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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Four: "Boo!"

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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


NOTE—I have decided to post the episode's story before I post the results of the challenge. This is because of the slow-down caused by Pearl not releasing its "actuals" number when all the other films did. I figured folks should have time to at least read and enjoy the episode. The results will be announced in another post that I'll tag you in tomorrow. See ya! 😉




It’s trick-or-treating time at the military base! SLAM! gathers the contestants at the airfield.


SLAM!: For this challenge, you will be traveling through an unassuming suburban neighborhood to collect as much candy from the homeowners as you can possibly can. The tribe with the most candy collected by the end of the challenge wins immunity!

ZeeSoh: Dang, SLAM!—the way you put it makes us sound like landlords.

SLAM!: Oh, and I’ll say this: prepare to be spooked!

DAJK: Spooked?!

Ethan Hunt: Spooked…

SLAM!: Well enough dillydallying! Everyone get into groups of three or four and get your costumes on!




Agafin, DAJK, Ethan Hunt, and Gokai Red form the first Willows group.

Ethan Hunt: (puts on dark sunglasses) Let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

DAJK: You’re Neo from The Matrix?! So cool!

Gokai Red: But is it cooler than my Yami Yugi outfit? It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

Ethan Hunt: That’s one of the hairstyles of all time.

Agafin: Mfph! Mfph!

DAJK: What was that, Agafin?

Ethan Hunt: It seems like he wrapped himself in mummy gauze so tightly that no one can hear anything he’s saying.

Gokai Red: What a fateful coincidence! A mummy and an Egyptian Pharaoh, setting forth on an unforgettable Halloween adventure!

Agafin: Mfph...

Ethan Hunt: (turns to DAJK) You didn’t dress up.

DAJK: Yeah I did! I’m a Smile victim!

Gokai Red: Really then! Show us the best scary smile of yours!


Cut to DAJK, who wears his best evil smile. Everyone stares at him blankly.


Ethan Hunt: Needs work.

Agafin: Mfph, mfph!




Eric Adam, Fancyarcher, and NannerManCan form the second Willows group.

Fancyarcher: Nyah! Curse that wheel! Do you know how big of a change it is to be on one tribe and suddenly be on the other tribe?

NannerManCan: With that “nyah,” it sounds like someone’s getting into character.

Fancyarcher: Well, I make a fine Skeletor if I say so myself.

Eric Adam: Who you gonna call?!

Fancyarcher & NannerManCan: GHOSTBUSTERS! (they groan)

Eric Adam: Ha ha… That always works.

Fancyarcher: Wait, you’re a nondescript Ghostbuster? Not one of the characters?

Eric Adam: ‘Ghostbuster’ is more a job title than a character, but I’ll say that’s part of the fun!

NannerManCan: And I’m a Klingon from Star Trek. So I’m nondescript too.

Eric Adam: And you know what else? We are all pop culture icons from the 1980s!

Fancyarcher: Yes! We can be the 1980s squad!

NannerManCan: I’m down for that.




AN9815, Cap, Reddroast, and ZeeSoh form the first Arnolds group.

Reddroast: Elvis has left the building!

ZeeSoh: Geez man, you’ve bedazzled that Elvis costume to high heaven…

Reddroast: And you’re… Oh!

ZeeSoh: That’s right. I’m Ryan Gosling’s Ken from the Greta Gerwig Barbie movie.

Reddroast: That means we’re competing for the ladies’ attention…

AN9815: I’m Maleficent!

ZeeSoh: You mean the Disney Maleficent?

AN9815: You know it! I have cool horns and a staff and a black robe and everything!

Reddroast: Well on a pure cosplay standpoint, I’d say you’re nailing it.

ZeeSoh: Hey, Cap? Are you ready? We’re about to head out.

Cap: (offscreen) Coming!


Cap runs in, revealing a Captain America costume!


AN9815: Wow! You blow everyone else’s costumes out of the water!

Cap: Chris Evans watches Box Office Survivor, right? In that sense, I should try to impress him!

