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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Eleven: "Penguin King's Icecap"

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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Rorschach


Production apologizes for the long delay.




Penguin King: Can you believe ice doesn't count as an element? Such rubbish! Earth, Air, Fire, and Water get to count, but not ice! As the kids say: S-M-H! Anyhoo, please stand on this iceberg and have a snowball fight! The last person standing on the iceberg wins. Ready? GO!

A snowball fight begins.

The Dark Alfred: (eats Red Mushroom) Peace and love, man! (throws a snowball at elcaballero)

elcaballero: Dang, was that a snowball or a brick?!

Asyulus: If I can use a pencil... Then I can use a snowball.

elcaballero: Let's snowball them together!

(Asyulus and elcaballero team up, barraging Alfred and Goldenhour36 with snowballs until they're off the iceberg.)

The Dark Alfred: 🥶

Goldenhour36: 🥶

(Please imagine them bobbing in the water inside rectangular ice cubes.)

Rorschach: Hey, DAJK, can you get Asyulus out for me, cuz he used those mushrooms against me?

DAJK: For sure! Time to avenge my friends!

(DAJK sprints across the ice, tackles Asyulus, and they both fall into the water.)

Asyulus: 🥶


Rorschach: Thanks, bud. 😉

(Suddenly, Goldenhour36 returns to the iceberg.)

elcaballero: Huh? Didn't you fall in?!

Goldenhour36: Yes—but with my one-up mushroom, it's far from over!

elcaballero: Uhhh... This looks tough. I better use a red mushroom!

(They throw snowballs at each other, but Rorschach is in the way and gets pelted!)

Rorschach: Guys, I—ooh—hey—ouch—

(Rorschach runs off to escape the pelting.)

Rorschach: 🥶

(elcaballero and Goldenhour36 continue throwing.)

elcaballero: Your snowballs are pushing me back!

Goldenhour36: Same here, dude! I'm gonna fall!

(They both fall in.)

elcaballero: 🥶

Goldenhour36: 🥶

SLAM!: It's official! The results are in...

Player Score
Asyulus 0.6794577463
DAJK 0.6745838967
The Dark Alfred 0.6593997826
elcaballero 0.7814115232
Fancyarcher 0.9029326578
Goldenhour36 0.8164317114



(All scores include mushroom upgrades.)


Fancyarcher wins immunity!


Fancyarcher: Oh, I'm real good. :shades::shades::shades:

DAJK: You didn't even do anything! 😭



SLAM!: This means everyone other than [the immunity winner] is in danger of being eliminated. Now, normally you'd be going to tribal council tonight, but for one week only, there won't be any tribal council this week. But Fancyarcher will still be immune from what's about to happen. And to help explain further, we're bringing out a special guest whose lamp was rubbed...


The iceberg cracks, then bursts, revealing:







Mushroom Genie: Good afternoon. Fancyarcher received the Genie Lamp from Klevar, and he has already made a wish. For one tribal council session only...





That's right. Instead of voting, the player with the lowest Tuesday immunity score will be automatically eliminated from the game in seventh place.


But "be careful what you wish for." After discussing game ethics with production, the producers and I have mutually agreed to add another element to next week's tribal:




For next week's tribal council only, you will not be allowed to use or purchase any items. And by any items, I mean any item you could potentially use. That means that through the "Sudden Death Challenge" twist, one of the super powerful items received last week will be brushed out of the game along with whoever loses the challenge! So it's pivotal that you predict for the next Tuesday immunity, so that you have a chance to avoid getting eliminated through this twist.


If one player forgets to predict next Tuesday, that one player is automatically eliminated. If two or more players forget to predict next Tuesday, then the June 30th weekend becomes a sudden death round (for them specifically) in addition to being a weekend challenge for everyone.


In the important information dossier, there will be special instructions on how you'll predict next week, as well as information on how to secure immunity from the Tuesday Sudden Death Challenge.


With this twist, and with my temporary absence (to another country), comes a trusting that you as players will self-regulate the next week of the game in a way that's fair and honest. I might appoint a guest host to do some calculations and write a skit for the next Tribal Council, and if you have any suggestions on who that could be, I'm open to it. Let me know if you have questions about this twist, and good luck!



Here's the



(Wario's Warehouse | Tribal Council | Weekend Challenge)


Twist Info

Different-than-usual information will appear below the coin totals. Please read carefully.


