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POOR THINGS | 60.5M Overseas • 92.3M Worldwide

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Didn't know this movie until these few days. 


Searchlight’s Poor Things expanded into several new markets this session, and following on from its 11 Oscar nominations grossed $10M in 36 total. The running overseas cume is $26.3M for $51.1M global. The international drop was just 21% with great holds in Australia (+38%), Germany (+3%), Switzerland (+1%), Poland (+1%), Austria (-4%), Denmark (-5%), Belgium (-13%), Greece (-20%), France (-28%) and UK (-37%).


New launches included Spain at No. 1 with $900K, 37% ahead of director Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite. It was also the No. 1 non-local opener in Italy ($2.1M) and Japan ($700K incl previews). In Mexico, the $1.6M start including previews was the 2nd biggest opening ever for a Searchlight title, behind only The Shape of Water. It was the best opening for a Lanthimos film in all new markets. Still on deck to release are Brazil and Korea. 


Here are the Top 5 to date: UK ($6.4M), Greece ($2.8M), France ($2.1M), Italy ($2.1M) and Australia ($2M).


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Deadline: Poor Things is anything but with an $8.5M weekend in 37 markets. The international cume is now $40.1M for $68.3M worldwide. The multiple Oscar nominee dropped by just 23% in holdovers with mega-strength in such markets as Sweden (+5%), Italy (-9%), Austria (-9%), Spain (-13%), Germany (-15%), Mexico (-26%) and France (-28%). Notably, in Brazil, Poor Things opened at an estimated $500K, 125% ahead of The Favourite and  2nd highest debut for a Searchlight Pictures film behind The Shape of Water.

Here’s the Top 5 to date: UK ($7.5M), Italy ($5.1M), Germany ($3M), Greece ($3M) and Mexico ($2.9M).

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Deadline: Nearing $100M global, with $92.3M through Sunday. The weekend added $5M in 44 markets for an international cume of $60.5M. The drop was 30% including strong holds in Brazil (+1%), Germany (-24%), Mexico (-25%), UK (-32%), Spain (-33%), Australia (-34%), and Japan (-36%). In Italy, where it won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, it is the top-grossing release of the year. The Top markets to date are the UK ($8.7M), Italy ($8M), Mexico ($4.7M), Germany ($4.5M) and France ($4.1M). Korea, notably, is on deck for March 6.

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On 2/20/2024 at 12:27 PM, BoxOfficeManiac said:

I thought the UK would definitely be no1 internationally but it seems that Italy will get no1 soon. Any ideas why it’s so successful in Italy?

I actually think  I have an answer myself. Past lives did amazingly well in its opening weekend in Italy. I feel like Italians do appreciate and go to watch awarded movies more than other countries. Probably similar to Greece.

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