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On 4/25/2012 at 4:29 PM, 'tribefan695 said:

Imagine if the movie were completely in Spanish, too...

That would be epic.... and it would make approximately no money. I say go for it :)


Cant Buy me Love 

Burke Aliens

Last American Virgin


American Pie

Brad in Fast Times...masturbating

40 year old Virgin when he tries to fit in with sex talk....sandbags for boobs

Sixteen Candles...grandparents feel her boobs

The zipper scene in Something about Mary

The Bridesmaids scene fighting for attention



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That would be so freakin awesome, a foreign language subtitled animated flick from Pixar! :P Hey they got away with Wall-E being a silent movie its first half so who knows!

It would be cool if Pixar did this but a lot children could not read the subtitles fast enough.
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If this were completely in spanish, we should probably expect that Iger wants Cars 3 released immediately after.

Just Cars 3? I'm sure Planes, Planes 2, Planes on Trains, Planes on Trains on Boats, Planes on Trains on Boats meets Bicycles on Cars on Ships 1-10 will be all already in production. Maybe even Finding Simba and The Clownfish King.
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Hey, they had Spanish dialogue in Toy Story 3. It wouldn't be a complete stretch.On the other hand I hope they don't just resort to Poirot Speak to make it sound slightly foreign. I don't want all the characters going "tus shoes" or "nuestro school".

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