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JAPAN BOX OFFICE | Demon Slayer breaks all time record for OW

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33 minutes ago, SchumacherFTW said:

Is it too late for them to scrap ScreenX? God awful waste of time

I have never tried Screen X so no comments but Tickets are too costly $34 for Class A &$49 for Class S will keep me away from going to 109 Cinema.

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On 4/8/2023 at 3:35 PM, titanic2187 said:

If you asked me before Demon Slayer's run in 2020, I would have tell you How do you live is likely coming below TWR, continuing the downward trend in term of Japanese BO for Miyaozaki's work since Spirited Away. 


But the landscape for anime changed completely after Demon Slayer's run for some reasons, Japanese seem becoming even more receptive to already popular anime genre. Remember before DS, none of the anime , no matter how popular their franchise are, achieved ¥10bn at the BO. Miyaozaki was the only director that can make a anime come pass  ¥10bn, this is of course, followed by Shinkai in 2016 with Your Name. Still, that is it, you don't see other anime passing  ¥10bn. 


Today, anime passing ¥10bn mark has become a lot more common. We got 3 in 2022 alone. And Conon also seem to on track to have the first ¥10bn movie in the franchise. All these sign make me believe that How do you live will buck the decreasing trend and rebound from wind rises. 


Just to add to this, Studio Ghibli movies getting added to streaming services (Netflix, HBO Max) during the lockdowns gave those movies a plethora of new fans (internationally) and made the existing fans nostalgic.


Another thing to note is that The Wind Rises was a serious, non-fantasy movie that wasn't for kids and was greatly controversial in Japan and abroad. Meanwhile, How Do You Live has been described as a "huge fantasy movie" aimed at children (specifically, his grandson). The last fantasy movie Miyazaki did was Ponyo (2008). And unfortunately due to Miyazaki's age, I think people are accepting that HDYL will truly be his "last movie" since it took him 10 years to make it and it's more unlikely that he will release another movie 10 or more years from now, sadly.

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On 4/9/2023 at 11:10 PM, Issac Newton said:

00:00 JST Update ~ 


8,182 / 8,558 (95.86%) | 23 Shows | 18 TCs

00:00 JST Update ~


8,510 / 8,558 (99.4%) | 23 Shows | 18 TCs


All Sold-out except TOHO Kawasaki &Hiroshima Wald 11 

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The Whale


Distributed by Kino Films, The Whale recorded ¥27,647,690 / 19,181 admits at 94 TCs.


Male:Female Ratio - 7:3. Has also attracted Couples and audience are from 20s-40s in age. There were Students too. Good start, attracting a wide range of people nationwide.

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Post- CoVid-19 Imported Animation

  • Minions: The Rise Of Gnu - ¥4.442B
  • Sing 2 - ¥3.311B
  • The LightYear - ¥1.223B
  • The Boss Baby: Family Business - ¥1.000B
  • Onwards - ¥870M
  • Tom and Jerry - ¥792M
  • Encanto - ¥702.39M (¥771M)
  • The Bad Guys - ¥360M
  • Raya and the Last Dragon - ¥359.85M
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway - ¥320M
  • PAW Patrol: The Movie - ¥298M
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish* - ¥220.62M
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile* - ¥195.51M
  • Sonic: The Hedgehog 2 - ¥183M
  • Sonic: The Hedgehog - ¥171M
  • Trolls World Tour - ¥171M
  • The Strange World - ¥130M
  • Ron's Gone Wrong - ¥113.09M
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy - ¥73M
  • DC: League of Super-Pets - ¥57M
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog - ¥25M

*Currently Running

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3 hours ago, Issac Newton said:

Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine


PS will go live at 00:00 04/12


TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku

33 shows - 2023 Conan

32 shows - 2022 Conan

40 shows - 2021 Conan

Live Now! I don't know when was the last time we had site crash!!


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