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Soul, Luca, and Turning Red: Context from International BO

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It might be well known that the Pixar movies Soul, Luca, and Turning Red went straight to streaming. But some people might not know that there were releases of all three of these movies around the world in certain places that didn't have Disney Plus.



Soul actually made quite a splash in China, with $58 million in gross. This is more than comparable movies in China like Finding Dory ($38 million) or Incredibles 2 ($51 million). The most successful American animated movie in China is Zootopia with $236 million, if you need further context.

Other good markets for Soul are Hong Kong ($4 million) and South Korea ($17 million). For context Zootopia made $7 million in Hong Kong and $31 million in South Korea, which might be the upper limit for most American animated movies in these markets.

Ukraine gave Soul a gross of $1.9 million, roughly half of Frozen 2's gross of $3.8 million.

All in all, this points to that in the alternate reality without a pandemic, Soul would have had a successful overseas gross. I'd target it at maybe $400 million outside USA+Canada. it grossed $120 million overseas with the situation being what it was.



Luca seemed less successful in Asia than Soul was, a solid performance in Hong Kong nonetheless ($3.3 million).

Luca did very well in Poland ($3.6 million and 785,683 tickets sold) where it can be compared to Coco ($3.4 million ). In general the best way to gauge Luca might be to compare it to Soul. It outdid Soul in UAE ( $2.2 million/$1.4 million), Poland ($3.6 million to $1.2 million) and Romania ($900k/$327 million) and Hungary ($366k/$162k), at some multiples above Soul's performance. this might be because of loosened COVID regulations though.

In Greece, Luca (138,937 admissions) overtook Coco (137,423 admission), and Zootopia also sold in the 130,000 range as well.

Overall I think Luca might have done $300 million outside the USA+Canada, though I'm much less confident. It made $50 million in the real world.


Turning Red:

This movie is more of an enigma. It lacks Ukraine, Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korean theatrical releases, due to circumstances such as war, censorship or Disney Plus being introduced to the market.

In any case, there is Poland, where sold 710,000 tickets, about 1/4th the amount Minions 2 sold in the market. And for further comparison, Doctor Strange 2 sold 1.02 million and Batman sold 963,000.

In Romania, it made $1 million, which is more than Encanto did in the market. It's also around 55% of Top Gun Maverick's gross in the Romanian Market. It sold 263,294 tickets in Romania, compared to 434,715 for Minions 2, about 60% of the total of the bigger movie.

In Greece, Turning Red sold 82,700 tickets, which is about the same number of Tickets Sonic 2 sold. Encanto sold 100,000+ tickets, for more context.

In Lithuania it sold 57,000 tickets, about the same as Doctor Strange 2.

Turning Red made $20 million in the real world.

Overall suggests a similiar overseas performance as the other movies, around $300 million.


Sources of this information is from boxoffice mojo, except for precise ticket sales which comes from Box office theory forums. and insidekino dot DE

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