Wario's Warehouse

The Warehouse is closed until after Tribal Council #12.


Ways to Earn Coins:

Now that we're in the merge...

Weekend immunity winner gets five coins

- One pity coin for everyone else in weekend challenge

Five coins for saving yourself at tribal

- Three coins for winning Tuesday immunity

- one coin for voting correctly

- one coin for surviving tribal council 


Fancyarcher - 50

DAJK - 36

The Dark Alfred - 23

elcaballero - 20

Rorschach - 19

Asyulus - 14

Goldenhour36 - 7



You have an optional opportunity to score immunity from danger at the next tribal. To play for it, you will predict next weekend's Top Ten (06/23–06/25). So which film is #1, which film is #2, etc. all the way to #10. I'm away for a mission trip until Thursday 06/29, so you have special instructions on how to submit your Top Ten prediction. This time, you will submit the prediction by posting in this thread. This opportunity has a hard deadline, which is Thursday the 22nd at 11:59 PM EST. If you post it before but want to edit it, you must edit the list to your liking by 9:00 AM EST on the 23rd. These are hard deadlines because I want to see on my screen that you posted these "on Thursday" instead of "on Friday." Also, more than two players are not allowed to match their Top Tens together. I'll accept a two-way tie, but no more than that. Top Tens are surprisingly hard to predict anyways, especially during Summer, so there is no reason not to predict the Top Ten fairly/genuinely. Keep in mind that new or expanding releases include Asteroid CityGod is a BulletNo Hard Feelings, and Past Lives. Where will they land on the Top Ten, if they land on it at all? Only you can predict that!





Asteroid City

The Flash

No Hard Feelings

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Predictions are due via posting in this thread by Tuesday, June 27th at 11:59 PM EST. If you wish to make edits, all edits must be made by 7:59 AM EST, but you must make an initial post before Tuesday's midnight.


Again: last place player leaves the game.

And again: No items allowed.


Good luck to all of the Bloopers!



Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for on the weekend of the 30th:

Asteroid City

Every Body

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 

No Hard Feelings

Past Lives

Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Predictions are due by Thursday, June 29th around 11:59 PM PST. [The normal "sending through PM or Telegram," and the normal soft-deadline ruling, will both return for this challenge.] Good luck!



Edited by SLAM!
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1. Elemental

2. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

3. No Hard Feelings

4. The Flash

5. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

6. Asteroid City

7. The Little Mermaid

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

9. The Blackening

10. The Boogeyman


Keanu Reeves Lionsgate GIF by John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

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1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

2. Elemental

3. The Flash

4. No Hard Feelings

5. Asteroid City

6. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

7. The Little Mermaid

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

9. The Blackening

10. The Boogeyman

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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Rorschach


After quietly deliberating on whether or not I should keep it a secret, I have decided to reveal to you that I am appointing the current BOT Survivor Champion @ZeeSoh as my guest host for the week. ZeeSoh will tabulate and write a Tribal Council skit for the Tuesday immunity challenge, and he might also write a skit for the Top Ten Prediction immunity opportunity. I’ve asked for both skits to be posted in this thread (along with the players’ predictions) to keep the game consistent.


I cannot remind you to predict without access to the internet. Therefore, you must remind yourselves to predict. Your fate in the game may rest in your ability to remember to predict!

I think this week will turn out all right if everyone follows the instructions. So please: follow the instructions. You must follow the instructions. God watches all. 👁️


My plane is about to depart, and I will soon leave the US. Good luck this week!

Edited by SLAM!
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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Rorschach @ZeeSoh




I’m in Guatemala and it’s been great so far. I must confess that I do have access to the internet, but only when we’re at our lodging area. That being said, I am sure that I don’t have time to write the episodes myself, so I think I made the right decision to find a guest host in ZeeSoh, plus it keeps the game fresh and interesting. So I will be around if there’s any questions, that and I’m genuinely curious to see how the week plays out. Good luck!

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@elcaballero @DAJK @Fancyarcher @Asyulus @Goldenhour36 @SLAM! @The Dark Alfred @Rorschach


{Scene: The contestants gather near a frozen course, ready for a new challenge. The Penguin King, stands at the starting line.]


Asyulus: You know, guys, I can't believe we've made it this far. We've faced some intense challenges along the way.

The Dark Alfred: *takes a long drag from a makeshift pipe*    It's all about finding the right balance, my friend. Strategy and adaptability are key. And a little herbal inspiration doesn't hurt either.

