAJK! Let’s hear it for DAJK!

DAJK: Oh gosh… I’m first?! Uh… Okay. (takes the stage—and a deep breath, too)


And offscreen crew member tosses DAJK a cowboy hat. He wear it and sings “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain! He’s shy at first but gets into it with some fun honky-tonk dancing.


Ethan Hunt: Well if anything, I feel like a woman just watching this performance. I dunno what that means though.

Gokai Red: This makes me wanna yell HOWDY!



Confessional – DAJK: I was hoping my song would help bury the hatchet with YM!, but he was not amused at all. Uh, this tribe split… I can't explain myself until merge, and it's killing me! 😞


Next up is M37. He boldly declares his return to making predictions by sings “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. He gets into it!


AN9817: (sings along) I will survive! Hey, hey!

Eric the Crocodile: (under his breath) But not longer than I will… Heh heh heh!


Then it’s Goldenhour36’s turn. He channels his frustrations from the “no such thing as friendship” stuff into a passionate performance of “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore. His energy practically brings the house down!


Cap: Cool, I didn’t know you liked Paramore!

Fancyarcher: (gulps) They’re 3 and 0, guys, the Arnolds better come out swinging.

YM!: Hold my beer.


YM! takes the stage and sings “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn, complete with proper 80s style dance moves. He does a “spin move” at one point. And he hits some big notes at the end!


The Dark Alfred: Narly, dude!

DAJK: YM!... If only you knew I’m trying to being real, too…

(Agafin lightly elbows AN9815.)

AN9815: Oh! It’s my turn!


AN9815 sings “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina And The Waves. A somewhat corny song, but AN9815 puts his whole heart into it!


ZeeSoh: We’ll be walking on sunshine if we manage to win!

Ethan Hunt: And you’ll be weeping on sunshine if we win… Hold on, I got a phone call. Hello?


Ethan Hunt puts his phone to his ear. He says “hello?” over and over because the other guy’s not answering. He goes up to the stage, still trying to talk to the other guy. The caller hangs up, and Ethan grins as “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen begins playing. He sings vigorously!


DAJK: That was quite the creative buildup!

Gokai Red: That’s what she said.

(Gokai Red and M37 high-five.)

NannerManCan: My turn.


NannerManCan slows things down a little with a cover of “Vienna” by Billy Joel, a beautiful coming-of-age song. NannerManCan even plays the piano!


Goldenhour36: Piano! Where’d you learn to play?

NannerManCan: If you can drive a forklift, you can play the piano!


Next is Agafin who sings “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN. He’s a little clammy but he does a good job!


M37: I remember the 2010 World Cup like it was yesterday! Ah, the memories!

(Fancyarcher starts to sweat. He peers to the row of stone-faced judges as they jot down notes.)

Eric the Crocodile: Allllll right. (cracks knuckles) I have something special for you guys!


Eric sings the “Pokérap” from Pokémon. He correctly pronounces every single Pokémon!


Reddroast: That’s what I call catching ‘em all.

Cap: I think I have some trauma from all those Cheep-Cheeps, because I flinched when Eric got to “Magikarp.”


Next is Gokai Red. He takes the stage.


Gokai Red: If you like rap… You’ll like this!


Gokai Red performs “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X, jumping side to side with the beat and operating in what I call “full confidence mode!” M37’s jaw drops.


Confessional – M37: The man’s got some talent! The way he sang the Lil Nas X song… It lives in my head rent free. Remind me to compliment him!


ZeeSoh takes the stage and breathes out.


Confessional – ZeeSoh: I want to leave myself open to a showmance. I know game’s more important than love, but I still want love! I gotta sing a song that tells them I’m ready to mingle!


ZeeSoh’s song is “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys, but he sings the lyrics from the parody version “Boy Is A Bottom” by the YouTuber william belli. Everyone watches the performance.


Ethan Hunt: Well I learned something new today.


Reddroast brings out the big guns with “Great Pretender” by Freddie Mercury. He sings it in a Frank Sinatra swing/jazz style.


YM!: Someone’s a fan of a certain anime!

