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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Five: "Honeyhive Galaxy"

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @DetectiveAl @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach




Rosalina: Only one person?

(Goldenhour36 scratches his head.)

Rosalina: (sigh) It's a minor setback, but it'll have to do. I need 1,000 star bits by the afternoon.

Goldenhour36: I'm on it, Rosalina!


Cut to a montage set to "Handyman" by Awolnation where Goldenhour36 has a nice time gathering star bits. He uses a broom and dustpan, then also does some low-gravity Mario platforming to get some hard-to-reach star bits. It's an "easy-breezy I'm having a nice time" kind of monologue (you know, you've seen movies.)


Rosalina: Thank you, Goldenhour36! You get x2 on your coin earnings by default!

Goldenhour36: Cool! Hey, you want to go on a date? Dinner's on me!

(Goldenhour36 takes her to Outback Steakhouse.)

Goldenhour36: Blimey! Talk about a meal! 

Rosalina: This restaurant doesn't seem very Australian, but at least the Bloomin' Onion tastes good.






Everyone uses a BEE MUSHROOM and gets the bee power-up from Super Mario Galaxy.

Honey Queen: All right, the two tribes to get me the most honey get immunity this week, so put your stingers in it! Mama needs her honey!

The Survivors hover to a honeycomb, where they fill pails with honey.

DAJK: Look at Morieris! She's filling up those pails quickly!

Morieris: Heck yeah! If only Goldenhour36 could see me...

Rorschach: Hey, DAJK. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Morieris: 😳 W-whatever you're thinking, it's the wrong impression!

The Dark Alfred: All is fair in love and war, bruh!

Morieris: (shoots Alfred a look🤨

The Dark Alfred: 😮😓


Meanwhile, the Goombas struggle with the honey.

JJ-8: My pail's stuck in the honey, Mr. Blanc!

DetectiveAI: It's a viscous liquid. Put some muscle into it.

Ethan Hunt: (clicks tongue) Al. Intel.

DetectiveAI: Uh... Hold that thought, JJ-8.

(DetectiveAI flies close to where Agafin and Jack Sparrow are. He listens in...)

Jack Sparrow: You work with Professor E. Gadd?

Agafin: Yup.

Jack Sparrow: Wow! Can I get tour of the lab?

Agafin: Don't vote for me. Then we'll talk.

Jack Sparrow: You betcha!

DetectiveAI: Psst, Ethan, Agafin's campaigning for votes.

Ethan Hunt: That's one campaign we'll have to derail. Eat a mushroom.

DetectiveAI: What? I just had one last week!

Ethan Hunt: Just do it.

(DetectiveAI eats a red mushroom and flies closer to Agafin and Jack Sparrow, but the mushroom gives him too much speed; he loses control and rams into Agafin, who falls off the honeycomb, toward the ground.)

Agafin: Saaaaabaaatoooooooge!

Jack Sparrow: I'll save you, Agafin!

(Jack Sparrow leaps down, catches Agafin, and drags a pail across the honey to control his speed.)

JJ-8: Look at all that honey! You go, Jack!

Jack Sparrow: Thanks, best friend forever!

(DetectiveAI and Ethan Hunt exchange a look.)


Meanwhile, the Pokeys collect honey. elcaballero groans.

elcaballero: I can't do this! It's too heavy!

Asyulus: Don't worry, leader! We're doing it together!

Fancyarcher: Yeah! It's not fancy to beat yourself up.

Cap: Don't give up yet! On three: one, two...

elcaballero: Three!

(In an inspiring sequence, they help each other collect honey. It's clear the team has a lot of camaraderie and has grown from losing two tribemates.)




SLAM!: Let's see how you did!




Morieris - 79.68%

DAJK - 78.28%

The Dark Alfred - 72.23%

Rorschach - 70.42%

Goldenhour36 - 70.12%

Tribe Average - 74.15%


Morieris: I won?! Wait until Golden hears about this!

Rorschach: What was that, Morieris?

Morieris: Um, nothing!

DAJK: ...




Jack Sparrow - 69.73% (individual immunity winner)

DetectiveAI - (66.05% + 3%) - 69.05%

JJ-8 - 67.82%

Ethan Hunt - 65.16%

Agafin - 55.53%

Tribe Average - 65.46%


Jack Sparrow: What you mean I won immunity?! I can't vote for myself anymore!

Ethan Hunt: That is a sig-ni-fi-cant-ly better problem to have than our problem.

(DetectiveAI clasps his nose.)

Agafin: (under his breath) This isn't good.




