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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Fourteen: "Funky Kong Stadium"

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@Asyulus @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Rorschach


Funky Kong: Hey survivors, what's kickin'? It's time for you to perform dangerous stunts inside my stadium! Ka-chow!


SLAM! spins the wheel...

The wheel lands on Fancyarcher.

SLAM!: Fancyarcher, you're up first.


Fancyarcher arrives on a motorcycle, facing two ramps and a column of blazing hot fire.

Funky Kong: Jumping over fire on a motorcycle! A classic Evil Knievel stunt! Wait. What's this?

Fancyarcher turns the motorcycle around, so that his back faces the ramp.

Funky Kong: Wow! He's going backwards!

Fancyarcher speeds, driving backwards, and soars over the blazing fire, and makes it across safely!

Funky Kong: Wow! What a stunt!


SLAM! spins the wheel...

The wheel lands on Rorschach.

SLAM!: Next up is Rorschach, who is inexplicably wearing an "I ❤️ Chris Nolan" t-shirt.


Two Rorschach step into the stadium.

Funky Kong: What's this? Oh, wait a minute!

They start fighting each other.

Funky Kong: Wow! It's Rorschach fighting an Inverted version of himself, just like in Tenet!

They fight in an action scene with great stunt choreography.

Funky Kong: Wow! It's times like these you wish they had an Oscar for Stunts!


SLAM! spins the wheel...

The wheel lands on The Dark Alfred.

SLAM!: It's The Dark Alfred's time to shine!


The crowd waits, but nothing happens.

Funky Kong: Wow! It appears The Dark Alfred, a notorious stoner, might be too stoned to perform! Wait. What's this?

A helicopter appears over the stadium. A figure opens the helicopter door!

Funky Kong: Wow! He's jumping out of a helicopter!

The Dark Alfred, in a full surfer wetsuit and surfboard, jumps out of the helicopter and lands on a ocean wave, where he surfs.

Funky Kong: Wow! It's a calabunga moment and TMNT hasn't even released yet!


SLAM! spins the wheel...

The wheel lands on Asyulus.

SLAM!: Last but not least, it's Asyulus!


John Wick music plays in the stadium.

Funky Kong: Wow! It's a John Wick tribute!

Goons appear on the stage. Asyulus drives into the stadium and does donuts around the goons, shooting them. Then he enters a maze, where a camera follows him top-down as he shoots his way through. Then he climbs a staircase and shoots down any of the men who stands in his way.

Funky Kong: Wow! I've said more wows than Owen Wilson!


SLAM!: Here's the results...

Player Score
Asyulus 0.879650493
The Dark Alfred 0.8368093141
Fancyarcher 0.879650493



Rorschach wins immunity with 88.71%!


Narrowly beating Asyulus and Fancyarcher, who submitted the same predictions and scored 87.97%!


(In future episodes and seasons, players will not be allowed to submit the same exact predictions. Help each other, yes. Submit the same exact predictions, no.)


Here's the







Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

Sound of Freedom

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Predictions are due by Tuesday, July 18th at 11:59 PM PST. (Votes due Wednesday at 7 PM EST.)


Good luck to all of the Bloopers!



Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for on the weekend of the 30th:



Insidious: The Red Door

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One


Sound of Freedom

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Predictions are due by Thursday, July 13th around 11:59 PM PST.  Good luck!


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@Asyulus @The Dark Alfred @Fancyarcher @Rorschach




Everyone votes.

SLAM!: The results are in early and we're confident that votes will not change (or the results wouldn't change even if votes were changed), so it's time to find out which one of you is leaving Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom in fourth place!


SLAM!: Here's who won immunity:


ASYULUS with 98.70%!


Fancyarcher and Asyulus high-five each other.


SLAM!: First vote...


Asyulus (does not count)


SLAM!: Second vote...


Asyulus (does not count)


SLAM!: Third vote...


The Dark Alfred


SLAM!: Fifteenth player eliminated from Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom...





SLAM!: Please bring me your torch.

The Dark Alfred brings the torch to SLAM!.

SLAM!: Alfred? The tribe has spoken.

SLAM! snuffs the torch.

The Dark Alfred: Live a long, Rorschach, live a long, man! ✌️

The Dark Alfred leaves.


Confessional - The Dark Alfred: I had a great time in the Mushroom Kingdom and I'm ecstatic that I survived as long as I did! But I'm definitely rooting for Rorschach all the way!


Rorschach glares at Fancyarcher. (:rock:)

Fancyarcher glares at Rorschach. (:shades:)

Asyulus glares at his copy of the first John Wick DVD because the cover art sucks (I mean let's be real it's just Keanu Reeves in a suit with a gun it's kind of a boring image, they got better cover art for the sequels though).

SLAM!: Who will get first place? Who will get second place? And who will get third place? Find out in the finale episode of Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom!



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5 hours ago, The Dark Alfred said:

Had a blast folks. Congrats to the final three! Let's go @Rorschach. Bring this home for the Koppas!

Thank you so much, man! It was an absolute pleasure being a teammate with you this season. Will definitely be thinking of you and the rest of the Koopa squad this weekend ❤️

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@Asyulus @Fancyarcher @Rorschach


SLAM!: It all comes down to this.


For the last time this season:


Predictions due at 11:59 PM PST or at least before the Barbieheimer Thursday numbers drop.


King Bob-omb: Y’all better predict or I’ll explode on Princess Peach! 💣

Princess Peach: Yeah, and I’ll bake a special cake for whoever rescues me! 🥰

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