(Gokai Red side-eyes YM!)


Confessional – Gokai Red: Not just any anime. Great Pretender. A heist show, with con artists. I don’t know what’s going on at the Angry Arnolds tribe, but I know Survivor players are ruthless from how M37 dropped that banana peel. So if I were an Arnold, I’d watch out for Redd.


Then The Dark Alfred goes up and sings "Rearviewmirror" by Pearl Jam, a growl-y song that displays his frustration from getting so many votes last week!


Agafin: Well, as for the Arnolds, that leaves you, Fancyarcher.

Fancyarcher: Uhhhhhh… (gulps)


Fancyarcher takes the stage and sings “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire. It takes everyone a minute to get into it, but they end up liking it!


AN9815: Wow! What a falsetto!

Goldenhour36: That’ll be a tough act to follow. Are you up to the task, Cap?

Cap: I know I am.


Cap rises to her feet and sashays onto stage. She starts lip-syncing “Come Rain or Come Shine” by Judy Garland.


Fancyarcher: What?! She’s LIP-SYNCING!

Reddroast: She is nailing it though.

Fancyarcher: She’s on the other team!! Whose side are you on?!?!


Cap shuffles around the stage in typical Judy Garland fashion. She finishes performing and takes a breath.


Confessional – Cap: I’ve always wanted to lip-sync Judy Garland on a karaoke stage! That’s one thing I can scratch off my bucket list!





SLAM! retakes the stage.


SLAM!: All right! Let’s see how you did!




Eric the Crocodile - 87.09%

M37 - 85.44%

Cap - 78.78%

Ethan Hunt - 74.32%

Gokai Red - 74.05%

DAJK - 71.87%

Goldenhour36 - 70.93%

NannerManCan - (73.52% minus 5%) - 68.52%

Average Total: 76.37%




Fancyarcher - 89.50%

ZeeSoh - 88.56%

YM! - 86.62%

The Dark Alfred - 81.66%

AN9815 - 80.75%

Reddroast - 79.66%

Agafin - 60.45%

Average Total: 81.03%


SLAM!: That means the Angry Arnolds have conquered Karaoke 'Splosion, so they've all won their first ever immunity from tribal!


Fancyarcher: Oh my goodness! We actually won!

ZeeSoh: Thanks in part to you, of course. 😉

Agafin: Phew... Crisis averted.


SLAM!: And that also means the Weeping Willows are headed to their first ever tribal council, where someone will become the third person voted out of this game! (Eric the Crocodile earned tribal immunity this week though.)


(The Weeping Willow tribemates look around at each other, wondering about their futures.)


Confessional - Eric the Crocodile: Hopefully I can make my move against Ethan Hunt now that I'm immune... Mwa ha ha ha!


Stay tuned for individual messages about your new coin totals—or the "special happenstance if you got the best prediction for Avatar! Plus, the "important information dossier," with shop, council, and weekend challenge info **in addition to information about a Big Twist**, will be posted directly below this first post in just a few minutes!

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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Eric the Crocodile @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh 


As you know, the losing tribe sends me Tuesday predictions that are due on Tuesday nights, with votes that are due by Wednesday around 7 PM EST. That's not changing...


But for this week, there's going to be something that's due for everyone. It's part of an event called:



(Part One of a "Spooky Surprise")


This event asks every player the same question:


Would you like to abandon your tribe and join the other tribe?


I need your answer by Wednesday at 7 PM EST, the same time votes are due.


If you don't provide an answer, I'll interpret your answer as "no," so don't panic if you forget.


I will announce the tribe desertions and the new tribes after Wednesday's tribal council. If after all desertions have been made there's a tribe that has more players than the other, I will spin the wheel to send players from the bigger tribe to the smaller tribe.


I will reveal the Second Part of the spooky surprise after announcing the Desertions. But I cannot tell you the second part before you send your answer. You must make the decision, and the wheel must do its job, before I tell you exactly how the second part will make things... How do I put it... Oh yeah... SPOOKY.


Important Information Dossier

(Concession Stand | Tribal | Weekend Challenge)



The Concession Stand is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Blue Raspberry Icee - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate of your choice.)

