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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Six: "Tárred Lightning"

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Note: The results use the estimate for Triangle of Sadness because Neon decided to be a slowpoke with the actuals. If the actual changes the winner of a squad, then that squad's tribal will be cancelled—but I don't think the winners will change.






AN9815 pedals to the starting line. He’s sporting a cyclist jersey and fingerless gloves, and he’s riding a very nice bike—he looks ready for the Tour de France. He adjusts his helmet.


AN9815: All right, I’m hydrated and ready to start the race! I wonder what vehicles everyone else picked…


Cap pulls up in a cherry red Electric Ford Mustang Mach E. She rolls the window down and lowers her sunglasses to meet AN9815’s gaze.


Cap: Hey.

AN9815: Wow! That’s a nice car!

Cap: Not just any car. Her name’s Steve.

AN9815: Nice to meet you, Steve!


“Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg plays from a radio as The Dark Alfred parks next to Cap in Snoop Dogg’s green 1974 Cadillac Coup Deville. He puffs on something and blows out the air.


AN9815: Another nice car! Cool!

The Dark Alfred: You know I’m all about that grand prix shit. Let’s get it going man!

(Cap squints her eyes at Alfred.)


Non-diegetic James Bond music bursts in out of nowhere as in the background, Ethan Hunt drives stylishly in a gray Aston Martin DB5. He drifts in and brakes next to Alfred. We see he’s also wearing a nice tuxedo!


Ethan Hunt: The name’s Hunt… Ethan Hunt.

The Dark Alfred: You’ll be hunting after me on this racetrack, man!

Ethan Hunt: I could say the same to you.

(AN9815 stares at everyone’s cars and looks away, bewildered.)


Confessional – AN9815: It was at that moment I realized I was at a disadvantage…


A Reliant Robin (old three-wheel car) swerves left and right in the background and pulls up next to Ethan Hunt. NannerManCan rolls down the window.


NannerManCan: I’m here and ready to steer!

Cap: That car’s a little wobbly, don’t you say?

NannerManCan: Maybe so… But as you know, I’m driven a particular vehicle that’s much more complicated than this.

AN9815: You mean a Zamboni?!



An engine roars in as Fancyarcher stops his Mario Kart go-kart next to NannerManCan.

The Dark Alfred: It’s a Mario Kart type kart!

Fancyarcher: You know it! To beat the best, you have to bring the best!

Ethan Hunt: Let us know if you see any item blocks around. We could use ‘em.


A UPS truck parks next to the Fancyarcher’s Kart. Reddroast leans out the window.

Reddroast: Delivery!

Fancyarcher: Huh? What are you delivering?!

Reddroast: I’m delivering your tickets back home! (laughs)

(The Dark Alfred glares at Reddroast.)


Boing. Boing. Boing. A pogo stick approaches. It’s Danny DeVito, and DAJK is riding on Danny’s shoulders.

Danny DeVito: You’re too heavy! I don’t think I can carry you through the whole race… No offense, though!

DAJK: Too bad, Danny DeVito! You’re going to give me a piggyback ride on a pogo stick and I’m not taking no for an answer!

(Ethan Hunt quietly observes.)


Chugga-chugga-chugga. A tank rolls in. YM! pops open the top entrance.

YM!: Hello!

DAJK: Geez! You almost ran over me and Danny DeVito!
Cap: Looks like someone’s bringing out the big guns.


Confessional – YM!: They think I have no fight in me. That’s where they’re wrong! Cuz I have a lot left in the tank—both the literal one, and the metaphorical one!


A shadow looms over everyone. It’s a flying pirate ship! There’s a bunch of pirates onboard, and Gokai Red is the captain!

Gokai Red: Ahoy maties!

Fancyarcher: How in the—what? I’m speechless! How is that thing flying?! I don’t get it!

NannerManCan: Dude! One Piece Film: Red releases next week! You’re one week early!

Gokai Red: Can it, NannerManCan! Me and my crew are winning this race, just you wait!

The Dark Alfred: Another unparalleled trip here on Survivor Pandora! Heh heh… (smokes)

AN9815: (grips the handlebars) All right, AN9815. They may have gone crazy with the vehicles… But you’ll show them all what a good-old-fashioned cyclist can do!


