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Battleship Vs. Critics

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Okay, I've yet to see one completely positive review on Battleship. But according to many people on Twitter/Facebook/Forums, the movie was quiet good. Nothing as bad as the critics portray it to be. Obviously everyone is making a big deal about the fact that it's based on a board game and is basically Transformers of water....but that doesn't mean it's a TERRIBLE and LACKLUSTER movie. It's certainly not a bore, I imagine. I haven't seen it yet, but for those who have, what do you think?

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48% on Rotten Tomatoes with a 4.9/10 Average Rating isn't really that bad. (Better than I was expecting, quite frankly)You'll pretty much get plenty of "Ooohh...the critics are snobs!" talk with any movie that gets less than impressive reviews.

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