ZeeSoh: That’s a good point. I hope Ryan’s watching…




And lastly, The Dark Alfred, M37, and YM! form Arnolds group two.

The Dark Alfred: I, King Viserys, with my medieval costume, crown, rings, necklace, and blonde wig, shall rule Westeros and go trick-or-treating while doing so!

YM!: Dang Alfred, you went all out for this.

M37: He did? It’s a little hard for me to see in my Inflatable T-Rex.

The Dark Alfred: And YM, you are…

YM!: Candyman. And don’t say it five times!

The Dark Alfred: Oh, that guy…

YM!: Okay, he’s not just ‘that guy.’ He’s one of the greatest horror monsters of all time!

M37: I think I saw bits and pieces of the original on AMC once.

YM!: You’re not helping.

The Dark Alfred: Well, we can’t conquer the cul-de-sac by twiddling our thumbs!


The Dark Alfred points a sword at a house. YM! improvises and points his hook at the house.

The Dark Alfred: Onward!

Dark Alfred and YM! march ahead.

M37: Hey! Wait for me!

M37’s costume bounces as he follows.




Willows group one rings a doorbell. Harry Styles opens the door.

Willows Group One: Trick-or-treat!

Harry Styles: Please go away. I don’t have any candy.

Agafin: Mfph?!

DAJK: But it’s Halloween! Aren’t you supposed to give us candy?

Harry Styles: Technically I’m not supposed to do anything.

Olivia Wilde: (offscreen) Harry? What’s going on? You coming?

Harry Styles: I’ll be there in just a second!

Harry sighs.

Harry Styles: Now’s not really a good time. But there’s plenty of other houses. Off you go!

Harry shuts the door.

Gokai Red: I guess Harry Styles doesn’t believe in the heart of the candy!

Ethan Hunt: If he won’t give us the treat, then we’ll have to give him the trick.

DAJK: The trick?!

Gokai Red: We can’t go down without a fight. Because that’s the shinobi way!

Agafin: Mfph.

Gokai Red: Oh right, that’s a different anime.




Willows group two walks off a front porch and compares each other’s candy haul.

Fancyarcher: I got pumpkin erasers.

Eric Adam: I got some macadamia nuts.

NannerManCan: I got a rock.

Fancyarcher: Nyah! With wannabe treats like these, we’ll be going to tribal for certain!

NannerManCan: Uh, guys? There’s clowns standing in the road!

It’s a gang of creepy clowns, most of which are from horror movies. You’ve got Pennywise. You’ve got the Killer Clowns from Outer Space. You’ve got the dad from Jon Watts’s Clown. And of course, you’ve got Art the Clown from Terrifier!

Art the Clown: We’re angry that Terrifier 2 wasn’t included in the predictions list! And we’re taking it out on the contestants!

Eric Adam: You could, um, not though.

Art the Clown: Oh, but yes we shall! Attack!

NannerManCan: Aaaand they’re headed right towards us.

Fancyarcher: Looks like it’s time for a little self defense! 1980s squad, unite!

Eric Adam, Fancyarcher, and NannerManCan prepare for battle.




Arnolds group one rings a doorbell and someone opens the door.

Arnolds Group One: Trick-or-Treat!

Cap: Wait… Oh no.

Red Skull is the homeowner!

Red Skull: Greetings, maggots! I’m red skull, and I’m also a dentist (as a side-gig to my villainy)!

Cap: He’s my nemesis on multiple levels…

Red Skull: Here! Take this! It’s toothpaste! And mouthwash! And dental floss! Ha ha ha!

Reddroast: You must be fun at parties…

AN9815: Maleficent is a better villain than you, Red Skull! And I’m going to prove it by whacking you in the head with this magic staff!

AN9815 whacks Red Skull with the staff, knocking Red Skull’s red skull off of his shoulders. Red Skull’s body collapses to the ground.

AN9815: Whoops!

ZeeSoh: This all escalated quickly…

Cap: You saved me a headache, AN9815, cuz knowing Box Office Survivor, I probably would’ve had to battle Red Skull, and I just don’t have the energy for that.