SLAM! steps up to the starting line.

SLAM!: On your marks.

Gokai Red: You heard him! READY!

(Gokai’s pirates scramble to their positions.)

(Ethan Hunt adjusts his bowtie.)

(NannerManCan stabilizes his Reliant Robin.)

SLAM!: Ready…

(The Dark Alfred snuffs out his joint and tosses it out.)

(YM! crawls into the tank and assumes the controls.)

(Danny DeVito continues bouncing in extreme pain, while DAJK, stone-faced, stares ahead.)

SLAM!: Set…

(Cap flexes her fingers and grips the wheel.)

(Fancyarcher “holds down the A button” for that classic Mario Kart speed boost.)

(Reddroast puts on a UPS hat.)

(AN9815 flicks his thumb. SNAP: he shifts gears!)



Everyone speeds off!


What’s more, Fancyarcher nails his speed boost, and he surges into first!

Fancyarcher: Asta la vista, baybeeee!

Gokai Red: Nice boost arrow man, but I won’t let you win that easily! Pirates, attack!


Pirates leap out of the flying pirate ship in their flying rowboats, and they specifically target players in Squad B. One of the pirates jumps into Reddroast’s UPS truck, because the passenger door is open, because they’re always left open.


Pirate #1: Yarr!

Reddroast: Looks like I have company…


Reddroast grabs a crowbar and parries the pirate’s sword, and he kicks the pirate, who falls out from the open passenger door. The pirate is run over by YM!’s tank!


Reddroast: I better get away from these pirates…

Reddroast pushes a button. The contents of two blue raspberry icees surges into the engine, and Reddroast takes off!




Meanwhile, AN9815 pedals as fast as he can. Sweat drips from his helmet!

AN9815: C’mon AN9815! You can do this!

Ethan Hunt drives up next to AN9815.

Ethan Hunt: A bike in a street race; it’s a little old-fashioned, isn’t it?

AN9815: I wanted to put myself to a true test!

Ethan Hunt: Oh. Well, in that case…


Ethan Hunt slides a Rewards Card into the radio’s CD slot. A message reads:


Congratulations! You earned a 4% rewards boost.


Ethan Hunt: Heh heh heh…


Ethan Hunt speeds past AN9815, who looks on in distress. Fancyarcher pulls up next to him.


Fancyarcher: What’s the matter?

AN9815: I don’t think I can beat all these fancy cool cats…

Fancyarcher: Don’t worry about that. Hell, don’t worry about what anyone thinks! You chose that bike, so be stubborn about it! There’s no point in giving up now!


Fancyarcher speeds off.


AN9815: Yeah. You’re right!


AN9815 pedals faster and surges forward.




Meanwhile, The Dark Alfred, who is VERY high today, is swerving around in last place.


NannerManCan: Sheesh! He’s swerving more than I am!

The Dark Alfred: La da da da da, it’s the duhnuhduhnuh Dark Alfred!

NannerManCan: You better watch the road, Alfred… Oh, shoot!


NannerManCan’s reliant robin launches off a giant rock, and it flies across the road, flipping over and crashing in epic fashion. While in midair, NannerManCan somehow manages to put his Rewards Card into the CD slot.


Congratulations! You earned a 4% rewards boost.


Two mini-wheels pop out of the Robin’s three wheels, and when the car lands upright, it stabilizes—but he’s still spinning out!


The Dark Alfred: Be careful dude, your car’s doing corkscrews.

NannerManCan: I think I can salvage this!


NannerManCan uses his vehicular skills to stabilize the car, and he heads to the finish line.


NannerManCan: Shoot… I’m pretty banged up!




Meanwhile, DAJK and Danny DeVito continue bouncing on the pogo stick!

Danny DeVito: What is this, the set of a Mad Max movie? Where’s George Miller? I want to work with him! He could help me break my typecasting!

DAJK: You’re not going fast enough, Danny.

Danny DeVito: Chill out, scrap! Your body weight’s slowing me down as is!


Cap drives next to DAJK.

Cap: Hey, boys! Need a ride?

Danny DeVito: That car sure is nice…

Cap: Thanks. She's Steve.

DAJK: Thank for the offer, Cap. But that won’t be necessary.