Rorschach: *sarcastically* Who needs immunity when you have sharp words?


Confessional - elcaballero: I just hope I can stay on my feet long enough to prove myself. It's nerve-wracking, but I'm determined to show what I'm capable of.


Fancyarcher: Keep dreaming, everyone. The throne is mine, and I won't let anyone take it away.

Everyone: What are you doing here anyways? you are safe! Get Out!


Confessional - DAJK:  Fancyarcher has gotten way too cocky off late. It's time to knock someone off the perch. But first I must make sure I win immunity.

Confessional - The Dark Alfred: Fancyarcher is very strong and has way too many coins. It's going to require a team effort to get rid of this menace


Penguin King: Ahem Ahem! Welcome back, brave adventurers! I am sure you are excited and roaring to get started with the challenge. But first, I have a special surprise for you all. 

DAJK: I hope the surprise is that we can use our coins again. I was hoping to buy some items. I am not happy with the amount of votes I have been getting in the past few tribal councils


Confessional - Rorschach: I hope what DAJK said is true. That milk chugging pretender Asyulus was gunning for my neck in the last tribal council. I wanna make sure I can survive if Asyulus is planning something again.


elcaballero: Perhaps we are all immune and get a week off. I can use a break!
Goldenhour36: Break! Heh I am just getting started

Penguin King: Joining us as a guest host is none other than the current Survivor champion, ZeeSoh!

ZeeSoh: Hey there, contestants! I'm thrilled to be here with all of you. After my stint in the Survivor Arena, I couldn't resist the chance to witness your icy exploits firsthand. Let's make this challenge legendary!

Goldenhour36: Wow, the Penguin King and ZeeSoh? This is getting more exciting by the minute! I can't wait to show off my ice-hopping skills. 


Confessional - DAJK: I have a complicated friend and foe history with Zeesoh from previous seasons. This adds a whole new layer to the challenge. I'll need to strategize my moves both on and off the ice.


[Penguin King steps aside as ZeeSoh takes center stage.]

ZeeSoh: Thank you, Penguin King, for the warm introduction. Now, let's dive into today's challenge which is the Ice World Iceberg Hop challenge! You must hop across floating icebergs avoiding slippery surfaces and icy hazards while collecting items and try and get to the finish line first.


[The contestants stand at the starting line, ZeeSoh by their side, ready to commence the challenge.]

ZeeSoh: Prepare yourselves for a thrilling race across treacherous icebergs! On your marks... Get set... Go!

[The race begins, and the contestants hop, slide, and navigate the icy obstacles, fueled by their determination and the cheering crowd.]

Asyulus: *hopping with finesse* Gliding across these icebergs like a penguin on a mission! Keanu would be envious of my balance. I've got this!

elcaballero: *nervously hopping and sliding* Whoa, almost lost my balance there! The slippery ice makes this adventure quite the thrill ride. Hang on, everyone!

The Dark Alfred: quickly adjusting to a tilting iceberg Whoa, this one's a tricky fellow.

DAJK: I feel as nimble as a Goomba with ice skates. 
Rorschach: Watch out!
*Rorschach pulls DAJK and saves him from falling into crevice*
DAJK: Thanks friend! Looks like my apology last weekend worked very well.


*Asyulus throws a penguin at Rorschach*

Asyulus: Hope the Penguin King did not see that, it could have been his nephew
DAJK: Watch out for that sliding penguin
Rorschach: Whoa, close call.

*DAJK and Rorschach takes the early lead thanks to each other*

ZeeSoh: This race is heating up, or should I say, freezing up! You're all doing a fantastic job.


[As the contestants navigate the course, they encounter more obstacles, including slippery slopes, ice spikes and bouncing penguins.]

Rorschach: Look out! there are ice spikes ahead
DAJK: jumping over ice spikes Ice spikes? No problem! My struggles with morality have taught me how to dodge life's sharp edges. Watch me soar!

*DAJK falls down the next instant as a snowball is hurled at him by The Dark Alfred.*

The Dark Alfred: Sorry mate, but I need this win

*Goldenhour36 elegantly slides around the obstacles*
Goldenhour36: I never thought I'd be dodging bouncing penguins in a race. Talk about unexpected obstacles!