Red Skull’s Minions: But you do have to battle us minions!

Cap: Oh, fuck…




Arnolds group two heads down a sidewalk.

M37: Duhn-duhn-duhn, duhn, duhn! Duhn-duhn-duhn, duhn, duhn! Duhn-duhn Du-uhn!

YM!: Nice Jurassic Park theme you got there.

The Dark Alfred: Hey man, do I hear cackling?

The three Sanderson witches from Hocus Pocus jump in out of nowhere, blocking their path.

Bette Midler: Ha! You’re in for a spooky surprise!

M37: Uhhhh, grrrr I’m a T-Rex.

YM!: M37? What are you doing?

M37: Scaring them away? I don’t know.

Bette Midler: I put a spell on you! Now you shall dance until you die!

The three players start dancing against their will—a simple “jump up and down” type dance. The witches run away, cackling all the while.

The Dark Alfred: No bueno, man, no bueno….




Meanwhile, outside Harry Styles’s house…

Ethan Hunt: Okay, here’s the plan. Gokai Red, you summon a Yu-Gi-Oh monster to serve as a distraction while we break in and steal the candy. When we find the candy, Agafin will help take it by slipping small pieces beneath the mummy gauze. You got that?

Agafin: Mfph.

Ethan Hunt: Good. DAJK, you’re the one who will scare them into submission with your Smile smile if they catch us. Capisce?

DAJK: What are you gonna do, Ethan?

Ethan Hunt adjusts his sunglasses.

Ethan Hunt: I know Kung-Fu.

DAJK: That doesn’t really answer my question…

Gokai Red: All right! Time to d-d-d-d-DUEL! Kiriboh, I choose you!


Gokai Red lays down an attack card and summons Kiriboh, the Yu-Gi-Oh mascot monster who’s basically a brown furball with wings.


Gokai Red: I play Distraction against the former One Direction frontman! Go! Distract them!


Cut to Harry Styles in the bedroom with Olivia Wilde…


Olivia Wilde: C’mon Harry, just one more Nora Ephron film.

Harry Styles: You know when my life changed?

Olivia Wilde: Huh? When?

Harry Styles: When Harry Met Olivia…

Olivia Wilde: Oh, Harry!


Kiriboh crashes through the window. They scream and throw their pillows at the furball. They run out of the broken window and onto the lawn to get away from Kiriboh!


Harry Styles: You nitwits broke my window! I shall spit on you just like how I spit on Chris Pine!


Harry Styles spits in rapid-fire fashion, hurling spit bullets at Ethan Hunt, who dodges Harry Styles’s spit like—




Agafin: (to DAJK) Mfph!


DAJK nods to Agafin and SMILES EERILY at Harry Styles.

Harry Styles: Yikes! I’ll give you all the candy you want, just don’t curse me with the evil smile!

Gokai Red: Well, tonight sure was Wilde! Ha… You get it, Olivia?

Olivia Wilde: 




Meanwhile, Willows group two fights the clowns.

Clown: I’m a clown and I’m going to punch you.

NannerManCan: Not if I punch you first!

NannerManCan punches the clown, and the clown’s nose honks as he falls to the ground.

NannerManCan: If you can drive a forklift, you can punch a clown in the face!

Eric Adam: This machine is surprisingly effective on the clowns… Maybe cuz these clowns are soulless!

Eric Adam points the Proton Pack device at a row of clowns, and the device sucks up all the clowns’ evil spirits.

Fancyarcher: Nyah! They’re everywhere!

NannerManCan: Let’s put our backs together.

They cover each other as the clowns close in.

Fancyarcher: No clown shall take down the mighty Skeletor! Take these lightning bolts!

Eric Adam: And these Proton Pack bolts!

NannerManCan: If we’re using long-range weapons, then I better use my laser gun…

They continue battling the clowns.




Meanwhile, Arnolds group one fights Red Skull’s minions. Cap tosses her shield, which bounces from minion to minion, knocking each of them out, until it hurtles back to Cap. She catches it.