Cap looks into DAJK’s eyes.

Cap: Oh shoot. It’s not happening again, is it? Is the game getting to your head?

DAJK: Maybe so. But you might not be around to find out for sure!

Cap: Oh. I see how it is.


Cap pushes a button to pour the contents of one blue raspberry icee into her engine. She speeds past DAJK and Danny DeVito!


Danny DeVito: She’s leaving us in the dust!

DAJK: I can fix that. Here, drink this!

DAJK pours one blue raspberry icee into Danny DeVito’s mouth.

Danny DeVito: Ahh! That’s the stuff!

DAJK: Now mush, Danny DeVito! MUSH!


Danny DeVito bounces faster! And he even bounces past Cap’s Electric Ford Mustang!


Cap: Looks like I’m not the only one with tricks up my sleeve…




Meanwhile, Gokai Red’s pirate ship flies next to YM!’s tank.

YM!: I know what you’re thinking of doing. But don’t! It’s not logical!

Gokai Red: I’m full of logic, YM!! The best way to win a race is destroy other vehicles. And I’m starting with the most indestructible one!

YM!: Have it your way!


The tank fires at the pirate ship, and the pirate ship shoots cannonballs at the tank.


The tank overwhelms the pirate ship, and the ship crashes and explodes—though Gokai Red jumps out in the nick of time to save his life.


Gokai Red: I will remember this, YM!! And guess what? I may be going down with the ship this time—but my flying rowboats are still out there!




Meanwhile, a flying rowboat full of pirates gains on Fancyarcher.


Fancyarcher: Oh, son of a… Ugghghhgh, no!


They’re getting closer… But wait! Fancyarcher drives through an item block!


Fancyarcher: Oh, Thank God!


The item roulette lands on a banana peel.


Fancyarcher: Well if it worked for Eric, it’ll work for me!


Fancyarcher throws the banana peel at the rowboat. It lands on a pirate’s face, and the boat crashes into the road.


Fancyarcher: Wow… I DID IT!


Fancyarcher crosses the finish line way before anyone else does.


Confessional – Fancyarcher: No way I’m entering a five-person tribal without immunity. Nope, not happening. I don’t care if I look like a threat… In a week like this, it’s all or nothing!


SLAM!: Congratulations! You are Squad B’s immunity winner! But who is winning for Squad A?


The Squad A vehicles near the finish line. Ethan Hunt’s Aston Martin surges forward. Then Cap’s Ford Mustang appears and drives right next to it. YM!’s tank trudges ahead, and NannerManCan swerves around just behind them all.


SLAM!: It’s anyone’s race! But wait! It’s an underdog! It’s the little cyclist who could, AN9815!


AN9815 screams as he pedals as fast as he can. He rushes past the Reliant Robin, past the Aston Martin, past the Ford Mustang, and even past the tank to get closer to the finish line!


Fancyarcher: Yes, AN9815!

AN9815: Fancyarcher! I’m almost there!

Fancyarcher: Yes you are! Keep going!

AN9815: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


AN9815 crosses the finish line! AN9815’s bike sails around Fancyarcher’s kart until he falls and collapses on the ground. Fancyarcher pumps his fists in the air and cries overdramatically.


SLAM!: AN9815 wins Squad A’s immunity!

Fancyarcher: AN9815! I can’t believe it! You beat all those veterans! You won!

AN9815: I did, I did! And you won too!


They jump up and down in celebration.




After the race, everyone gathers around. NannerManCan stumbles out of the Reliant Robin, and first responders treat him as the other castaways watch in suspense.

Cap: Oh my God…

AN9815: Do you think he’ll make it?!

Reddroast: Dude, relax. He’s obviously just bruised.

The Dark Alfred: That’s surprising cuz his car was doing barrel rolls, man!

Gokai Red: He better make it.

Ethan Hunt: What was that, Gokai?

Gokai Red: Uh… He better not make it!

Ethan Hunt: 


Confessional – Gokai Red: Sure, Nanner and I are feuding. But it’s a rivalry, you know, and if an injury pulls him out of the game too early, well… Let’s just say I don’t want our rivalry getting cut short. I want it to last. Maybe so it’s more satisfying when I outlast him! Eh heh…


The first responders leave the scene, and NannerManCan walks up to everyone.


