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CAYOM Advance Schedule (Year 3)

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This is the advance schedule for Year 3.

Do not post every single film you plan/want to make for Year 3. Only post films that are blockbuster tentpoles, films with hoped-for strong box office, or major awards hopefuls that have box office breakout capability. Also, when you post a film, include a tiny description of the genre/aim of the film so people know what kinds of films are scheduled when.

Do not post films that would have small theater counts or would start limited.

The schedule (Note again that Christmas and New Years again fall in the middle of a week and thus don't really form part of a weekend):

January 4-6:

January 11-13:

January 18-21 (MLK Weekend):

January 25-27:

February 1-3:

February 8-10:

Sons of War

February 15-18 (President's Day weekend):

Hiccups's Untitled Horror Film

February 22-24:

March 1-3:

Impact's Untitled Space Adventure Film

March 8-10:

Quentin Tarantino's The Last Projectionist

March 15-17:

March 22-24:


March 29-31:

April 5-7:

The Hat and His Man

April 12-14:

April 19-21:

April 26-28:

May 3-5:


May 10-12:

May 17-19:

May 24-27 (Memorial Day weekend):

Interconnected: Culmination

May 31-June 2:

June 7-9:

Hiccup's Untitled Animated Comedy

June 14-16:

June 21-23:

Legend of the Red Dragon

June 28-30:

July 4-7 (4th of July Weekend, 4th is a Thursday):

Tuesday July 2nd: Untitled Breck Eisner Adventure Film

July 12-14:

Illusiono 2

July 19-21:


July 26-28:

August 2-4:

August 9-11:

August 16-18:

August 23-25:

August 30-September 2 (Labor day weekend):

September 6-8:

September 13-15:

September 20-22:

September 27-29:

The Summer Story

October 4-6:

October 11-13:

Fatal Rendezvous

October 18-20:

Red Skin

The Vast Dark Part III

October 25-27:

November 1-3:

Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye (3D)

November 8-10:

Frosty the Snowman

November 15-17:

Red Rabbit

November 22-24:

For King and Country: The Usurper's Wrath

November 27-December 1 (Thanksgiving weekend, 27th is a Wednesday):

Planeswalkers: A New World

December 6-8:

December 13-15:

SpellForce: Breath of Winter

December 20-22:

Dodge City

The Morrow II

December 27-29:

Wed. December 25: The Voyages of Marco Polo

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May 3rd: EdenIt's a Danny Boyle space travel epic.Wednesday, December 18th: The Voyages of Marco PoloTitle is pretty self-explanatory...but I am adding supernatural elements to it.

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December 13: SpellForce - Breath of Winter (sequel to Order of Dawn of Y1 which made over 800M WW)July 2 (I think Tuesday): Untitled Breck Eisner Adventure FilmOctober 18: Red Skin (Western drama by Clint Eastwood)

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The Morrow II - December 20For King and Country: The Usurper's Wrath - November 22

Title for the second film is quite inventive. Care to share a bit about what it's about? For me, the word "Usurper" set off an alarm bell in my head but I doubt it's what that alarm bell relates to. Edited by 4815162342
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It's kind of a mix of Antigone's brotherly civil war, Lord of the Rings, and Skyrim. Dominic West plays a soldier caught between two brothers, one the King (David Wenham) and one a deserter leading a rebel army (Tom Hiddelston). Richard Madden and Luke Treadaway lead separate storylines as well.

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Funny I did the actuals for the other Morrow 2 :P Granted it be hard for this one to increase like the other one.Anyway when does year 3 start?BTW any good ideas for cast members for Dodge City?

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Year 3 will start this week, whenever people are best ready for it to start, but no later than Friday I'd imagine.Impact, it depends on if you're using some of Dodge City's famous residents, such as the Earp Brothers, the Masterson brothers, etc. It's hard to cast characters we know nothing about. :P

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