Cap: Those guys are taken care of. But I’m still losing energy…

ZeeSoh: Not enough Halloween candy…

AN9815: I… Need… Sugar!!

Reddroast: 🎵 A little less conversation, a little more action! 🎵


Reddroast pulls out two Blue Raspberry icees.





Reddroast: Take these. It’ll help ya.

AN9815: Aah! You’re a lifesaver! (sips vigorously)

Cap: This is, like, generous of you!

ZeeSoh: Thank you, Redd. We would’ve been stuck with toothpaste and dental floss without you.

Reddroast winks at the camera.


Confessional – Reddroast: Some may say it’s too early to be playing Icees like this. I think not. See, I know what it feels like to be a first boot. Never again, folks. Either I’m winning this game or I’m going out guns blazing.


AN9815: Ooh! Brainfreeze! 🥶




Meanwhile, Arnolds group two’s still dancing.

The Dark Alfred: My legs are getting tired, man…

M37: This dinosuit was not built for continuous dancing.

YM!: I have an idea. Why don’t we say ‘Candyman’ five times to have Candyman save us?

M37: But… Won’t that kill us?

YM!: In the 2021 movie, he was some kind of hero, so he might not actually…

M37: Okay, uh… Candyman… Candyman… Wait, I need to be looking in a mirror, right?

The Dark Alfred: Borrow this pocket mirror.

YM!: Huh? Why do you have one, Alfred?

The Dark Alfred: A tale for another time, bro. Just take it!


Dark Alfred hands the mirror to YM!, who hands it to M37.


M37: Uh… Candyman… Wait, I can’t see the mirror through my costume.

The Dark Alfred: To heck with this! I’ll say a word that makes things happen a little faster!

YM!: What word would that be?

The Dark Alfred: …DRACARYS.

A dragon flies in out of nowhere.

M37: Alfred!! We can’t win the game if we’re barbecued! What are you thinking?!

The Dark Alfred: Perhaps our innate fear of death by dragonfire will break this dancing spell!

The dragon starts breathing fire on the cul-de-sac.

YM!: I think now would be the time to run!

They sprint away as the inferno draws near!




So yeah, all players survive the night! They bring the candy bags back to the airfield and set them on a giant scale.


SLAM!: All right! Let’s see how you did...


Everyone holds their breath in suspense.



Due to a most Pearlculiar Delay;


The episode fades to a



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@Agafin @AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


I have decided to use the results created by Pearl's estimate number. If A24 releases the actual afterwards, and the difference is substantial enough to change the outcome, then I will cancel the double elimination, and all players will not merge but instead remain in teams. In that scenario, if you spent coins to use items (either for the weekend or tribal challenge), I will refund those coins back to you.




Commercial time: Flo from Progressive tries to sell you car insurance. Then it's back to the airfield!


SLAM!: Let's see how you did!




DAJK - 92.00%

Agafin - 90.50%

Eric Adam - 89.52%

Fancyarcher - 88.11%

Ethan Hunt - 87.04%

Gokai Red - 85.06%

NannerManCan - 81.95%

Combined Average - 87.74%


Fancyarcher: That should give us the win. Right?




Reddroast - (90.75% + 6%) - 96.75%

YM! - 89.68%

ZeeSoh - 89.60%

Cap - 89.07%

M37 - 88.79%

AN9815 - 86.62%

The Dark Alfred - 78.22%

Combined Average - 88.39%


ZeeSoh: Dang, Reddroast. You really pulled a rabbit out of a hat! Those icees made you a positive outlier.

Reddroast: I thought it'd be a cool thing to do, no pun intended.

Gokai Red side-eyes Reddroast.


SLAM!: And there it is! The Angry Arnolds have won the weekend immunity challenge!


The Arnolds celebrate.


SLAM!: Unfortunately, that means the Weeping Willows are headed to tribal council, where they will vote out TWO of their players. DAJK has immunity, but for everyone else, you'll have to compete in the Tuesday challenge to try to earn it!

Agafin's eyes dart around.

NannerManCan gulps.

Eric Adam rubs his hands together.


