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JAPAN BOX OFFICE | Demon Slayer breaks all time record for OW

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Studio Numbers - [FRI-SUN]


$3.5M / $30.2M - Dominion

$1.8M / $82.0M - Maverick 

$1.6M / $24.8M - Gru 


Dominion collected $3.5M, i.e. ~¥470M across FRI-SUN (-28.6%) for a total of $30.2M / ¥4.03B. Long way to reach a good total of $45M.


Maverick rises up with $1.8M, i.e. ~¥240M (+24%), for a total of $82M / ¥10.94B. Will cross ¥11B on Monday.


Gru had a strong upliftment of $1.6M, i.e. ~¥210M for a total of $24.8M / ¥3.31B, defeating Sing 2 as the biggest Imported Animated Film in Japan. We are heading for a goal above ¥4.0B.


Usual Estimate from Mimorin - One Piece Red : ¥6.4B (Total) / Kingdom II : ¥4.1B (Total) / Tang : ¥240M (Total) — RED holding up the 2nd Biggest Total &2nd Weekend is 2x of Jujutsu Kaisen 0's 2nd Weekend.


Note- Actuals wouldn't be reported on Monday due to holidays. All USD value are adjusted to C.E.R.

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2009/2012/2016/2019/2022 - Sites


4.6/3.8/4.0/4.2/4.4 -「Movie Walker

3.8/3.4/3.7/3.8/3.4 -「Y! 映画

3.6/3.4/3.5/3.9/3.0 -「映画.com

3.6/3.6/3.5/3.8/3.8 -「Filmarks


78.0%/71.0%/73.5%/78.5%/73.0% - RT


Overall Ratings - Y! recovering for RED

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29 minutes ago, Issac Newton said:

WK / Total (Approx)


¥1,497M / ¥6,474M - RED

   ¥453M / ¥4,036M - Dominion 

   ¥200M / ¥3,378M - Gru


Total - 

¥10.96B - Top Gun Maverick (ATG at 32)

   ¥4.00B - Kingdom II 

So, missed ¥5.0B in 7-days by ¥23M 😕

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10b was a done deal before the weekend even. Would've needed catastrophic drops to miss that. Nice increase from estimates for op/top gun. OP will hit 7b today, top gun will hit 11b.


Second highest total up to third weekend for OP should be trivial, beating SA to 10b would be a nice albeit hard goal. Beyond that, I guess the only thing to try to achieve would be beating out JJK.

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「ONE PIECE #FILMRED」興収概算 本日…580億円 累計…70.54億円(※推定値) ついに公開からわずか10日間で「FILM Z(68.7億円)」の成績を抜きシリーズ最高成績を更新! 東映配給作品としては初の興行収入100億円も確実視されており、そこから先は一体どうなる…!?

So, Day 10 -  ¥580M and ¥7.05B [Approx.]

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Seems like JWD makes $1.5 million+ each day during the holiday(with another $1.5 million on Monday). I would assume Tuesday will look similar, but typically how big of a percentage drop is there from a holiday Tuesday to a non-holiday Wednesday?

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