Cactus Icee - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Rewards Program Membership Card - 5 Coins (Grants you eligibility for the Rewards Program—One Time Purchase)

Popcorn Bucket - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

Sour Patch Kids - 8 Coins (reduce all of a specific group of player’s individual predictions averages by 0.5%.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!






Sorry Weeping Willows, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a message with who they wish to vote off the planet. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



DC's League of Super-Pets

The Good House 

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile



Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, October 11th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change your vote before the vote deadline if you change your mind!)


Good luck to all of the Weeping Willows!



Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:


Don't Worry Darling

Halloween Ends**

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile



The Woman King


Mostly horror films for this weekend because Halloween Ends, of course, has prompted a trick-or-treating episode theme. When you submit the predictions, I will ask you what your Halloween costume is.


* = The two players with the highest Barbarian predictions will have a "secret special event" happen to them.

** = In the story, whoever scores lowest on Halloween Kills will get rocks instead of candy like Charlie Brown.

*** = In the story, whoever scores lowest on Smile will encounter an evil dentist.


Predictions are due by Thursday, October 6th at 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


I figured that I could roll in some general game announcements with today's "get those Tuesday tribal council predictions in" reminder! Nothing too too major, but it's some things you'll be interested to know:


  • The Dark Alfred actually picked "Rearviewmirror" by Pearl Jam as his song, but I I missed it for some reason. I have edited the story to have him sing that song instead. On a similar note, I will admit that I picked "Walking On Sunshine" for AN9815 due to thematic reasons. All other songs were hand-selected by the player!
  • The manager of Coinsterdam has increased the coin prize from 3 coins to 5 coins after seeing how hard it is to predict chart placements. "5% price, 5 correct guesses, 5 coins to win—it's a perfect balance," he says.
  • Yesterday I was asked about items, and the question came up, "are you allowed to stack items on the same person." After doing some thinking and consulting the previous host, I've made a decision regarding items:
    • No limits on buying [unless noted]
    • No limits on using [when applicable]
      • So you can stack multiple items on a player during a single weekend/tribal council if you want to.


That's all for today! For the Weeping Willows, Tuesday predictions are due around 11:59 PM PST, and your votes are due on Wednesday (tomorrow) by 7 PM EST.

Edited by SLAM!
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While there were some great songs in there like Wavin Flag and I Will Survive and great artists like Freddie and Garland, I am sure we can agree my song wins the karaoke competition handily :P It's a great song to sing with and to your friends lol

If anyone is listening for the first time, I highly suggest listening on speaker at max volume so others can enjoy too


PS: @NannerManCan that Billy Joel song was real nice, bookmarked it

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2 hours ago, ZeeSoh said:

While there were some great songs in there like Wavin Flag and I Will Survive and great artists like Freddie and Garland, I am sure we can agree my song wins the karaoke competition handily :P It's a great song to sing with and to your friends lol

If anyone is listening for the first time, I highly suggest listening on speaker at max volume so others can enjoy too


PS: @NannerManCan that Billy Joel song was real nice, bookmarked it

Hey now, when Man I Feel Like A Woman comes on at the club, people go WILD.

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1 hour ago, ZeeSoh said:

A score of nearly 99% doesn't let me win the Avatar challenge!!!




So which one of you gits put down 2.75 coz thats the only way someone scored higher than me


Sad thing is my initial prediction for it was 2.75 but I reduced it a bit :(

I will reveal…


Between the winner’s score and your score…


It was 99.95% and 98.85%! Insanely close!

Edited by SLAM!
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@Cap @DAJK @Eric the Crocodile @Ethan Hunt @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan


We have an



A player has informed me that the distributor of The Good House, Roadside Attractions, does not post their daily actual numbers until Fridays.


Please predict the Tuesday number for Bros instead.


This means the new list is



DC’s League of Super-Pets

Lyle Lyle Crocodile



I apologize for any inconvenience.


Also, please remember that Eric has immunity because he had the tribe’s highest score.


Good luck!