Slam!: Everything you need to know for next week can be found in this



(Concession Stand | Tribal | Weekend Challenge)


Twist Info

The merge is the only major twist this week [if Pearl's actual doesn't change things]. However, sometime on Friday after I've received all the weekend prediction, I going to send everyone two "dilemma questions." The questions have to do with major twists that will occur during the October 28th weekend. So again: brace yourselves for something big...



The Concession Stand is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Blue Raspberry Icee - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate of your choice.)

Cactus Icee - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Rewards Program Membership Card - 5 Coins (Grants you eligibility for the Rewards Program—One Time Purchase)

Popcorn Bucket - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - each player can use one bucket per tribal

Sour Patch Kids - 8 Coins (reduce all of a specific group of player’s individual predictions averages by 0.5%.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!






(Temporary Double Elimination Info Colored Red)

Sorry Weeping Willows, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a message with the TWO PLAYERS (as in voting for two players to eliminate) who they wish to vote off the planet. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week. The two highest predictors win second immunity this week.



Don't Worry Darling

The Invitation

Halloween Kills



Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, October 11th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change your vote before the vote deadline if you change your mind!)


Good luck to all of the Weeping Willows!






Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:

Black Adam


Halloween Ends

Paul's Promise


Ticket to Paradise

The Woman King


*New rule: I don't want players to wait for theaters counts before they send predictions. I think not knowing theaters counts is part of the fun of predicting.*


Predictions are due by Thursday, October 20th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


Edited by SLAM!
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5 minutes ago, SLAM! said:


SLAM!: And there it is! The Angry Arnolds have won the weekend immunity challenge!


The Arnolds celebrate.


SLAM!: Unfortunately, that means the Angry Arnolds are headed to tribal council, where they will vote out TWO of their players. DAJK has immunity, but for everyone else, you'll have to compete in the Tuesday challenge to try to earn it!

Agafin's eyes dart around.

NannerManCan gulps.

Eric Adam rubs his hands together.


I think you mean The Weeping Willows :P

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1) What does the new rule about not waiting for theatre count means? I see that the prediction deadline is the same so what does this change?


2) Regarding Pearl's actuals, I remember doing weekend predictions late this past Thursday night and wanting to see Pearl's weekday grosses only to find out that not only were its weekday grosses for last week not posted but its last weekend grosses were still estimates (even on Friday morning). So it's likely that we will not see this past weekends actuals until very least this coming Sunday/Monday (Last weekends actuals were posted alongside this weekends estimates). 

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16 minutes ago, ZeeSoh said:



1) What does the new rule about not waiting for theatre count means? I see that the prediction deadline is the same so what does this mean?


2) Regarding Pearl's actuals, I remember doing weekend predictions late this past Thursday night and wanting to see Pearl's weekday grosses only to find out that not only were its weekday grosses for last week not posted but its last weekend grosses were still estimates (even on Friday morning). So it's likely that we will not see this past weekends actuals until very least this coming Sunday/Monday (Last weekends actuals were posted alongside this weekends estimates). 

1) I’m still trying to see if the rule is necessary, but if there’s instances where theater counts of films are going to be announced after the deadline, then I would rather the films be predicted before the deadline.


2) In that case, I might just use the estimate anyway… Cuz that’s very late when it comes to changing the game. Plus it’s way after the weekend deadline.

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@Agafin @DAJK @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan


Remember (if you haven’t done so already) to submit Tuesday predictions by 11:59 PST tonight! I also accept them if you turn it in before Tuesday actuals start getting uploaded tomorrow. Let’s say, hmm, around 10-AM-EST-ish!


Then the votes, of course, are due by 7 PM EST!

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@Agafin @DAJK @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan


Estimates are beginning to trickle in so the window to turn in Tuesday predictions is now closed; but you can still vote if you haven’t already!


Also, I will make an announcement regarding a rule that I just made, and I will tag the rest of the players:


@AN9815 @Cap @The Dark Alfred @M37 @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Regarding the Popcorn Bucket item, which doubles your vote at tribal council:


I have decided that an individual player will only be able to use one Popcorn Bucket per tribal council. I think one extra vote is already powerful enough and this is a limitation that keeps things fair, but also powerful.