Rorschach now leads the race by himself meanwhile Asyulus and elcaballero languish at the back


[Race intensifies as the contestants reach the halfway point. Ice Mazes and tricky bridges awaits them]

ZeeSoh: Look at them go! Hopping, sliding, and laughing their way through the Ice World! These survivors truly embody the spirit of the game.

Asyulus: chugs a bottle of milk while navigating a maze like section Milk-powered agility will help get ahead of the pack. I'm the underdog on a mission!

*Rorschach tries crossing a treacherous ice bridge. The Dark Alfred follows behind*

Rorschach: Stop! The bridge can only take on 1 person
The Dark Alfred: Hah! Nice try. But I am not gonna be fooled 
*An ice cold goomba lands on the bridge and it breaks apart, taking Rorschach and The Dark Alfred down with it*

DAJK: Wow who did that
*elcaballero chuckles nervously*


Zeesoh: And now, the final stretch! The finish line is within reach. Keep pushing!

*DAJK, Rorschach and Goldenhour36 leads with Asyulus, elcaballero and The Dark Alfred on their tails*

Rorschach: Asyulus must not win this *throws a frozen milk bottle at Asyulus*

Asyulus: Ooh energy booster!
*crashes into an iceberg while trying to catch the bottle*

Zeesoh: Ooh that looks nasty. And with that Asyulus is the first contestant to be out of the race

elcaballero: I may be the clumsy one, but I won't let that stop me. I'll keep going, just like Mario after a stumble. 

*Frozen Thwomps lies ahead*

The Dark Alfred: navigating through the level This challenge is all about efficiency. 

*elcaballero brushes into a thwomp and spirals out of control*
elcaballero: OW!

The Dark Alfred: Watch the master of strategy in action, my friends. Ill find a way through this

elcaballero: Watch Out!! 
*crashes into The Dark Alfred*
elcabellero: Oh I am soo sorry, your darkness
The Dark Alfred: Haha, it's OK. Nothing that a drag won't fix

Zeesoh: That is unfortunate! a crash this close to finish line means that both of them are out of the race


DAJK, Goldenhour36 and Rorschach race towards the finish line which is in sight now, paying no attention to the mayhem behind


Zeesoh: This is gonna be close. They are neck and neck! There is no strategy here, no use of power ups or items. All three are focused solely on the finish line

Zeesoh: Unbelievable! We have a three-way tie! DAJK, Goldenhour36, and Rorschach, you've conquered the Ice World Iceberg Hop challenge with remarkable skill and determination. What a performance!

DAJK: A three-way tie? Well, it seems the universe wants to keep the suspense going. 

Rorschach: Ah, the irony of a three-way tie in this icy race. I must say, it's a testament to our unmatched skills in... well, hopping on icebergs. Bravo, fellow competitors.

Goldenhour36: So do all three of us win immunity?
*DAJK, Rorschach looks excitedly at the host*

elcaballero: oh this is not good. I do not want to go to tribal council with just 2 other contestants

*The Dark Alfred offers elcaballero a joint*
The Dark Alfred: Here mate, this'll help calm you down
*elcaballero promptly drops it*
elcaballero: hehe oops
The Dark Alfred: *staring angrily* I hate you!


Zeesoh: Well this is unprecedented and a bit out of my scope. Let's call the show runner Mr. Slam Miamoto!




Slamoto: Who is this? I had very specifically given instructions not to disturb me during my vacation. You are disturbing Pepian and Gallo hour!

Zeesoh: So sorry to disturb Mr. Slamoto but we have a dilemma. Three contestants have won the weekend challenge. So who wins immunity in this scenario?

Slamoto: Oh that is a dilemma! But it is clear what must be done



Slamoto: Since the challenge resulted in a 3 way tie, no one wins immunity!



Zeesoh: And there you have it folks. No one wins immunity this weekend. Which means all of you, except fancyarcher, must participate in the tribal council. 


Goldenhour36: This is some bullshit man. I worked so hard

DAJK: Yeah what the hell! All that for nothing.

Rorschach: The game is rigged man. I am telling you

Asyulus: *chuckling* Thats what you get for taking me out

*Meanwhile The Dark Alfred and elcaballero are on the floor laughing*

Zeesoh: Such is the nature of this game my friends. It throws unexpected curveballs at you. Anyways thats it for tonight. Go and rest for the tribal council. 




Please refer to SLAM! original post in this thread for information and rules about the Tuesday Tribal challenge. I don't want to mess it up by copy pasting it again here. 


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