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Excited about Pixar's future.

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Like many people around my age, or younger, I've watched Pixar movies all my life and appreciate them very much.

Recently though, they've cracked into some of my upper favorites, like Luca is a top 10 Pixar for me, I think. And Turning Red is the #1 Pixar in my book.


So when I read on wikipedia that


Enrico Casarosa, Aphton Corbin, Brian Fee, Kristen Lester, Domee Shi, and Rosana Sullivan


all have original, not sequel movies in development, I got kind of excited because if these movies even give me half of the delight Turning Red did, I'll be very happy.


This might stem from Pete Docter's leadership, I suppose.

WDAS has taken an opposite turn than Pixar I think. I think their future is going to be more musicals and more formulaic stories. I wonder if they'd ever greenlight a movie like Zootopia again, not counting the sequel that's coming up.


Pixar's direction just seems brighter and more exciting to me.

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I really admire what Pixar is trying to do this decade, with big original stories. I don’t think their 2020 stuff has been as successful from a quality standpoint as their 2000s godlike run, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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Find me in the opposite end of the spectrum. Luca is bottom pixar to me (better than cars2-3, brave, lightyear and dinosaur I guess) which is ironic considering it is my country being featured, Turning Red is nice but nothing special in the midst of great pixar films, and the only one I really felt was up there with the greats is Soul which unfortunately gets kind of lost in the climax and misses the swing by delivering an underwhelming final act.

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