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JAPAN: WKND Actuals (BATB Looking at >$100m USD)

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1 hour ago, MinaTakla said:

Weekend Actuals (10/14-15)



Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Ch.1 delivered an excellent debut (the biggest since August), selling a very impressive 247,507 admissions over the weekend on only 128 screens. The first film in the trilogy sold nearly 45% of its available weekend admissions. I'm sure there'll be a certain degree of frontloading here, but a total over ¥2 billion (~$20 million) is very likely.



It also unseated Love Live!The School Idol Movie as #2 top gross/attendence "late-night animation"(sort of, ufotable did make "Unlimited Blade Works" Chapter as late-night anime, but fate was originally a game aeries) in process.


The gift factor again played very well this time(see back my post in 2015 for what that mean, although item code more in this case like Monster Strike did)


Note: Ch.2 lost butterfly will be in 2018.

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