Don’t worry, no one’s out here trying to use multiple Popcorn Buckets, but I figured it would be smart of me to announce this limitation as soon as it came to my mind! That is all!

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@Agafin @DAJK @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan


Tribal council votes are officially due in less than an hour for anyone who hasn’t voted, but because of the time it takes me to write tribal councils, I will give you guys a minor deadline extension and give you until exactly 8:00 PM EST to get your votes to me. Good luck!

Edited by SLAM!
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@Agafin @DAJK @Eric Adam @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan




The Weeping Willows enter tribal council arena.


SLAM!: Welp, you're here again. And I will say, you all did a fantastic job during the challenge, both with your predictions and with getting into character. But alas, one tribe has to go to Tribal Council... And tonight, two of you will officially be voted out of Survivor Pandora!

Gokai Red: (cracks knuckles) Bring it on!

NannerManCan: Some confidence you got there!

Fancyarcher: SLAM!, if that wheel leads to my downfall, Box Office Survivor can expect a lawsuit😤

Agafin: ...Ditto.

Eric Adam: ("mwa ha ha"s to himself)

Ethan Hunt: (side-eyes Eric)

SLAM!: All right! As a reminder, you're voting for two of your tribemates—not just one. Let's begin! DAJK, you're first.


*Voting commences.*

DAJK: Urgh, I wish I didn't have to vote!

Ethan Hunt: Time to remove some obstacles...

Gokai Red: Guess I better put the "Survive" in Survivor!

NannerManCan: You know, I never noticed the color of the voting parchment. It's like this burnt beige or apricot color. Very nice.

Fancyarcher: (leans against the voting podium with his hands on his head)

Eric Adam: I could make my long-awaited move against Ethan Hunt... Or rather...

Agafin: (says nothing, simply votes)

*Voting ends.*



SLAM!: All right. If you've purchased an advantage and want to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Gokai Red: (playfully widens his eyes)

Eric Adam: (licks his lips)

Fancyarcher: ...




Fancyarcher: I'm playing a Popcorn Bucket!





SLAM!: Fancyarcher has played a Popcorn Bucket! This means the vote he cast has been doubled!

Ethan Hunt: Doubled? I'll get in on that...





Ethan Hunt also plays a Popcorn Bucket.





SLAM!: Ethan Hunt's vote will also be doubled!

DAJK: Geez, Ethan! What're you up to?

Ethan Hunt: Let's just say my plan's rather...





Ethan Hunt: ...prickly.





SLAM!: Two Cactus Icees! And who, Ethan? Who are you playing your Cactus Icees against?

Ethan Hunt: ...Eric.

Everyone gasps. Eric Adam laughs maniacally.


Eric Adam: You fool! Now everyone knows who your popcorn bucket's directed against!

Ethan Hunt: Eric. I know you're conspiring against me.

Eric Adam: Ummmmmm, nooooooooo!

Ethan Hunt: Eric.

Eric Adam: No no no, innocent little Eric would never do such a thing!

Ethan Hunt: Nanner's up to it. Gokai's up to it. Golden, he was up to it. And now I'm up to it, too.

SLAM!: This is all excellent television, keep going...

Fancyarcher: (eats popcorn)

Eric Adam: You think you're a hero? HA! You'll just become another me, just you wait! You'll be backstabbing players left and right!

Ethan Hunt: Maybe so. But there's one thing that separates the two of us. I... am a Survivor.

NannerManCan: Well, technically, SLAM! hasn't read the votes yet.

Eric Adam: Ha ha... Ha ha ha ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Agafin: ...


Confessional - Agafin: He sure likes to laugh.






SLAM!: All right. As you know, not just one, but TWO players will be able to win second immunity. Let's start by revealing the winner with the highest score...



With a total average of 91.02%...



GOKAI RED. You are safe!


Everyone's jaw drops.

Gokai Red: That's what I'm talking about!


Confessional - Gokai Red: Underestimate me at your own peril, folks!


