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Shawn Robbins

Welcome to the BOT Mod Squad, Inceptionzq and XXR!

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Hey everyone,


@Cap and I would like to announce we have two new awesome people joining the already awesome BOT volunteer staff as new Moderators: @Inceptionzq and @Toruk Makto XXR!


I think most, if not all, know these personalities quite well from their contributions to the community over the years. Please join us in welcoming them both to the team. :)


I'll pin this in the Box Office Discussion subforum for awhile so everyone has a chance to share in the news. @ Mods, feel free to move this to the Speakeasy or wherever in a few days, a week or two, or whenever you deem appropriate.



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51 minutes ago, Legion By Night said:

Smh, all my bot friends getting picked off one by one for the mod squad.    

Better watch out @Menor Reborn, you’re officially in the danger zone


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This may help



I guess.



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