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Dream Scenario | 11/10/23 | A24 | Nicolas Cage

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Hot DAMN I loved this. It's an absolute thrill. Very surreal. It shifts between genres - drama, thriller, comedy, horror, sci-fi, mystery. I went in knowing nothing other than seeing the poster, and I was never sure where the film was going. It had me on edge the whole way, it balances on a knife edge between dread and laughter. Nicolas Cage is PERFECT casting, I cannot imagine anyone else in the role. I'm sure it must have been made with him in mind. This film exploits the seedy, creepy presence he's always had, he feels like someone who could snap at any minute.


I've just had a flick through the list of films I've seen so far this year and I think Dream Scenario is my favourite film of the year. I haven't come out of the cinema so excited since Mission Impossible.


Oh and this has one of THE funniest jokes I can remember from any film in many years. It had me in a complete fit. Me and the other 4 people in the screening were howling like wolves, I genuinely do not remember the last time I laughed so hard.


Gonna try find another showing to watch it again before it leaves cinemas in a few days.


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I really wanted to love this film. It has good laughs and you can tell Ari Aster was involved with the sense of iree dread in some of these scenes. Nic Cage is fantastic in this as well. Sadly I feel like the film could of been a lot more then just a character study and despite how much I liked the last few minutes of the film, I feel it was too little too late for me. That second half of the film was just a bit too much. I still recommend people checking it out and forming their own opinion on this one cause I can see it going either way. I also don't see this getting much love from a wide audience. 

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Unfortunately the movie just didn’t reach wider audience despite its apparent high-concept theme. Couldn’t even beat beud is afraid and past lives. One of the rare incident that A24 failed to excel. 

I guess A24 is too ambitious this season, they have too many movies at once and they are distracted. Shouldn’t have release this now if they aren’t gunning any award for the movie. At least cages got a nomination for best actor in comedy. 

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