NannerManCan: Hey! I’m fine, I just had some minor bruises. Got some band-aids on, and I should be good to go.


AN9815: I’m happy you’re okay! And hopefully the next challenges are a little less dangerous.

YM!: I don’t think they’ll be. They’ll find a way to make challenges more dangerous. They sent us to Pandora, for goodness sake. It’s all about ratings to them.

Fancyarcher: YM! has a point. First the kayaking, then the scary clowns, and now this… It’s very concerning! What’s SLAM! doing next?


They stare at SLAM!, who’s smiling ear to ear and ready to announce the results.


Danny DeVito: Hopefully my guest appearance boosts the ratings! And hopefully some aspirin boosts my aching back…

DAJK: About your guest appearance, Danny… You and I need to have a little private talk about your performance in the race.

Danny DeVito: Well, if you say so!

DAJK wraps his arm around Danny DeVito and leads him out of frame…




SLAM!: Welp! Let’s see how you did!




AN915 - 67.87%

YM! - 62.46%

Cap - (56.67% + 3%) - 59.67%

NannerManCan - (53.71 + 4%) - 57.71%

Ethan Hunt - (53.13% + 4%) - 57.13%




Fancyarcher - 90.30%

Reddroast - (63.21% + 6%) - 69.21%

DAJK - (57.88% + 3%) - 60.88%

Gokai Red - 51.74%

The Dark Alfred - 46.72%


For Squad A, AN9815 wins immunity.


For Squad B, Fancyarcher wins immunity.


Everyone else will be eligible for elimination at their designated squad's tribal council.


Here is the



(Concession Stand || Tribal || Weekend Challenge)



The Concession Stand is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Blue Raspberry Icee - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate of your choice.)

Cactus Icee - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Rewards Program Membership Card - 5 Coins (Grants you eligibility for the Rewards Program—One Time Purchase)

Popcorn Bucket - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - each player can use one bucket per tribal

Nacho Tray - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)

Sour Patch Kids - 8 Coins (reduce all of a specific group of player’s individual predictions averages by 1.5%.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!




Because it's the merge, everyone will be attending Tribal Council. All players must send me a message with the player they wish to vote off Pandora. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.


(Note: Squad A goes to their own designated tribal council. Squad B will also go to their own designated tribal council. Only vote for a player who is in your squad.)



Black Adam

Halloween Kills

Prey for the Devil



Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, November 1st at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change your vote before the vote deadline if you change your mind!)


Good luck to all of the Mountain Banshees, and this week, to both of the tribal squads!




Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:

Armageddon Time

The Banshees of Inisherin

Black Adam

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

One Piece Film: Red

Prey for the Devil

Ticket to Paradise


Predictions are due by Thursday, November 3rd around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! 


:sherlock: Psst. You. Yeah, you!


Don’t tell anyone I told you this…


But the Tuesday predictions will be due again by 11:59 PM PST or at least before the estimates trickle in!


Also, votes are due by Wednesday at 7 PM EST!


But you didn’t get this from me, ya hear?! :sherlock:

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@AN9815 @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM!


Estimates are trickling in, so Tuesday immunity is now closed. Gets those votes in if you haven't already, cuz they'll be due at 7 PM EST tonight.


Oh, and by the way...


I've decided on some rules about deadlines for players to use specific items.


If an item affects total scores for Tuesday immunity, then that item must be used by the time Tuesday immunity closes. So the window to buy Icees, Nacho Trays, and Sour Patch Kids is now closed.


But if an item affects votes, then you can wait to use that item by the voting deadline. So for example, you still have time to buy and use a Popcorn Bucket.


This is to prevent competition hacking, so if a player tries to be like  "ooh I see my score's low lemme get those icees in," that wouldn't be fair for other players.


ADDENDUM: You don't know other players' scores though, so I will let you use icees for or against other players before the voting deadline as well.


Anyways, good luck!

Edited by SLAM!
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@DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Gokai Red @Reddroast




SLAM!: Welcome, Squad B, to tribal council, where one of you will be voted out of the game.

Gokai Red: Don't worry about it! I got this all under control.