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@Cap @DAJK @Eric the Crocodile @Ethan Hunt @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan


One more reminder before I go to sleep; if you have not already, please remember to send in your Tuesday predictions around 11:59 PM PST, or at least between like 7–10 AM EST tomorrow morning.


Votes to eliminate will be due by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 PM EST!

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@Cap @DAJK @Eric the Crocodile @Ethan Hunt @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan


@Agafin @AN9815 @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh

For Weeping Willows who haven’t voted yet, the elimination vote is due in about three hours (7 PM EST).


To everyone: if you wish to make a decision (on whether or not you’re deserting your tribe), that will also be due by around 7 PM EST.

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@Cap @DAJK @Eric Strode @Ethan Hunt @Gokai Red @Goldenhour36 @M37 @NannerManCan


Tribal Council #3


The Weeping Willows set their torches down and take their seats.


SLAM!: Welcome, Weeping Willows, to your first tribal council! One of you will be the next player voted out of the game. DAJK, you're up first.


One by one, the Weeping Willows vote.

Ethan Hunt: This vote should be obvious.

Goldenhour36: This sucks, I don't want to vote anyone!

NannerManCan: Let me calculate the probabilities of this decision paying off... Beep boop beep boop...

DAJK: C'mon DAJK, make a HEROIC choice for once!

M37: I know one thing: I have to avoid going home.

Cap: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Gokai Red: (makes action sound effects as he stylishly scribbles a name)


Slam!: Before I continue, I have an announcement regarding how I did not receive one of the votes; the announcement is in the spoiler box below, where I'll also tag the other tribe so they see it:


@Agafin @AN9815 @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


All right, so I'm concerned about the possibility in future tribal councils that the player who wins individual immunity on the losing tribe might fail to vote at tribal council even if they're called to do so. For example, Eric won individual immunity this week, but I did not get a vote from him this week. Luckily, this didn't have an effect on the result, but it got me thinking about future episodes, and I'd like to implement a new rule tonight. No penalties this time so don't panic, but...


I want to stress to every player that winning individual immunity does not give you a free pass to say "I don't need to vote" even when you're safe from being eliminated. From this week forward, if the losing tribe's individual immunity winner ever fails to send a vote, that player will receive a -10% deduction from their next weekend score as a penalty. A player may have won individual immunity during the weekend challenge, but they're still a part of the tribe participating in tribal council, right? In that sense, they should be doing their due diligence by voting.


SLAM!: With that out of the way, let's continue on!



SLAM!: If anybody has an advantage or immunity idol and they would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Goldenhour36: (breaks into a cold sweat)

Ethan Hunt: (cocks an eyebrow)

NannerManCan: ...



NannerManCan: I'm playing a Blue Raspberry Icee!




SLAM!: NannerManCan's Tuesday average will increase by 3%.


SLAM!: I will now reveal the winner of the Second Immunity Challenge:



M37 with a score of 89.54%!


M37: That's what I'm talking about!


Confessional - M37: I had to gun for this immunity because there's no predicting who's going to vote for who! You can never really know where people's heads are!


SLAM!: Now with the votes! First vote:


Gokai Red


Second vote:




Third vote:




Fourth vote:


Gokai Red


Fifth vote:




Sixth vote:




Third player voted out of Survivor Pandora...








(Goldenhour36 hangs his head.)

(DAJK's jaw drops.)

SLAM!: Please bring me your torch.

(Goldenhour36 gets the torch.)

SLAM!: Goldenhour36? The tribe has spoken.

(SLAM! snuffs the torch.)

Goldenhour36: (to the tribe) You guys backstabbed me. I only wanted to be your friend!

Cap: Oh, sweetheart... You can't be friends with everyone in Survivor. People won't know who's side you're on.

(Eric Strode snickers to himself.)

Goldenhour36: You! But you didn't even vote!!

Eric Strode: You say you wanted to be a friend... But you didn't choose to be mine! Mwa ha ha ha...

(Goldenhour36 runs away in horror.)


CONFESSIONAL - Goldenhour36: My experience didn't go the way that I wanted it to. But I made so many memories... I'll never forget this! I think out of everyone here, I'm hoping for Eric to lose, and... Huh?