Fancyarcher - 78.94%

Cap - 74.18%

Asyulus - 73.14%

elcaballero - 51.29%

Tribe Average - 69.39%


Cap: I need a drink. (goes to Buzz Brew)

Asyulus: I think she's walking toward a bar! It looks like it's called Buzz Brew?

elcaballero: You think she's... (gasp) In a rivalry with Fancyarcher?

Fancyarcher: I've been first place in the tribe quite a few times! (flips hair) If there's anyone worth being rivals with, it's yours truly!

Cap: (returns) Never mind, they're all honey drinks. 🤢


Looks like The Goomba Squad is headed to tribal council again!


Here's the Honey Queen Quandary kart:






Here's the Rosalina's Risky Mission kart:






Everyone except Goldenhour36 can access The Bumble V.

Only Goldenhour36 can access The Shooting Star.




Here's this week's


(Wario's Warehouse | Tribal Council | Weekend Challenge)


Wario's Warehouse

The Warehouse is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Red Mushroom - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate.)

Poison Mushroom - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Bob-omb - 6 Coins (Pick a 5% range (ex. 65–70%); everyone within that range falls by 5%.)

Double Cherry - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - you can only use one per tribal

Warp Pipe - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!


Coin Totals


Ways to Earn Coins:

- Highest Score out of Everyone (5)*

- Highest Score on a 1st Place Tribe (5)*

- Highest Score on a 2nd place tribe (4)*

- Highest Score on a 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Score higher than the highest scorer on the 3rd place tribe (3)*

- Your tribe gets 1st or 2nd place (2) 

- Save Yourself from Elimination at Tribal (5)*

- Win Second Immunity (3)*

Vote for the one who goes home (1) 

- Survive Tribal Council (1)

* = I do not combine most earnings. If you are the highest scorer of the 1st place tribe, then I do not combine that with "being on the 1st place tribe," so you would earn 5 coins, not seven. If you save yourself from elimination and also vote for whoever goes home, you would earn 5 coins, not six. And so on. Let me know if you have any questions.


Fancyarcher - 26

Goldenhour36 - 23

DAJK - 22

Rorschach - 20

Asyulus - 18

Cap - 17

Morieris - 17

The Dark Alfred - 16

Jack Sparrow - 15

Ethan Hunt - 14

JJ-8 - 13

elcaballero - 11

Agafin - 7



Sorry Goombas, but you will be sent to Tribal Council. All team members must send me a message with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



The Covenant

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

John Wick Chapter 4

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, May 9th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change it by Wednesday if you change your mind.)


Good luck to all of the Goombas!




Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for next week:

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Book Club: The Next Chapter*


Knights of the Zodiac

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Rally Road Racers

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


* = Whoever gets the most accurate Book Club: The Next Chapter prediction will secretly receive a brand new item!


Predictions are due by Thursday, May 11th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


Edited by SLAM!
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@Agafin @DetectiveAl @Ethan Hunt @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8


SLAM!: Tuesday predictions will be due at 11:59 PM PST or until estimates get posted tomorrow morning! Votes due tomorrow at 7 PM EST again.

Tostarenan: ¡Arriba!

(maraca shaking ensues)

SLAM!: Looks like a handful of those sombrero guys from Super Mario Odyssey are throwing together a belated Cinco de Mayo celebration! Will the mariachi band still be playing by the time you arrive at tribal council? Stay tuned! 

Edited by SLAM!
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@Agafin @DetectiveAl @Ethan Hunt @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8




(A quartet of Tostarenans play mariachi music.)

SLAM!: Hello and welcome to Tribal Council, where one of you will become the fifth player voted out of Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom.

Ethan Hunt: (rubs hands together) And I think I know who we're all voting for!

Agafin: ...


Cut to a flashback (30 Minutes Before Tribal)

Ethan Hunt: Psst. Al. Go campaign to the Kooky Cronies about voting out Agafin.

DetectiveAI: And I have to do it cuz... Why?

Ethan Hunt: You're a detective. You have interrogation skills.

DetectiveAI: Oh yeah.

(DetectiveAI pulls Jack Sparrow and JJ-8 aside.)

DetectiveAI: Hey listen, let's vote out Agafin.

Jack Sparrow: But... He offered to help us!

JJ-8: Yeah. He won't vote us Kooky Cronies!

DetectiveAI: Yeah, but... As a unit.

Jack Sparrow: Ah, unit...

JJ-8: Yeah, unit...

DetectiveAI: We have to give ourselves the best chance possible to earn immunity, or else we'll have to vote another member out. So it's best to vote out Agafin.