Fancyarcher: Wait. Where's Danny DeVito?

DAJK: (stares at the camera)

SLAM!: Welp! Let's jump straight to voting!


*Everybody votes.*



SLAM!: All right, if any of you have an advantage and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Gokai Red: (leans back)

DAJK: (looks around)

The Dark Alfred: ...



The Dark Alfred: Let's get corny, bros!



SLAM!: The Dark Alfred has bought a popcorn bucket for an extra vote.

Reddroast: Hold up, SLAM!.






Reddroast: I'm using two Cactus Icees on Gokai Red.

Gokai Red: Dang. I was right about you being sketchy.

Fancyarcher: Hey, on that note...







Fancyarcher: I'm adding three more cactus icees onto Gokai Red's score.

(Gokai Red laughs nervously.)





SLAM!: All right. Let's reveal who won weekend immunity. That winner is:


DAJK with 80.70%!


DAJK: Excellent.


Confessional - DAJK: If only Danny DeVito were here to see me win... But because he lost me the race, I mailed him halfway to Siberia! (cut to Danny DeVito shivering in the Russian tundra)


SLAM!: Let's reveal the votes. First vote:


DAJK (does not count)


Second vote:


The Dark Alfred


Third vote:


Gokai Red


Fourth vote:


Gokai Red


Fifth vote:


Gokai Red


A voice rings in Gokai Red's mind...

"I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch..."


Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Pandora...




SLAM!: Please bring me your torch.

Gokai Red: You got me good...

(Gokai Red brings his torch to SLAM!.)

SLAM!: Gokai? The tribe has spoken. (snuffs)

Gokai Red: I don't think I'm the right Red to be eliminating. But who am I to judge.

(Gokai Red storms off.)


Confessional - Gokai Red: There were times when I lost my cool a bit, against NannerManCan and others. But overall, I had a blast playing Survivor. Definitely a lot to keep up with, but I made the merge and even saved myself once. So I can't complain!



One hour later...


@AN9815 @Cap @Ethan Hunt @NannerManCan @YM!




SLAM!: Welcome to Tribal Council, where one of you will be voted out of Survivor: Pandora.

YM!: Yup yup.

AN9815: I think this is pretty exciting!

NannerManCan: That's easy for you to say... You're not on the chopping block!

Cap: I'm sure whatever happens here will cause quite the hubbub. Right, Ethan?

Ethan Hunt: Sure will.

SLAM!: All right! It's time to vote!


*Everybody votes.*



SLAM!: If anyone has advantages they would like to play, now would be the time to do so.

YM!: (rubs his chin)

AN9815: (whistles)

Cap: ...





Cap: I'm using a Cactus Icee on NannerManCan.

NannerManCan: Oh?

Cap: I know. You're a new player and all. But you've saved yourself before and I can't let you do it again.

NannerManCan: I see.

Cap: So yeah. I'll be taking the Tuesday immunity win like last time, and you'll be going home.

NannerManCan: About that...





NannerManCan: Here's what I'm doing. I'm using the nacho tray to copy Cap's score.

Cap: Huh–





NannerManCan: Then I'm popping some corn and doubling my vote against you.

Cap: Hey, I was just joking–






NannerManCan: Then I'm boosting my copy of your score with two blue raspberry icees...

Cap: Uh, help, someone help–





NannerManCan: And a cactus icee on your score for good measure.

Cap: 😵

NannerManCan: Cuz you got out my old friend M37 so I thought it'd be for the best.

Cap: 😵😵😵







SLAM!: The time to play advantages is now over. Let's see who won the Tuesday immunity challenge:


NANNERMANCAN with 79.64%!


Cap: Ugh. I'm never eating nachos again...

NannerManCan: More for me, then.

Cap: You know my friend ZeeSoh? We were "Cap & ZeeSoh." And ZeeSoh will get you for this! He'll avenge me!

NannerManCan: Bring it, ZeeSoh! I live for the challenge!

Cap: SLAM!, you don't even have to read the votes, you know I'm going home...

AN9815: I wanna hear the votes!

SLAM!: I do technically have to read the votes for the television audience.