Post-Council Story Content


DAJK runs up to Goldenhour36.


DAJK: You didn't deserve this... I'm pissed off!

Goldenhour36: I am too, but you gotta reign it in.

DAJK: Reign it in? You mean the emotion?

Goldenhour36: From what I've seen in this game, players will sometimes have power in their hands. But I need to tell you something: with great power comes great responsibility. That's why you have to wait to use abilities like votes when the time is truly right. I took a firm stance, and look where that got me!

DAJK: ...I think I see what you mean.

Goldenhour36: Good luck, DAJK. I'm rooting for you.


(They hug.)




Later, M37 and Gokai Red meet up in the barracks.


M37: Hey, I just wanted to say, your performance of "Industry Baby" was phenomenal.

Gokai Red: Thanks, man. But you know what isn't phenomenal? The fact that you haven't owned up to that banana peel yet.

M37: Okay. Dude. That wasn't my banana peel. All right? I swear it.

Gokai Red: Well, if it wasn't yours, then whose was it?

NannerManCan: I think I could answer that.


NannerManCan steps out of the shadows.


NannerManCan: I saw the whole thing happen. And it wasn't M37 who threw the banana peel. It was ERIC who threw it!

(M37 and Gokai Red gasp in unison.)

Gokai Red: Well, that's a relief, because other than that banana situation, I really like you and vibe with you.

M37: Same here. But... Eric just let me be framed like that... What do I do now?


Suddenly, a voice blares on the intercom.


Intercom: All Survivor players to the airfield. I repeat. All Survivor players to the airfield.


The three exchange nervous glances!





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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Eric Strode @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


All players rendezvous on the airfield.


SLAM!: Welcome to the




SLAM!: This is Part One of a "Spooky Surprise." Tonight, we will find out if anyone decided to desert their tribe. And remember: if, after all desertions are announced, there's still a tribe with more players than the other, then I will SPIN THE WHEEL to send players from that tribe over to the smaller tribe. So now... Who would like to desert their tribe?


Silence. Then, Cap steps forward.

Cap: I would like to desert the tribe!

DAJK: Cap... No! Why?

Cap: I've gotten tired of being a Weeping Willow. Now I want to an Angry Arnold!

Ethan Hunt: Welp. See ya later, then.


Gokai Red and NannerManCan nod to M37, who stares at Eric Strode before he, too, steps forward.

M37: I'm also deserting the Willows.

SLAM!: All right. Please stand in the middle area between the two tribes.


Cap and M37 stand next to the wheel.


SLAM!: Because the Angry Arnolds currently have nine players, I will spin the wheel to determine the two members headed to the Weeping Willows.


SLAM!'s first spin lands on...




Fancyarcher: My Arnolds! Noooooo!


SLAM!'s second spin lands on...




Agafin: ...


SLAM!: Here's the new tribe layout:





Eric Strode

Ethan Hunt


Gokai Red






The Dark Alfred







SLAM!: All right. So. Hopefully you made the right decision, or the results of the wheel end up working out for you, because...


Next week...



In true slasher horror fashion...




The tribe that loses the weekend challenge

will be voting out not one, but

two of its members...

That's right!

It's Survivor Pandora's first



Each player at tribal council

votes to eliminate two players.

Also, the second immunity challenge

is making room for two winners.

And the two with the most votes

are eliminated from the game!


[P.S. This is the final round before merge.]


(Everyone gasps.)

SLAM!: Good luck in the next weekend challenge, and also the next tribal council if you end up going!


And remember, for the weekend challenge, you're predicting weekend grosses for the following films:



Don't Worry Darling

Halloween Ends**

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile



The Woman King


* = The two players with the highest Barbarian predictions will have a "secret special event" happen to them.

** = In the story, whoever scores lowest on Halloween Kills will get rocks instead of candy like Charlie Brown.

*** = In the story, whoever scores lowest on Smile will encounter an evil dentist.


DUE BY THURSDAY OCT. 13TH, 11:59 PM PST or before announcement of Thursday preview numbers.



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