Jack Sparrow: That's quite the arrrghument.

JJ-8: Darn tootin'!

(Ethan Hunt peeks from behind a tree with an evil grin on his face.)


(Cut back to tribal council.)

SLAM!: Okay! It's time to vote.

(Everyone votes.)



SLAM!: If anyone has an advantage and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

DetectiveAI: (smokes a pipe :sherlock:)

Jack Sparrow: (looks around)

Agafin: ...



Agafin: Last stand, here we go!








SLAM!: All right! Here's who won immunity:


AGAFIN with a modified 98.08%!


Everyone's jaws drop.


SLAM!: I'll read the votes. First vote:


Agafin Does Not Count


SLAM!: Second vote:


Agafin Does Not Count


SLAM!: Third vote:


Agafin Does Not Count


SLAM!: Fourth vote:


Agafin Does Not Count


SLAM!: And the final vote...

(JJ-8 bites his nails.)

(DetectiveAI gulps.)

(Jack Sparrow squishes his cheeks.)

(Ethan Hunt side-eyes Agafin.)

(Agafin stares ahead.)


Agafin (self vote) Does Not Count


Ethan Hunt: Huh? Why didn't you vote me?

Agafin: I say we leave it to fate tonight.

Ethan Hunt: 😶


SLAM!: Here is the vote's aftermath...













SLAM!: 93.26%, the highest score of these three players, belongs to...





Ethan Hunt: (winks)

JJ-8: Wow! How'd you score so high?

Ethan Hunt: I like covering my bases.

DetectiveAI: Wait... What about me?

Ethan Hunt: What about you?

DetectiveAI: ...

Ethan Hunt: ...

DetectiveAI: Was I ever your friend? Or maybe... From the moment you picked me... And every time you ask me to do your dirty work... You must be using me as a pawn!

Ethan Hunt: Putting those detective skills to use, I take it... 😈

SLAM!: Ahem...

(Everyone looks at SLAM!.)

SLAM!: By a difference of 92.58% and 87.28%...

The player eliminated...






JJ-8: Yay! We're not separated yet!

Jack Sparrow: Best friends forever!

JJ-8: Let's hear it for the Kooky Cronies!

(DetectiveAI stands up, turns to the tribe.)

DetectiveAI: Don't come crying to me when you lose the next challenge.

He brings the torch to SLAM!.

SLAM!: DetectiveAI? The tribe has spoken.

SLAM! snuffs the torch.

DetectiveAI: It's always the player you least expect.

(He walks off into the night.)

Agafin: Out of friends, Ethan?

Ethan Hunt: Maybe so. But I survived!

(They glare at each other.)


Confessional - DetectiveAI: Maybe I should've played some mushrooms again. I dunno. But I had a fun time. I hope Ethan loses!


Post-Tribal Story Content


@Goldenhour36 stops to tie his shoe. @Morieris approaches.


Morieris: Hi Golden!

Goldenhour36: Oh, uh, hi.

Morieris: ☺️ I just wanted to ask you how Rosalina's Risky Mission went!

Goldenhour36: It was fine. I got the star bits.

Morieris: That's nice...

Goldenhour36: Then I took her to Outback Steakhouse.

Morieris: ...Huh?

Goldenhour36: Yeah, and we had a Bloomin' Onion.

Morieris: ...Oh.

Goldenhour36: Who knew she was interested in chain sit-in restaurants?

Morieris: I, uh... I gotta go...

(Morieris hurries away.)

Goldenhour36: Morieris? Oh, my shoe's untied.








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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach


So, uh… Book Club announced a preview number, so I have to officially lock predictions 🥶. If you didn’t predict, don’t panic because you’re still in the game, but you will be eliminated the second time you forget! Anyways, good luck!

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@Agafin @Asyulus @Cap @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @JJ-8 @Morieris @Rorschach


Production has left the following message:


”The distributor of Rally Road Racers has failed to provide an estimate number for the film. We are aware that they might drop an actual number later, but we are thinking about cutting that film from the prediction list entirely. This would mean that none of the Rally Road Racers predictions would count toward averages and final scores. This would be the only fair option in the case that they never post an estimate or actual number.


Production is giving the players the opportunity to voice agreement or disagreement through the following method:


If you agree with the plan to cut Rally Road Racers from the list, please react with “like” or any “positive emotion” reaction


If you think I must wait for a Rally Road Racers number even if it impedes the game, please react with any “negative emotion” reaction.


Production wishes you good luck!



Mr. Aviator Sunglasses Producer Man

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