SLAM! takes a breath.


SLAM!: I will now reveal the second winner of the Tuesday Immunity Challenge.



By a difference of 0.2% between second and third place...



NANNERMANCAN, with 90.28%, you have also won immunity!


Cold sweating ensues.

NannerManCan: WOAH! 😱


Confessional - NannerManCan: I did not expect to win immunity this week! I'm on cloud nine!






SLAM!: Time to reveal the votes. First vote:


Gokai Red (does not count)

NannerManCan (does not count)


Second vote:


Gokai Red (does not count)

NannerManCan (does not count)


Third vote:


Gokai Red (does not count)

NannerManCan (does not count)


Fourth vote:



Gokai Red (does not count)


Fifth vote:



NannerManCan (does not count)


Sixth vote:


Ethan Hunt

NannerManCan (does not count)


Seventh vote:


Eric Adam

NannerManCan (does not count)


Eighth vote:


Eric Adam

NannerManCan (does not count)


Eric Adam: No... No!


The final vote...


Eric Adam

NannerManCan (does not count)


Eric Adam: But... I thought the tribe was mine! I thought the world was my oyster!

Ethan Hunt: Hate to break it to you Eric, but it's not your world, and it's not mine either. It's PANDORA.



SLAM!: Here is the vote's aftermath:


By 3 to 1 to 1 to 1 (of counted votes)...


ERIC ADAM is eliminated.


Eric Adam: Noooooo! I'm the winner! You cheated! Here's more banana peels!

Eric Adam throws more banana peels around.

DAJK: (gasps) So it was you who planted the banana peel!

Ethan Hunt: It's funny cuz I saw #bananagate happen and didn't say anything...

Agafin: I feel like I'm missing the context.

Security Guards: Sir, you're being forcibly removed due to excessive villainy.



Confessional - Eric Adam: Well, I didn't get you out this time, Ethan. But know this: you may have taken the shot first, but beware! The Karma! The Karma's gonna getcha! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Fastforward to Eric leaving and SLAM! snuffing out Eric's torch.


SLAM!: All right. There's three players tied with one vote against each of them. Those players are:






SLAM!: The second person leaving tonight will come down to whoever has the lowest Tuesday Immunity prediction score. I will start by revealing which player got the highest score. With a Tuesday prediction score of 90.08%...



ETHAN HUNT survives.


Ethan Hunt: (winks)

Fancyarcher: This is just great! I knew the wheel would screw things up!

Agafin: We at least know this wouldn't have happened if the second immunity went differently. I find solace in that.

Fancyarcher: At this rate, I want you to stay! You deserve a chance to play in the merge! That, and that wheel's in the distance... Mocking me! I have to get away from it!

Agafin: What's meant to happen will happen. So there's no need to worry.


Fancyarcher and Agafin hold hands.


SLAM!: Time to reveal who's leaving. By the winner's 88.30% total to the loser's 87.79% total...





You have been ELIMINATED.


Agafin grabs his torch.

Fancyarcher: No! Why isn't it me?!

Agafin presents the torch to SLAM!.

SLAM!: Agafin? The tribe has spoken.

Fancyarcher: Don't snuff that, SLAM!! You're stronger than the wheel! Don't give in!

SLAM! snuffs the torch.

Fancyarcher: No! Agafin! Don't leave me with the wheel!

SLAM!: Time for you to go.

Agafin frowns and walks off.

Fancyarcher: Agafin!! AAAGAAAFIIIN!!


Confessional - Agafin: I got very unlucky today. And not making the merge really stings. But sometimes you can't predict what's going to happen. I guess that's life. I guess that's Survivor.


Post-Council Story Content


DAJK talks with Ethan Hunt.

DAJK: Dude! That was so cool!

Ethan Hunt: If you say so.

DAJK: How can I feel comfortable making game moves like that? Any tips?

Ethan Hunt: Well, you can start by killing all emotions.

DAJK: Wait... What?

Ethan Hunt: You gotta play robotically. You know, be cold about it.

DAJK gets a flashback of the Rockin' Robots alliance, and when he voted out YM!...