Cap: 😵😵😵


Confessional - NannerManCan: Nanner Don't Quit! Yeah! Make it a hashtag! #NannerDontQuit 😉

Confessional - Cap: I'm deader than a doornail. 😞


SLAM!: I'll read the votes. First vote:


NannerManCan (does not count)


Second vote:


NannerManCan (does not count)


Third vote:


NannerManCan (does not count)


Fourth vote:




Fifth vote:




Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Pandora...




SLAM!: Please bring me your torch.

Cap: Wait. That was three votes...

(Cap slips into a trance.)

Cap: The third vote...

(Cap brings the torch to SLAM!.)

SLAM!: Cap? The tribe has spoken. (snuffs)

Cap: The third vote. Who was the third vote.

(Cap exits the tribal council arena.)


(YM! clenches his shirt collar.)

(Ethan Hunt cocks an eyebrow.)

(AN9815 covers his mouth in shock.)


Confessional - Cap: I was blindsided tonight. Honestly, props to NannerManCan because I didn't know he had that in him. Makes be want to root for him, that's for sure. But dang... Who was that third vote...


Post-Council Story Content


*ZeeSoh returns to the military base.*


Fancyarcher: Hey ZeeSoh. We just voted out Gokai Red.

ZeeSoh: That's nice... But where's Cap?

Fancyarcher: Uh... Oh.


ZeeSoh realizes something's wrong and looks around for Cap.


ZeeSoh: Cap...


He looks over at NannerManCan...


NannerManCan grins and takes a bite of a cheese-covered nacho chip!






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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


*Intercom blares, everyone goes to the airfield.*


SLAM!: Congratulations on making it to the halfway point of the season. This season has been far from easy, and all of you have truly earned your place in the final nine. I have an announcement to make... It's something that I've been planning since the very beginning. I call this twist...



 @Agafin @Cap @Goldenhour36 @Gokai Red @M37 @Eric Carey @Shanks




This is a battle-back twist. Eliminated players will have a chance to earn their way back into the game. Here's how it works:


Eliminated players who wish to attempt re-entry will send me weekend predictions for the November 4th weekend.


Whoever gets the highest weekend score will have a chance to come back into the game. They will stand behind the Revolving Door.


Then the next tribal council will happen, and the in-game players will vote another player out, and they will walk through the Revolving Door.


If the player voted out had a weekend prediction score that's higher than the weekend scores of every eliminated player, then that player will immediately reenter the game.


If the player voted out doesn't beat the eliminated player's score, then the eliminated player will gain the voted-out player's set of coins and unused advantages, and they will walk out of the door and back into the game!


Players still in the game: for one week only, the weekend immunity winner will be the only player whose weekend prediction score is posted in the results section!


Good luck! Let me know if there's questions!


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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh






It's time to pick a mystery barrel.


Please pick one of nine mystery barrels.


(First come first serve. Sending me your pick via PM is recommended but not necessary.)


Bold = Available

Striked = Taken


Mystery Barrel #1 (NannerManCan's selection)

Mystery Barrel #2 (Reddroast's selection)

Mystery Barrel #3 (Fancyarcher's selection)

Mystery Barrel #4 (DAJK's Selection)

Mystery Barrel #5 (ZeeSoh's selection)

Mystery Barrel #6 (Ethan Hunt’s selection)

Mystery Barrel #7 (YM!'s selection)

Mystery Barrel #8 (AN9815’s selection)

Mystery Barrel #9 (Dark Alfred’s Selection)


Note: There are no "bad barrels," only good ones.

Edited by SLAM!
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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


A quick announcement. By a twist of fate, I've been given a late shift at my job today. This means that the announcement of the weekend challenge results has been delayed to later in the day. I have written the bulk of this week's story in advance (it's a shorter story than other weekend challenge skits anyway) so I think I can get tonight's results to you by 11:59 PM EST. In the meantime...


Next Time On Survivor...


SLAM!: Due to budget constraints, we have repurposed Gokai Red's pirate ship for this challenge!

YM!: But... The explosion...


This Weekend Challenge


ZeeSoh: You're in the soup now, NannerManCan!

NannerManCan: There is no NannerManCan. There is only Mean Mojo Monty.


Will Shiver Your Timbers!


Ethan Hunt: Yo Ho Hushpuppies. (munch)



Episode Seven:


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