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It Ends With Us | Sony | February 9, 2024 | Blake Lively

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I know it's based on a book and the fans were angry about the set photos because they didn't like the hair/clothes? Just looked up what It Ends With Us is about, and whew, that was unexpected! I was picturing, IDK, something like The Notebook?


And it's directed by Justin Baldoni, who did Five Feet Apart, but I know him as Rafael on Jane the Virgin. Hope he can handle this well.


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2 hours ago, filmlover said:

Isn't production on this currently shut down due to the strike? Odd they would date it for a release in the not too distant future since who knows when that will end.

I might be wrong but if they’re shooting now, it may mean they have a script that they’re confident in, or a script they don’t have to do any rewrites with. I think the rule is that because of the strike they can’t rewrite anything during an in-progress production.

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