DAJK: But after what happened between me and YM!, I don't want to play coldly again!

Ethan Hunt: You wanna win the game, DAJK?

DAJK: ...Well, yeah.

Ethan Hunt: Then it's a sacrifice you'll have to make.

(Ethan Hunt walks off.)


Confessional - Ethan Hunt: I'm telling him this hoping he becomes a cold player like me. That way, I can convince him to do my dirty work.




Meanwhile, Cap approaches ZeeSoh in the Arnolds barracks.

Cap: Hey. I didn't get a chance to say it earlier, but I really liked that Ryan Gosling Ken outfit!

ZeeSoh: Thanks! That was a surprisingly complicated costume to recreate.

Cap: If I'd known, I would've been Margot Robbie's Barbie, and we'd be Barbie and Ken!

ZeeSoh: (mishears) Huh? Bonnie & Clyde?

Cap: No, Barbie and... Wait.

Cap springs to her feet.

Cap: Bonnie & Clyde. That's a great duo concept!

ZeeSoh: ...Holy crap. You're right! And no one would think we're working together!

Cap: And our names are pretty close to it too, like with the same syllables... ZeeSoh & Cap.

ZeeSoh: That sounds wrong... I like Cap & ZeeSoh better.

Cap: Cap & ZeeSoh! It's perfect!


And so they became "Cap & ZeeSoh"!




Meanwhile, Gokai Red does a victory dance in the barracks. NannerManCan approaches.

Gokai Red: 'Sup, Nanner!

NannerManCan: Hey, Gokai. Congrats on surviving.

Gokai Red: It's the first of many! You know it's not the last time I'm winning immunity this season!

NannerManCan: You don't know that for sure... If I were you, I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch.

Gokai Red: As if I need to take advice from someone who voted for me.

NannerManCan: Huh?

Gokai Red: Every ballot had your name on it, except for one. That had to be yours, right? And my name was on that ballot.

NannerManCan: Oh, if we're going there, then... If every other ballot had my name, then you voted for me, too.

Gokai Red: Looks like we got a thinking man in our midst! Ha! Here's some unsolicited advice from me to you: watch your back! Cuz you never know who's comin' after ya!

Gokai Red dances while NannerManCan stares in silence...


...And so began the Gokai/Nanner rivalry!




Meanwhile, Fancyarcher tosses and turns in bed.

Fancyarcher: No. Nuh-uh. Ah. Wheel. No. NOOOOOO!

Fancyarcher jolts awake. He huffs and puffs.

Fancyarcher: It was only a nightmare. The wheel is just a wheel! It can't hurt me!

Fancyarcher looks to the side of the bed. He sees the wheel, sitting there, staring right at him!

The Wheel: BOO!

Fancyarcher screams!








Edited by SLAM!
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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh




You have made it four weeks into the game.


And now, it's


Merge Time!


No more tribes! From today onwards, every player will be in one unified tribe.


To celebrate, production has added a new item to the concession stand. The item is...







For seven coins, the nacho tray will grant you the ability to copy another player's score and make it your own score as well. You can use a Nacho Tray for weekend challenges and Tuesday immunity challenges, whichever you'd like! (So it's essentially the same as the Copy Machine item from seasons past.)



The Coinsterdam manager bursts in, and tuxedo-clad men enter as well.

Coinsterdam: Don't forget! Coinsterdam is open!

Suit Men: And you can still buy Rewards Cards too.


Please remember to submit your weekend challenge predictions by tonight around 11:59 PM or before Thursday preview numbers are announced! As a reminder, here are the films you're predicting:


Black Adam


Halloween Ends

Paul's Promise


Ticket to Paradise

The Woman King


Good luck!

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @M37 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Final reminder:


This is the final reminder,


get those predictions in


(if you haven't already)


by 11:59 PST or before Thursday previews,


very urgent, very crucial,


also listen to


"Final Reminder" by Europe—


"It's the FINAL REMINDER!" 🎵 Duhn-uh Duhn, Duhn! 🎵

Edited by SLAM!
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